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    22 Brilliant Fitness Accessories That Might Inspire You To Start Working Out Again

    Let's ~sweat~ it on!

    1. This wildly supportive sports bra that'll take you through every single one of your workouts. You can easily swap the straps from a racerback style to a traditional one, which maximizes comfort (and helps keep straps from slipping when you're in the middle of a deadlift). My favourite feature, though, is the hook-and-eye clasp that makes removing a sweaty sports bra a LOT easier.

    2. This microfibre yoga towel that's a lightweight, super absorbent, and compact addition to your daily practice. The best part is that it's non-slip, so you can also use it as an impromptu mat! Plus, it can hold up to seven times its weight in liquid, which is great if you turn into a sweaty mess five minutes into your workout.

    A person is doing crow pose on the mat in an empty studio

    3. These little toe thongs that'll make every studio-style workout a lot easier on your feet. The barely-there design means you'll almost forget you're wearing them — that is, until you never develop a blister or callus on the bottom of your feet ever again. Pirouette away, my friends!

    A close up picture of a person's feet wearing the toe thongs

    4. These resistance bands that'll help you tone your booty, improve your flexibility, or just add an extra challenge during other bodyweight exercises. The thick material won't rip, tear, or buckle, even the during the most intense workouts.

    An overhead shot of the three resistance bands arranged neatly on a plain surface

    5. This fleecy crew neck sweater that'll help keep your muscles warm during outdoor exercise. Sure, it's soft as a lamb's ear on the inside, and keeps you feeling dry as you sweat. But the best part is a handy zippered pocket that'll fit your phone, credit cards, AND house keys, so you don't have to lug around a bag or pack the next time you want to go for an early morning jog.

    6. This bodyweight exercise card game that'll help you decide which body part to exercise next. There are over 30 exercises to try, and with progressive difficulty levels, it'll keep you from getting bored and falling into a rut.

    7. A set of these tangle-free hair ties that'll help keep your mane out of your face while you work out. The soft cloth is really gentle on hair (goodbye, breakage!), while still gripping every last strand. And since there are no metal or plastic pieces, it won't tug or pull when you take it out.

    8. This quick-drying tank that'll keep you comfortable during the most strenuous exercise. It has a dropped hem (which means you won't have to worry about it riding up during weight-lifting), and can be ruched if you're really feeling the heat. I love that it's still made of 100% cotton, which is great if synthetic materials irritate your skin.

    9. This extra-thick, high-density exercise mat that's perfect if you're an aspiring yogi, or if you have mobility issues that other yoga mats just don't address. The non-toxic and non-slip material cushions elbows, palms, hips, and other joints, so you can practice your scorpion pose safely.

    A person stretches on the yoga mat in an empty studio

    10. A zippered crop top that'll basically become the MVP of your next workout. It wicks sweat, dries fast, helps prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, AND it even has wider arm holes so you won't feel constricted during your exercise.

    11. A pair of lightweight shorts that are specially designed to layer over bike shorts or Spandex. The feather-light material won't weigh you down when you're sweating it out — but it will definitely help cover up your bum if exercise shorts are typically a little too revealing for your comfort.

    12. A charcoal-infused fitness towel that'll make your after-workout clean-up a lot easier, so you can focus on resting and recovering (instead of wiping down your mat). Since charcoal is naturally deodorizing and incredibly absorbent, it'll suck up your sweat and keep your place smelling fresh, too.

    13. These weighted cork balls that'll help release muscle tension and increase your flexibility. They're awesome for getting in small, hard-to-reach areas, like the arch of your foot or the palm of your hand. Each set also includes a tiny reflexology ball for your face!

    14. Some no-tie laces that'll keep you from tripping over your untied shoes when you're going hard at the gym (or just walking the dog). These adjustable little strips are great for people who routinely have to replace shoelaces, or are just looking for a no-fuss solution to their fitness footwear.

    15. This refreshing equipment spray that'll keep your fave fitness accessories clean and smelling fresh (no matter how much sweat drips onto them). The special formula uses tea tree oil to kill bacteria and germs with just a few sprays. And it's all-natural, you can go ahead and spritz it directly where you need it.

    An overhead shot of the equipment spray next to some handheld weights

    16. This bamboo water bottle that'll keep your drinks cold all day long. It's all about the details with this one: It has a removable infuser (perfect for making tea or fruit infusions) and a wide mouth to accommodate ice cubes. Workout hydration has never been easier or more stylish.

    A flatlay of the bamboo bottle next to some greenery and fresh cut fruit

    17. This printed yoga strap that'll make carrying and storing your yoga mat easy as pie. Because it's extra long, it'll work with any mat (even the thick ones). Yoga straps are also an easy storage solution — just hang up a hook and you're set!

    18. This colourful wrap that can be worn as a headband during a workout, or as a small scarf during breezy spring mornings. Because it's extra wide, it'll trap all those annoying baby hairs that might stick to a sweaty neck. It's also a great makeshift face mask!

    A person wearing the wrap as a head scarf while looking off camera

    19. An ultra-soft tee that'll help protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays. How, you may ask? Thanks to built-in ultraviolet protection, that's how. The quick-drying fabric has a protection factor of 40, meaning it can block to 98% of harmful UV rays — think of it like lightweight armour!

    20. A cork yoga block that'll help you with your practice by ensuring that you're supported and balanced in every pose. It's also a great tool to have if you're working on achieving certain poses (scorpion, looking at you!), or if you're not quite as flexible as you'd like to be.

    21. This instructional yoga mat that'll help you practice Shavasana, without actually going to your studio. Printed illustrations mean you'll never worry that you're doing the pose wrong — you'll be able to focus on breathing and relaxing your mind instead!

    22. And lastly, this relaxing body wash and oil combo that'll help turn your regular post-sweat sesh shower into a full-on recovery treatment. This lightly-scented set is designed to help you chill out — great if you prefer to work out in the evening and find yourself buzzing with energy afterwards. Plus, the oil is great for tension-easing massages, so go ahead and drop a hint to your partner now.

    The bottles of body wash and oil artfully stacked in a bathroom

    Me, getting my fitness on:

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