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    Just 28 Geeky Gifts For All The Nerds In Your Life

    Nerd is the word.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. These blank floppy disc coasters are a great gift to give anyone who wishes we could go back to simpler times. Unlike real floppy discs, these are made of flexible silicone. They might not be able to save a document, but they can save someone's precious coffee table!

    Amazon / Via

    These can also be tossed in the dishwasher if someone DOES spill something on them. Just be sure to advise the gift recipient to put them in the top rack, as silicone can distort in hot water.

    Get a set of four coasters on Amazon Canada for $16.99+ (available in packs of six, and eight, as well as in a mixed-language version).

    2. This Star Trek communicator badge is almost as useful as the real thing. It plays the iconic Star Trek ComBadge chirp when pressed, making it an ideal accessory for cosplay, but that's not all — it's also Bluetooth-enabled, which means they can use it as an actual communicator!

    Amazon / Via

    It's compatible with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana, allowing them to make and receive voice calls, AND can play their favourite music. The backing is magnetic, so you don't have to worry about this gift damaging anyone's clothes (or costume). The future is here!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $69.99.

    3. These Lego storage bricks are perfect for anyone who still keeps their old Lego sets under their bed, or who takes just as much pleasure building them as their kids do. They're also wonderful for ACTUAL children, as they are stackable (like the original Lego brick!), and can store many toys in their hollow interior.

    Amazon / Via

    They come in a multitude of colours, too!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $21.71+ (available in 14 colours).

    4. A set of these Avengers cufflinks that will be perfect for any dapper dork in your life who has a particular penchant for comic book heroes.

    Amazon / Via

    They're encased in a gift box, and also backed by a lifetime guarantee, so this a pretty safe bet. If a full roster is just too much, you can also get individual cufflink pairs in both DC and Marvel characters.

    Get the set of six cufflinks on Amazon Canada for $148.52+ (also available in a DC set, and in 11 individual sets).

    5. A selection of these guitar picks is sure to please any would-be Hendrix. There are 51 picks per pouch, each individually designed and totally unique. The coolest part is the variety — 25 picks are made of celluloid, and the other 25 are made of Tortex. A single stainless steel pick rounds out the set, making this the ultimate pick for the guitar or bass player in your life.

    Amazon / Via

    There are four different thicknesses of each kind of pick in here, too, so the musician will be able to select the perfect one for their needs, whether they're strummin' the blues or practicing their finger-picking. Reviewers love the excellent quality, and mention that there's a definite distinction in sound when using these little guys.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $25.99+ (also available in medium).

    6. A three-dimensional "geek" mug. It might be a bit on the nose, but c'mon! It's perfect, ironically cool, and hilarious.

    Amazon / Via

    It's also easy to clean (#dishwashersafe) so you don't have to worry that you're giving a high-maintenance gift.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $21.01+ (also available in mugga, and chemistry).

    7. This PlayStation Icons light display is the ideal gift for any fans of the hugely popular gaming system. They're also music-reactive, making them the perfect game night accessory!

    Amazon / Via

    I love the smaller size (only 30cm wide!), so it can be taken out or tucked away depending on the mood. The design is so iconic, though, it's sure to become a regular part of any gamer's decor. It's USB or battery-powered, so make sure you include some AAA batteries, and a USB charging cube in the stocking, too!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $34.98.

    8. This nostalgia T-shirt is a funny way to poke fun at how far technology has come, and to remind the geek in your life of the good old days of VHS tapes, cassettes, and floppy discs. Nothing sounded more like Friday night in the '90s than rewinding a VHS rental from Blockbuster!

    Amazon / Via

    The tee is made of pre-shrunk cotton, so unlike tech from the past, it'll stick around — UNCHANGED — for years.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $9.47+ (available in 18 colours and in sizes S-XXXL).

    9. This Star Trek Starfleet insignia silicone mould will help take your gift recipient's cooking game to the ~final frontier~. They can use it to make cool ice cubes, for funky Jello-O shots, or for making candy or chocolate. The possibilities are as endless as deep space.

    Amazon / Via

    This tray can also ~boldly go~ in the dishwasher once it has served its purpose.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $12.99.

    10. These hand-painted Star Wars salt and pepper shakers are not only an awesome collector's item, but they'll actually come in handy, too! Gift them to the Star Wars fan in your life who remembers when A New Hope was released — or reserve them for those who are geeking out over The Mandalorian coming out on Disney+ (tiny Yoda IS pretty adorable).

