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    In Case You've Got A Hankering For Some Retail Therapy, Here Are 21 Things Worth Your Attention

    Seriously, the NSFW colouring book is *it*.

    1. An Alexa Voice Remote Pro you'll love if you're always losing your clicker. Calling out it's name (Alexa!) will make it ring, making it easy to find amidst pillows and blankets — but you can use voice commands to make it do a bunch of other stuff, too, like surf channels, adjust volume, or control other Alexa-enabled devices.

    a person holding the voice remote pro while watching lord of the rings

    2. A shower foot scrubber if your hooves are in need of some deep-cleaning action. It's got extra-strong suction cups on the bottom, which reviewers say is a huge plus for people with mobility issues — no slipping or sliding here!

    a person scrubbing their foot using the slip-on scrubber

    3. A RingHero wristband you can stash your baubles in when you're out and about. The band's got a zipper to keep your fave pieces from getting lost or stolen, so you won't have to stuff your thingamajigs into pockets, bras, or socks for safe-keeping.

    a person wearing the wristband while washing their hands; two rings are peeking out

    4. A pack of Blume pimple patches that are so darn cute, I'm *almost* praying for a breakout. In addition to hydrocolloid (the hero ingredient in almost all zit patches), these also contain salicylic acid to keep the offending area chilled out and redness-free.

    buzzfeed writer wearing one of the flower shaped patches on her forehead

    5. A pack of Halls shower melts that'll help unclog your schnoz when the sniffles are getting ya down. Pop one *just* out of reach of your shower stream to release and activate those soothing vapours.

    6. A wall-mounted massage roller because you can tackle your own sore spots, thank you very much. It'll stick to just about any flat surface, so you can even use it to knead away knots on the soles of your feet.

    someone mounting the dual-head roller on a window

    7. A silicone cat trivet if you're not keen on scorching your surfaces with hot dishes. As a bonus, it's completely non-slip so you won't accidentally knock over a scalding plate of taters at dinnertime.

    someone setting a hot dish on the cat-shaped silicone trivet

    8. A foot hammock if dangling your legs off your office chair sounds like hell on earth. Since it's adjustable, you can crank up the height whenever you feel like entering relaxation mode or keep things loosey-goosey if you just need a hint of leg support.

    someone's feet inside the foot hammock under a desk

    9. A sweary colouring book for the days when you just gotta doodle your stress away. It's chock-full of hilarious NSFW words, with plenty of space to practice your line work or shading skills.

    10. A trio of scouring sponges that'll make a whale-come addition to your cleanup routine (get it? Because they're whale-shaped?). Even though they're made of biodegradable coconut fibres, they're strong enough to scrub away all kinds of muck.

    a trio of whale-shaped scouring sponges on a kitchen counter

    11. A set of face gems because you are a 🌟star🌟 and you deserve to sparkle like one. Reviewers say they're perfect for concerts, since they stay put even when they work up a sweat.

    a person wearing the face gems around their eyes while looking at the camera

    12. A set of peel-and-stick subway tiles if your DIY skills are tenuous at best. Reviewers say application is so easy, it's almost fun (they recommend ordering a smidge more than you think you need for doing corners and nooks).

    The subway tiles on a wall

    13. A Wet Brush treatment brush that'll never scratch or tug at your precious strands. Reviewers swear it's the best product for detangling thick, curly strands (yes, even 4C), courtesy of it's extra-long and gentle bristles.

    a person holding up the detangling brush and squishing it's silicone bristles

    14. A meditation cushion set that won't mess with your carefully-curated design vibes. If you're searching for something durably, comfy, and aesthetically-pleasing, reviewers say this is the way to go.

    a person meditating on the stylish cushion and matching mat

    15. A bottle of Saie Glowy Super Gel highlighter that TikTok's completely obsessed with, and for good reason. In addition to being a dream to wear (it's lightweight with the perfect amount of ✨shimmer✨), it also has tons of skincare ingredients that'll help your complexion looks its v best.

    16. A spa-level facial steamer that'd make a *chef's kiss* addition to your self-care routine. Play around with nozzle rotation and temperature (there are six different treatment modes), or drop in some essential oils if you wanna crank the chill vibes up a notch.

    the facial steamer releasing steam from its nozzle on a countertop

    17. An extra-long and extra ~thicc~ fleece half-zip sweatshirt because sometimes you need more warmth than your cropped styles can give ya. It's high collar can double as a scarf when slapping on another layer is just too much work.

    a person wearing the fleece half zip sweatshirt

    18. A Chillhouse press-on mani kit so you can skip the trip to the salon whenever your tips could use a change-up. Plus, you won't have to fork over extra cashola when you're in the mood for some nail art (because we are all about budget-friendly beauty, ppl).

    a person wearing the press-on tips while holding the packaging

    19. A ceramic ring dish for stashing all your finger bling. Pop each band on one of the fronds, or you can simply drop 'em into the catch-all base — it has raised edges so nothing will roll off into the abyss.

    an aloe plant shaped ring holder with a catch all base

    20. A pair of humidifying stones that don't need power, plugs, or filters to bump up the moisture in your living space. It's honestly as simple as filling the ceramic bowl base with water — the stone top will do the rest.

    someone pouring water over the stone on the humidifier

    21. And lastly, a pack of silicone food huggers because plastic wrap can go straight to hell. They're perfect for slipping over everything from cut veggies (like onions) to cheeses and open containers — reviewers even love using them on cans of pet food!

    the food huggers snapped onto a jar of capers, half an apple, and a bell pepper

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