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    30 Things That'll Make You Feel Cozy As Heck

    The snuggle is real.

    1. This sheepskin rug that'll upgrade your favourite chair from a regular seat to a cozy nook. You can also layer several on the floor for max comfort, like I have. Let me tell you, I'm never going back to boring ol' rugs after using these.

    2. These Magic Bag heatable spa booties that'll make you feel comfy-cozy, literally from the ground up. They're infused with lavender essential oils, and can be used with or without the heatable inserts.

    3. A weighted eye mask that'll help you drift off into deep, restful sleep. Not only does it work to muffle sound and block out light, but it can also help alleviate stress and headaches.

    4. A Hanes fleece sweatshirt that uses recycled polyester for the ultimate in eco-conscious leisurewear. It's pill resistant, and reviewers love the high quality, softness, and bang for their buck.

    5. This freestanding electric stove heater with realistic flames and burning logs that'll add a dose of coziness to any room — no construction required!

    6. A pair of these shearling insoles that'll keep your tootsies toasty without getting sweaty. They're the perfect way to add a soft cushiony footbed to your favourite pair of shoes.

    7. A pair of fleece-lined leggings that'll have you feeling snug AND stylish. Winter weather is no match for a pair of classic black leggings.

    8. This luxurious classic terry bathrobe that you can wrap yourself in when putting on actual clothes is far too much work.

    9. This king-sized down alternative comforter that'll still give you the comfort and coziness of a genuine down comforter, without any of that pesky, allergen-heavy down.

    10. These bestselling (and ultra cozy!) wool blend socks will keep your feet warm and comfy, without making them unpleasantly sweaty.

    11. This plush cashmere sweater that's a hypoallergenic (and ridiculously soft) alternative to traditional wool sweaters. It's thin enough to wear under coats, but can still be layered over thermal shirts when the temperature REALLY plummets.

    12. A weighted blanket that simulates the sensation of a hug, and will make you feel like you're being tucked into bed. The cotton layers are breathable and buttery-soft, so you can use it all year 'round.

    13. This oversized sweatshirt that'll keep you looking cute and comfy, whether you're getting brunch, tobogganing with friends, or sipping a hot cup of mulled wine by the fire (or the Netflix fireplace channel).

    14. These plush slipper booties that'll envelop your feet in cloud-like comfort. Wear them while reading to keep your feet from freezing as the temperature falls, or slip them on after a bath to continue the spa-like experience.

    15. A pair of these shearling gloves that'll help you avoid frost-bitten fingertips. The plush lining means they'll easily surpass your wool mittens in the warmth department, too.

    16. This plush blanket scarf that'll keep you warm and comfy through chilly weather. Or you can unfold it and use it as a blanket in your freezing office!

    17. This temperature-controlled smart mug that'll keep your favourite hot drink warm for hours. You'll finally be able enjoy it 'til the very last drop.

    18. These super soft two-ply cashmere joggers that are not only incredibly soft, but also super-duper warm. You sit on your butt a lot — the least you can do is treat it to something special. They're one of my absolute faves!

    19. This cotton duvet cover that'll help turn your bed into a nest of comfiness. You'll be searching for any excuse to "work from home".

    20. This tunic dress that's the perfect one-and-done outfit. It's great for those days when you want to be comfortable, but still put together. Plus...POCKETS!

    21. A quilted heated mattress pad that'll gently wrap you in warmth when the long nights of winter are too chilly to bear.

    22. This packable down coat that's one of the most versatile items to have in your closet. It'll keep you warm and dry through all kinds of weather, and rolls up neatly into a little package so you can keep it on hand for any situation.

    23. This graphic sweatshirt that will literally never go out of style. It's cozy as heck, too!

    24. A large, U-shaped pregnancy pillow that'll cradle your body, while eliminating pressure on the liver and hypertension. Because of its contours, it's beloved by reviewers who are post-operation, or have fibromyalgia, sciatica, acid reflux, congestion, and carpal tunnel. It's the perfect snuggly little nook!

    25. A Himalayan cashmere blanket that can be used as a cozy scarf, a luxe throw, or a meditation rug. I've used this blanket in freezing airplanes, as an extra layer during chilly fall mornings, or as a full-on scarf come winter. It rolls up pretty small, so tucking it into my purse or carry-on is easy!

    26. These mid-weight moisture-wicking thermal pants will keep your bum balmy with it's two-ply cotton fabric and smooth, flat seams. Think of them like long johns — but cooler.

    27. This quilted microfibre bedspread will infuse your bedroom with some colour while adding a luxe, homely touch to your bed. Use it as an extra layer of warmth during the winter, or as a light coverlet in warmer months when sleeping under a full-on duvet is way too hot.

    28. These double-layered thermal socks are an ideal choice for keeping your feet warm and comfortable - whether you're wearing them as slippers, or just lounging on the couch. Reviewers love how they fit comfortably over wide calves!

    29. This tufted couch is ideal for curling up and re-reading your fave novel. The armrests create a perfect nook for an impromptu nap, too!

    30. And these fluffy down alternative pillows that'll add another dimension of comfort and coziness to your sleep set-up. They're the perfect combination of firm and soft, and have reviewers raving about how supportive they are.

    Let's get cozy:

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