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    31 Of The Best Gifts For People Who Already Seem To Have Everything

    Keep calm and gift on!

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. This totally bananas wine stopper that'll keep their fave vino fresh 'til the last drop. It'll form an airtight seal around the rim, so it's perfect for bottles of bubbly, too.

    A champagne bottle chilling in a bucket and topped with a banana-shaped stopper

    2. An adorable doorstop that'll work its way into the heart of any pooch lover. The best part: No early morning walks or poop bags necessary!

    A pug shaped door stop propping open a door

    3. This natural pillow spray that'll help them catch some zzz's this holiday season. It's infused with vetiver, chamomile, and lavender — three natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to induce deeper, more restful sleep.

    A bottle of the pillow spray nestled between bed sheets

    4. A pair of ultra-cozy woolen slippers that'll keep their tootsies toasty throughout the winter. The best part? They're made of shorn wool (NOT sheepskin), so they're totally cruelty free.

    A person wears a pair of the wool slippers while reaching for a cup of coffee on the floor

    5. This collapsible coffee cup that'll help them stay caffeinated when they're walking in a winter wonderland.. There's even a foldable straw hidden in the lid!

    6. Or, one of these customizable sleeves, if they already have a favourite cup. They're made of dense scuba foam that'll protect their fingers from the ravages of hot drinks (and prevent accidental slippage, too).

    7. An adorable cactus-shaped humidifier that'll help them fend off winter dryness. It also features a built-in nightlight, so they won't trip on their way to the bathroom at night.

    A person holding a cactus-shaped diffuser night light

    8. A classic jacquard sweater that'll never go out of style. It's made of hypoallergenic lambswool, meaning it's great for anyone who craves the coziness and warmth of classic wool, but finds it too itchy and irritating.

    A person wears the sweater over a flannel shirt while looking at the camera

    9. This zesty reed diffuser that'll infuse their home with the scent of fresh mint and juicy lemons. It'll last for at least 90 days, so their place will smell lovely all throughout the holidays.

    The reed diffuser arranged next to some ripe lemons and fresh mint leaves

    10. This structured neck pillow that'll help them snooze in comfort on your next long-haul car or bus ride. The hidden internal support will keep their neck from bobbing around, so they'll wake up refreshed and pain free.

    A person sleeping on a bus while wearing the fleecy pillow around their neck

    11. A fancy oyster shucker that'll thrill any foodie on your list. It has a full-tang stainless steel blade and an oversized hand guard that'll help prevent unpleasant injuries.

    An oyster shucker with a wooden handle on a bed of shucked oysters

    12. This handmade carafe to decant their favourite boozy beverages. It comes with two matching gold-rimmed glasses, so they'll be able to sip in style.

    A person holds up the carafe that's filled with a cocktail mixture

    13. This sandalwood beard comb that'll transform your friend's facial hair with just a swipe. It's double sided, meaning it'll work on every beard length (even if they're just starting out).

    14. This elegant spray bottle that'll be a mist-have for any plant parents on your list. For the uninitiated, it'll make for lovely decor, too (just make sure to tell them regular plant misting helps their leaves stay healthy and green).

    The mister on a wooden counter surrounded by verdant leaves

    15. A bottle of Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel seasoning blend that'll add a sprinkle of flavour to their favourite foods — no bagel necessary. They'll end up using it on everything from buttered popcorn to roast chicken (and thank you every step of the way).

    A pair of everything bagel seasoning jars on a simple background

    16. This case for pruning shears that'll give your gardener friend a place to stash their sharp tools. It'll snap easily onto their belt, meaning their snippers will be within reach the next time they're ~trimming~ the tree.

    17. This non-stick air fryer that will help your foodie pal whip up delicious, crispy treats. It has a built-in timer that'll make dinner prep easy-peasy.

    The air fryer filled with freshly-made chicken wings

    18. This oat and hemp salve that'll protect their skin from frosty winter air and damaging indoor heating. This non-greasy formula will absorb quickly and help heal everything from cracked heels to chapped lips.

    An open tin of the salve next to containers of oatmeal and oils

    19. A dainty mask chain that'll help them keep track of their face covering. The best part is that it can double as a necklace or chain for their glasses (if they're constantly losing their eyewear).

    20. A leather notebook that'll capture their thoughts, jokes, ideas, sketches, or to-do lists. The durable tanned leather cover is refillable, so they'll be able to use it forever.

    The leather notebook on a desk with a pair of glasses and an elegant pen

    21. A personalized ornament that will make them feel as unique as a snowflake. Plus, half the proceeds will be given to charities this holiday season, so it's one gift you can feel good about.

    A wooden ornament with the name Charlotte inscribed on it

    22. An ultrasonic extractor and serum infuser that'll make the porefect gift for the skincare obsessed. This 2-in-1 tool also improves the absorption of serums, so your pal can make the most out of all their pricey products.

    A person using the device on their face

    23. These blue light blocking glasses that'll be the perfect gift for anyone who stares at screens all day (aka everyone). They'll help prevent eye strain, fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision.

    A pair of glasses on a marble countertop

    24. This gold initial necklace that'll make a thoughtful bespoke gift. Whether you're choosing their name or the moniker of a favourite pet, they're bound to love this customized bling.

    25. The LifeStraw that'll be the handiest gift ever for the wilderness lover or camper in your life — it's basically magic! It'll filter out up to 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns (that's TINY, y'all).

    26. These cheeky resistance bands that'll be a win for any fitness-minded people on your holiday list, because LOOK HOW CUTE! They'll add extra resistance to every kind of exercise, so they can maximize their ~gainz~.

    The bands arranged on a colourful background

    27. This fully-loaded gin-making kit that'll help them unleash your inner mad scientist (instead of browsing Netflix again). It's packed with yummy botanicals, like cardamom and pink peppercorns, and has enough recipes to keep them occupied for months to come.

    28. This Cards Against Humanity expansion pack that'll rekindle their love for the cult-favourite game (which any self-respecting board game aficionado probably already owns). The expansion contains 300 of the weirdest cards the creators have ever written, so they're in for some laughs.

    29. This key-shaped pocket tool that'll help them tackle everyday problems. Whether they're cracking open a bottle, unboxing their latest online purchase, or tightening a screw, reviewers say it'll hold its shape — we love a sturdy gizmo!

    30. This skull cakelet pan that'll thrill any baker — just imagine the stunning, spooky cakes! And if they ever get bored of that, these pans can also be used to make really cool ice cubes.

    31. And finally, this rose gold ring holder that'll make any jewelry lover more organized. You might not know their ring size, but you sure as heck can help them display their beautiful rings in a cute and fun way.

    A rabbit-shaped ring holder on a dresser

    Actual footage of your pals unwrapping their stellar gifts:

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