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    20 Father's Day Gifts For If Your Dad Is Cooler Than You Are

    Because they're not a regular dad — they're a cool dad.

    1. This antique feather-tipped quill, so Dad can answer their correspondence in style. Or maybe they'll just use it to sign cheques and write to-do lists — whatever the case, they'll stylish doing it. It comes with five different steel tips, plus a bottle of black dip ink AND a gold wax seal. If that isn't dope as heck, I don't know what is.

    2. These retro vinyl coasters that'll protect Dad's furniture and fuel their obsession with classic LPs. Reviewers say they're super practical, and that the designs are incredibly well-done, so you really can't go wrong! They even have a rubbery felt coating on the underside to keep them from sliding around.

    3. This sleek wine decanter that doubles as an aerator, and will dramatically improve the flavour of Dad's vino. It's super simple to use, too! All they'll need to do is press the decanter on top of an open bottle, then flip it to allow the wine to pass through the aerator. The wine can be served from the carafe or poured back into the original bottle for serving.

    4. This copper julep strainer, if your dad enjoys a minty beverage on a hot day. Its wide size fits over basically any mixing glass, so they'll always have a perfectly-constructed cocktail (without any citrus debris or ice shards).

    5. This set of granite whiskey stones, complete with elegant drinking glasses, so Dad can sip on some good Scotch in style. Unlike ice cubes, chilling stones will never dilute your dad's beverage, either!

    6. This gourmet smoked bacon finishing salt that'll jazz up dinners, snacks, and everything in between. If your dad fancies themselves a bit of a chef, then this is a perfect entrée into the world of fine dining. It'll taste absolutely fantastic rubbed on meats before grilling, mixed with veggies, or even sprinkled into a fresh batch of guacamole. Everything is better with bacon!

    7. This deluxe set of grilling utensils that has everything they'll need to BBQ up some delicious food (and look great doing it). These durable stainless steel tools will help Dad grip, flip, char, and sear everything from corn on the cob to some good ol' fashioned steaks.

    8. This solid cologne that smells of citrus and mahogany, and will make your dad feel old-school fancy. A solid cologne will never leak all over their toiletries, either! Plus, it's infused with skin-loving ingredients like hemp and grape seed oil, so it won't irritate their skin.

    9. This neat shoe shine kit that'll help Dad keep their footwear looking 👌👌👌. Inside the zippered case, they'll find two specialized brushes, two tins of polish, and a cleaning cloth to keep all kinds of shoes in tip-top shape.

    10. This secret flask book that'll give Dad a place to stash the expensive whiskey, and make them feel a bit like James Bond in the process. The stainless steel flask fits neatly inside the book, which will blend right in with the rest of Dad's collection of literature. No one will ever know (well, except for you).

    11. This handmade tool roll, so Dad can keep all their hammers, chisels, and screwdrivers neat and organized. It's crafted out of full-grain suede, so it's extra durable and wonderfully pliant. Plus, the leather will develop a natural patina over time that'll be completely unique.

    12. This elegant valet tray that'll give Dad a place to keep all their bits and bobs. It has suede-lined compartments that are perfect for storing things like reading glasses, small change, or even their smartphone. A suave Dad like yours deserves a place to put their fancy things!

    13. This leather book weight, so Dad can maintain their place on the page after they've finished reading. It's also incredibly useful if your dad loves to read at the dinner table, or regularly needs to consult texts at work. Plus, it'll look swanky as hell on their desk or in their office!

    14. A badass Viking drinking horn that'll help Dad relive their obsession with Game of Thrones — or just feel really frickin' cool the next time they reach for a cold beverage. Each one of these hand-made drinking vessels is made of ethically-sourced materials, fitted with a sturdy wooden base, and coated in a food-grade epoxy to keep them looking great for years to come.

    15. Some vintage-inspired wireless Marshall headphones that'll give Dad over 30 hours of listening time on a single charge. The super squishy ear cushions are extremely comfortable, so they won't crush your dad's ears while they're jamming out to their fave tunes. And since they're Bluetooth enabled, they'll be able to hook them up to just about any device.

    16. These stone coasters that'll keep Dad's frosty drinks from damaging the furniture. They're etched with Art Deco designs created by Frank Lloyd Wright, and they even have a natural cork backing to prevent scratches on easily-damaged surfaces (like wood or glass). Since the stone is left unsealed, it naturally absorbs moisture and condensation.

    17. This Fujifilm Instax camera that's designed to look like classic photography equipment. It'll make Dad reminisce about the good ol' days! Plus, they'll be able to instantly see the results of their photography — no developing required. Reviewers say it's basically foolproof, and that it's packed with a ton of fun features that'll turn regular old snapshots into great photographs.

    18. A coffee tasting box that'll give Dad the opportunity to try out a whole slew of delicious java blends, gleaned from independent roasters. Each box has four samples that are blindly labelled, so your dad will go into the tasting without any bias. And make sure Dad downloads the companion Angels' Cup app, so they can record and compare notes with other tasters.

    19. A set of carved wooden spoons designed to look like guitars, so Dad can rock out while they cook up some delicious food. They're made of super durable beechwood and are heat resistant, so your dad can use them for just about any recipe they want.

    20. And lastly, this classic rock album by AC/DC, because everyone could use a little more rock n' roll in their lives. It's one of the bestselling rock albums of all time, and was released as a tribute to the band's late singer, Bon Scott. It's a bona fide piece of musical history, so it'll make a great addition to your dad's collection!

    Your dad after getting some of these gifts:

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