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    18 Things That'll Help You Feel Amazing After Your Workout

    Goodbye, aches and pains. See you never!

    1. A charcoal-infused fitness towel that'll make your after-workout clean-up a lot easier, so you can focus on resting and recovering (instead of wiping down your mat). Since charcoal is naturally deodorizing and incredibly absorbent, it'll suck up your sweat and keep your place smelling fresh, too.

    2. This muscle soak that's infused with naturally pain-relieving arnica to help ease after workout ouchies. A handful of these Epsom salts in your bath is enough to make recovery a breeze (especially if you went just a teensy bit too hard during leg day).

    3. This clothing refresh spray that'll eliminate unpleasant odours from your workout clothes while also limiting the amount of times you need to wash your fave sports bra. Spritz it on immediately after peeling off your clothes to maximize its efficacy!

    4. This natural cork roller that not only works wonderfully as a bolster during challenging poses, but is also a great addition to your recovery regime. Unlike other rollers, this one has delicate ridges that'll connect with your body's tender areas and bust up aches like nobody's business.

    5. These knee-high compression socks that'll help rejuvenate tired feet, and fight common leg and foot issues (like cramping, swelling, and soreness). The comfortable compression also helps to prevent lactic acid build-up after a workout, which is the main culprit behind those achey muscles.

    6. This blueberry-flavoured collagen latte mix that'll help keep your joints in perfect working order after strenuous exercise. It's a great addition to your nighttime routine! The combo of collagen with magnesium and melatonin will aid in rest and relaxation, so you can wake up feeling strong and refreshed.

    7. An ice roller that'll help calm down facial redness if you, like me, get incredibly crimson after physical activity. All it needs is a few minutes in the fridge or freezer to help you ~chill out~ after some physical activity.

    8. This charcoal powder that's derived from coconut husks and has a million and one different uses. Toss it into your bath after a workout to detox your pores and prevent sweat from building up. Or add a handful of kosher salt and a few drops of your fave essential to make a homemade exfoliant!

    9. This Thai massage ball to help you decompress, de-stress, and ease achey muscles. It's stuffed with turmeric, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass, so it's also a great aromatherapy treatment, too! And each ball can be reused up to six times.

    10. This essential oil roll-on that's specially formulated to help cramps and muscle spasms. Even though it's intended for easing PMS symptoms, the combo of clary sage, peppermint, lemon, and geranium is also super useful for post-workout issues (like fatigue and inflammation).

    11. A detoxifying shampoo, so you can wash the sweat and grime build-up off your hair. It uses apple cider vinegar to really refresh your mane and scalp, and is infused with keratin to keep your tresses strong — a bonus if you're constantly using hair elastics or headbands!

    12. These weighted cork balls that'll help release muscle tension and increase your flexibility. They're awesome for getting in small, hard-to-reach areas, like the arch of your foot or the palm of your hand. Each set also includes a tiny reflexology ball for your face!

    13. These special sleepwear joggers that work while you sleep to help your muscles recover from strenuous exercise. The mineral-lined fabric actually reflects the energy you give off back to your body, so you wake up feeling less sore and more energized.

    14. This cooling foot and leg relief cream that'll help prevent inflammation and instantly ease swelling. The zesty cooling formula is packed with ginger and mint to help give your tired limbs a lil' pick-me-up when your legs are shaking like a newborn lamb's.

    15. A copper water bottle that's so lovely, you'll find any excuse to use it. Copper is also said to help neutralize toxins, and help balance the pH of water so you can maximize your hydration. Just make sure you don't fill it with anything other than water, as it'll nullify the copper's positive effects.

    16. A massage stick that's designed to help release your fascia (the tissue surrounding your muscles). Why is this important? It'll help reduce post-workout soreness, and also prevent knots and sore points, improve muscle function and flexibility, and help to promote healthy circulation. Popping some spidery massage nodes on a long stick allows you to rub even the hardest-to-reach spots!

    17. A cotton wrap that transforms into a scarf, cardigan, or cozy blanket, so you can stay warm after exercising (or just be extra comfy during Shavasana). Snap closures make switching between styles easy-peasy, while the breathable fabric keeps you comfortable during the post-workout sweats.

    18. And lastly, this relaxing body wash and oil combo that'll help turn your regular post-sweat sesh shower into a full-on recovery treatment. This lightly-scented set is designed to help you chill out — great if you prefer to work out in the evening and find yourself buzzing with energy afterwards. Plus, the oil is great for tension-easing massages, so go ahead and drop a hint to your partner now.

    So push through those workouts, friends!

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