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    20 Random Things I Can Already See Myself Using All The Freakin' Time

    DEET-free insect repellant, produce-saving pods, and more!

    1. A bottle of DEET-free insect repellant that'll protect you from errant bug chompers. It has a citronella base and a refreshing citrus-vanilla fragrance that won't leave you stinky and sticky.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the deet-free insect repellant

    2. This motion-sensing indoor camera that'll let you keep an eye on all the comings and goings in your home. It has a wide angle lens (ideal for large spaces) and is equipped with night vision, so it's perfect for use as a baby monitor, too.

    The petite indoor camera perched on a terrazzo pillar

    3. A pack of silicone drinking straws that are actually convenient for on-the-go usage. It comes with four carrying cases AND cleaning wands, so you won't have to squish a dirty straw into your bag ever again.

    4. A refillable soap bottle that'll help you skip the single-use versions. It's made of shatter-resistant glass and has a helpful silicone grip to keep it from sliding around your counter (or out of your hands) when you're washing up.

    The pyramid-shaped glass soap dispenser next to cleaning brushes

    5. An electrical wire cover that'll help you hide the slew of cables currently collecting dust in your home. It can be mounted it on your wall or laid on any surface and has four separate openings to prevent tangles.

    6. This 2-in-1 PopSocket phone stand and AirPods case that'll keep your most-used gadgets in one convenient place. Switch out the top when you're ready to ditch the headphones, or clip on the keychain attachment for the AirPods case if you'd like to go phone free.

    7. This multitasking facial treatment that'll help revive your sweaty summer face. It's loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that'll help keep your pores unclogged, your skin clear, and your complexion refreshed (no matter how high that mercury climbs).

    A person squeezing some of the mask out of the tube into their open palm

    8. A pair of pocket-sized silicone bags that'll contain all your teeny-weeny things. They have a leakproof pinch-lock closure, so you can even use 'em as a mini water bottle or juice bag when you're out and about.

    A person holding several colours of the silicone baggies in front of their face

    9. A wall-mounted soap tray that'll double as extra storage in your bathroom. It'll help keep your bars from getting gunky and is strong enough to hold all your loofahs and brushes, too.

    A pair of flamingo-shaped soap dispensers

    10. A fridge deodorizer that'll outlast baking soda and save you tons of cleaning time. It's fragrance free, leakproof, and can be used in your freezer, too, to keep things smelling fresh.

    The freezer deodorant inside a freezer

    11. A set of reusable press-on nails that'll dress up your tips in less time than it takes to say, "Dang, I need a manicure." You won't have to wait for the polish to dry or risk smudging your artwork — just press on and go!

    12. A set of fruity drink markers that'll help you and your pals keep track of your beverages. They're made of plush felt that won't scratch or chip your expensive glassware (and is easy to wash, too).

    A set of felt fruit-shaped drink markers next to a full wine glass

    13. A cute camera cover that'll help protect your privacy while you're using your fave device. It's made of soft, flexible silicone that'll adjust to fit perfectly, whether it's over a laptop or cell phone.

    14. A set of sleek and chic porcelain mixing bowls that will let you go from prep to storage in a snap. They come with matching lids equipped with handy date dials, so you'll never have to guess if your food is past its prime.

    15. This surface protectant that'll repel water, dirt, and just about anything else Mother Nature can throw at it. It'll create a UV-resistant hydrophobic surface that'll make messes bead up, instead of sinking in.

    16. A silicone ice tray that'll make extra-long cubes to tuck into all your water bottles. Somehow it's even easier to use than traditional trays, too — it has a rigid steel frame to help prevent spills and a fitted lid to keep freezer stink out.

    A flatlay of the ice tray filled with extra-long ice sticks, surrounded by fresh lemons

    17. This paw-healing balm that'll soothe your pet's dry, cracked feeties. It's super easy to apply (swipe, swipe, swipe!) and can be used anywhere else your fur baby's got a booboo, like on their nose or ears.

    18. These produce-saving crisper inserts that'll extend the life of your fruits and veggies. They contain carbon filters that absorb ethylene gas (the stuff that makes produce wilt) and even have helpful dials to let you know when it's time to replace them.

    One of the produce savers inside a crisper surrounded by fresh produce

    19. A set of reusable bottle caps that'll keep your drinks fresh 'til the last drop. They form an airtight seal that'll even keep bubbles from escaping (yes, even from beer and champagne).

    A tub of beer bottles, each one stopped with one of the silicone caps

    20. And finally, this extra-long cleaning brush that'll snatch all the gunk hiding in the nooks and crannies of your drinkware. Its delicate silicone fronds are gentle enough for your fancy stemware (while still being tough on stuck-on messes).

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