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    28 Valentine's Day Gifts For All The Men In Your Life

    These are sure to please all the men in your life — but also, literally anybody else, too!

    1. The Fire TV Stick that'll give them access to Netflix, YouTube, Crave, CTV, NHL, Prime Video, and many other subscription services — no smart TV necessary! They'll love hosting the next movie or game night.

    2. This hairstyling pomade that provides strong, flexible hold while also increasing fullness. You're sure to be their mane squeeze after they've received this!

    3. This mini multi-purpose knife is made of stainless steel and has a sandalwood handle, making it great for hiking, camping, and wilderness aficionados. It locks securely into place upon opening, and can easily fit in the palm of their hand.

    4. This refillable leather notebook that'll give them a place to jot down great ideas, doodle, or try a mindfulness exercise. The pages are entirely blank, so they can fill them with whatever their heart desires.

    5. This carry-on cocktail kit that'll take their next trip to a whole new level. Each neat little set contains the exact ingredients they need to make themself a pre-flight (or in-flight, post-flight, wherever-they-are) beverage.

    6. A set of funky dress socks that'll thrill the sartorial maven with a sense of humour. Everyone needs socks, so these are a no-brainer! And with 11 different patterns, they're a surefire win.

    7. These flexible 3D skull ice cube makers that'll give their next beverage a badass edge. Make sure they add filtered water to the mould to give them that coveted crystal-clear look.

    8. This all-in-one grooming kit that contains eight pieces to get every single hair on their body looking its very best.

    9. And a pair of memory foam slippers that they'll love slipping their feet into after a long day. The relaxed fit won't pinch or squeeze, either.

    10. This award-winning watch that's specially designed for the visually impaired, but is also a super sleek accessory that anyone would love to wear. Taking inspiration from Braille, the face has raised elements to detect time plus two magnetically attached ball bearings that move to denote minutes and hours.

    11. This super nondescript book safe that looks like a plain old dictionary and will keep all their secrets safe and hidden. Secret passageways not included.

    12. A pair of genuine leather driving gloves that'll make the next drive to the grocery store a LOT more stylish. The buttery-soft leather gives them maximum range of motion and protects against icy steering wheels in the winter.

    13. These bamboo socks that'll help them build an eco-friendly wardrobe from the ground up. Bamboo is also naturally moisture wicking and odour controlling, so their feet will stay fresh and dry all day (and night) long!

    14. This pair of double-walled drinking glasses that'll look just as good with their morning coffee as they will dispensing their favourite happy hour beverage.

    15. This scented candle that will help freshen up their space. Whether they want to eliminate pet odours or cooking smells, this candle will do the trick.

    16. This beard and hair straightening brush that's specially designed to easily style hair and to smooth unruly beards. With two temperature settings, it can be customized for different hair types and styles, while the rubber bristles keep hair from getting accidentally ~singed~.

    17. A pair of these shearling insoles that will keep their tootsies toasty — NEVER sweaty — while adding a soft cushiony footbed to their favourite pair of shoes.

    18. This pint-sized espresso machine that will give them coffee-shop quality coffee without ever having to leave the house. They'll never have to miss their morning dose of caffeine again.

    19. A minimalist alarm clock that will help streamline their chaotic life. Its svelte lines are matched only by it's easy-to-use design and intuitive features.

    20. These bamboo T-shirts that make great basics. The moisture-wicking, thermoregulating, durable, and odour-resistant fabric means they're great as a fitted tee or as a base layer during the colder months.

    21. This beard oil that'll keep their facial hair looking lush and lustrous (just how you like it). Using a combination of eight natural oils, along with vitamin E and natural fragrances, this skin-conditioning formula seeps below individual facial hairs to prevent itching and annoying ingrown hairs.

    22. This gin-making kit that'll let the would-be brewmaster's imagination run wild. Sure, the kit includes recipes for three different styles of gin, but it also has 12 different botanicals that are perfect for experimenting with. It also makes a great activity for the two of you!

    23. This plush cashmere sweater that's a hypoallergenic (and ridiculously soft) alternative to traditional wool sweaters. It's thin enough to wear under coats, but it'll still keep them warm when the temperature REALLY plummets.

    24. This multipurpose lotion that's specially formulated to prevent chafing, shriveling, dryness, and sagging (yes, I'm talking about testicles). Their bits go through a lot during the day, so it might be time to give them some TLC.

    25. A Nintendo Switch that'll keep them just as entertained while they're chillin' on the couch as it will on their morning commute. The controllers can be attached to the console for solo gaming, or used as individual controllers during team gameplay (making this a bit of a gift for yourself, too 😉! You sneaky devil you).

    26. A scratch-off map that'll come in handy when they're planning their next jet-set adventure. It's the easiest way for them to #humblebrag about their travels.

    27. This Rocky Mountain Barber Company sandalwood beard comb that'll transform their facial hair into a snag-free and silky-smooth beard with just one swipe. The double-sided comb works great on long or short beards, so they'll be able to use it at different stages in their facial hair journey.

    28. And lastly, this Ottoman-stitch crewneck sweater that'll keep them looking stylish and feeling comfortable, regardless of the season. The unusual textured stitching elevates this basic so they can wear it any time, anywhere.

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