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    22 Tech Products That'll Help You Travel Light

    I'm just here to save you baggage fees at the airport.

    1. Scale back your travel load with this portable digital scale that'll keep your luggage in check the next time you travel. And its compact size means you can take it with you on the road!

    2. These bestselling Tile Mates will help you keep track of all your belongings, no matter how hectic your travel schedule gets. These handy tracking nuggets can be attached to your luggage, passport holder, or wallet. Plus, they're compatible with all Alexa devices!

    3. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the perfect travel camera. You can take artsy macro shots, selfies, or just photograph your friends and family — then give the instantly-printed picture as a gift! No more fumbling around with multiple lenses, tripods, or other accessories.

    4. These colourful cable organizers will keep your bag from turning into a hot mess of tangled wires and cables.

    5. A universally compatible dual USB/USB-C charger so you never have to worry about running out of juice when your flight is delayed several hours and all the outlets are being monopolized by other stranded passengers.

    6. And if you're not keen on going wireless any time soon, this Cableyoyo will keep your headphone cords neatly rolled and tangle free. You can use it for your charging cables, too!

    7. A tempered glass screen protector will give you peace of mind that your most-used tech is safe from bumps and scratches. Reviewers say installation is a breeze, too!

    8. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds will help drown out the chaos, and stay put no matter how many terminals you're sprinting through. Yes, it counts as cardio.

    9. These magnetic phone car mounts will drastically improve road trips, and take a little stress off your hands (literally!). Mount it on the air vent, and the extra strong magnets will do the rest.

    10. This under-your-desk USB charging rack and headphone stand will let you create a sleek tech hub wherever you are. It has five (!!!) USB charging ports, four cable clips, and two hangers for headphones, watches, or just about anything else you need to keep out of sight. It's perfect for family travel, too!

    11. A slim and sleek fitness tracker that will make sure you never miss a step, whether you're catching a train, hopping on a flight, or cramming in another business trip before the end of the year. It'll track your steps and activity, heart rate, calories burned, and distance travelled so you can stay on top of your health.

    12. This bestselling one-step hair dryer and volumizer will help you achieve weightless volume without weighing down your luggage. Its unique oval shape means it can be placed much closer to the scalp than traditional blow dryers, helping give your roots the lift you've always wanted.

    13. A universally-compatible tablet case with a keyboard, so you can forgo lugging around your heavy and wildly inconvenient laptop.

    14. This HP Sprocket portable photo printer is a fantastic travel companion. You can quickly print your favourite images from the pocket-size printer, and hand them out at the next family get-together, gift them as party favours, or keep them as fun travel souvenirs.

    15. This fabric shaver will eliminate all your wardrobe woes by removing lint, pet hair, and fabric pills faster than you can say, "Oh my god, why did I pack twelve sweaters for this weekend getaway, and WHY do I still have nothing to wear?!"

    16. A portable and waterless (!!!) essential oil diffuser that's USB powered, quiet, and ultra lightweight.

    17. Never miss an opportunity to create studio-quality photos with this lightweight portable light room. And it folds completely flat, so it's the ideal travel accessory for the budding influencer on the go, too!

    18. No travel is complete without this bestselling portable power bank. It'll keep your mobile devices (including tablets!) up and running for as long as you need them, because sometimes getting access to an outlet is impossible. Like when you're at the airport and SOMEONE has taken up five outlets to charge every. Single. Device. LOOKING AT YOU, KAREN!

    19. This portable Bluetooth speaker will help tune up your travel. With enhanced bass and extra-long playtime, it's the perfect accessory to keep the party going, or create atmosphere wherever you go. And it might even drown out the crying children at the airport!

    20. This handheld portable steamer that'll take your outfit from "wrinkly" to "wow" within 70 seconds. Literally. It's suitable for all fabrics, so you can use it on everything from a suit, to your favourite brunch T-shirt, or even on those heinous hotel curtains.

    21. A foldable Bluetooth eye massager that'll be your favourite travel companion. Using air pressure, vibration, and a hot compress, it helps reduce eye fatigue, dark circles, and stress from travel (or just staring at a screen all day long). It can even play your favourite music from your smartphone!

    22. And this Amazon Fire tablet that boasts up to 12 full hours of reading, browsing the Internet, watching your favourite videos, and listening to music. Never be disappointed by in-flight entertainment again!

    You, getting rid of all your clunky tech:

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