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    18 Products With Super Satisfying Results

    Equal parts "blegh" and "yeah!"

    1. Capture all gross shower debris with this cult-fave TubShroom drain protector. This is PEAK #grossbutsatisfying.

    2. Get the nooks and crannies of your dog's ears sparkling clean with this all-natural multi-symptom ear treatment. It's easy to use, too!

    3. This pore vacuum that sucks in the very best way possible: by vacuuming all the dust, grime, and buildup out of your pores, and encouraging blood circulation. The result? A smooth, glowing complexion.

    4. These eco-friendly reusable silicone swabs that you can use the same way as traditional cotton swabs.

    5. These cult fave pimple patches that literally absorb all the gunk your face produces. Bonus: they help heal and prevent future blemishes, too!

    6. Obliterate any bathroom mould with this mould and mildew killer spray. Spray it on any bathroom surface, and then just wipe away the grime.

    7. If the hair in your orifices is making things a little ticklish, get this fully washable nose and ear hair trimmer and let those follicles fly!

    8. When was the last time you cleaned your tongue? Trick question — it's been too long! Use these stainless steel tongue scrapers to remove all the toxins and bacteria left behind by regular brushing and flossing.

    9. Give new meaning to a ~head-to-toe~ clean with this exfoliating foot peel mask that'll help heel your rough, cracked feet.

    10. There's few things more gross, yet satisfying than exfoliating all your dead, dry skin (especially after a sunburn, amirite?!), and this exfoliating dry brush will do the trick.

    11. Peel away those blackheads with these cult fave Bioré deep cleansing pore strips. They'll not only unclog pores but are also super satisfying to look at once removed!

    12. It's never too early to give your ears a nice, deep clean with this earwax removal tool kit.

    13. Use this bestselling scalp massager to scrape off any dandruff (instead of just using your fingernails).

    14. Watch with satisfaction as this fume-free aerosol oven cleaner cleans all the gross, baked-on spills from your oven.

    15. Fish out that pesky ingrown hair with this stainless steel extractor set, neatly encased in a stainless steel carrying case, and containing every tool you'd need to remove the offending follicle.

    16. Get the dirt from under your fingernails with this dual surface nail brush. With two different bristle textures, it'll get in all the nooks and crannies.

    17. Blot away any excess oil with a pack of these cult fave Boscia green tea blotting linens. The slim package makes it a great on-the-go item, and it's infused with green tea to soothe, freshen, and protect your skin!

    18. And this wet/dry epilator that will make hair removal a breeze, without the use of wax or toxic creams. It removes hair that is four times shorter than waxing, and is totally cordless so you can use it wherever you need it.

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