    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers really like the premium quality. Since they're hand-painted, I wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher, but then again, how often does one wash salt and pepper shakers?

    Get the set on Amazon Canada for $26.54+ (available in eight designs).

    11. This dopamine molecule necklace will let that special someone know just how ~happy~ they make you. It's made of sterling silver, and several reviewers on have mentioned its magical, tarnish-resisting powers.

    Amazon / Via

    You can also snag a caffeine or serotonin molecule version, if you want to give a whole collection of happiness and energy.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $35.87+ (available in three finishes).

    12. The NSFW edition of Exploding Kittens for the (adult) gamer in your life who has a particular affinity for explosions, kittens, and occasional boob wizards. It's the most-backed project in Kickstarter history, so you know you're going to ~blow~ someone's mind by slipping this under the tree.

    Amazon / Via, @gameofkittens / Via

    The illustrations are crude, and the rules are simple: don't explode!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $16.99.

    13. This Pac-Man Connect and Play-12 set is a great gift for anyone who wants to relive the glory days of video games. Using the included cables, they'll be able to plug the controller directly into their T.V. and enjoy 12 classic games, including (obviously) the original Pac-Man.

    Amazon / Via

    And the controller is shaped like Pac-Man's head, too! He's powered by AA batteries, though, so it's probably best to snag some here.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $49.99.

    14. A vinyl-bound boxed set of J.R.R Tolkien's classics that'll thrill any Tolkien fan, AND will make a stylish addition to their bookshelf. Just prepare to hear "It was different in the books!" a lot the next time you have a LOTR movie marathon!

    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers love how the beautiful packaging has reignited their interest in a story they had long forgotten about.

    Get the set on Amazon Canada for $38.93+ (also available in paperback).

    15. This Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter will help your gift receiver slice up a hot pie faster than they can say, "These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise." It's made of solid, laser-etched stainless steel, too, so you know you're gifting a collectible they can actually use (and not just look at on their shelf).

    Amazon / Via, ThinkGeek / Via

    It has a chromium-plated body to give it a nice lustre, but it might not withstand the heat of a dishwasher, and unlike the real Starship Enterprise, it doesn't have any protective armour or laser turrets. I'd recommend letting the receiver know they should wash this by hand if they plan on keeping it for their five-year mission.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $81.78.

    16. This Razer DeathAdder Elite Esports gaming mouse is lightning fast, incredibly responsive, and accurate to within 99.4% resolution accuracy. If you don't know what that means, don't worry! It's basically the Ferrari of Esports gaming equipment. If you're thinking of what to buy your Esports-obsessed friend, niece, nephew, child, or partner, you can stop looking — this is it.

    Amazon / Via

    At a speed of 450 inches/second, and over 16 million (!!!) customizable Chroma lighting options, you really can't go wrong.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $44.99.

    17. If my calculations are correct, this Back to the Future vanity plate is a fun novelty item to give to anyone who has a particular penchant for '80s nerdy sci-fi movies.

    Amazon / Via

    Great Scott! It also comes with a sticker kit, and reviewers love how authentic it looks. And if you're looking for something a bit more prehistoric, grab a Jurassic Park vanity plate, too!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $24.95.

    18. These brain slice coasters are an incredibly cool (albeit a bit gross) gift for nerdy host or hostess on your gift list. The set of 10 coasters is made of glass so the brain slices are clearly visible, and with little rubber feet underneath, they won't scratch up any coffee tables.

    Amazon / Via

    And each slice is labelled for easy stacking. Just make sure to let the receiver know that these should be hand washed.

    Get a set of 10 coasters on Amazon Canada for $66.01.

    19. Code Names Pictures Edition will make a welcome addition to any board game aficionado's collection, especially if they already have the original! It's a picture game that combines logic, reasoning, and espionage, as you and your team work to reveal the opposing team's undercover agents.

    Amazon / Via

    According to reviewers, the game presents a fun challenge, and never plays the same way twice. How many other games can claim that?!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $23.18.

    20. This TACOsaurus Rex is the best choice for giving the dino enthusiast who also happens to love a good taco. Don't fret, though. This T. Rex also holds toast, sandwiches, waffles, or just about anything they'd want to devour in style.

    Amazon / Via

    It's made of food-safe plastic, and is durable, and dishwasher-friendly — unlike a real dinosaur fossil.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.99+ (available in three styles).

    21. These microfibre Rick and Morty bedsheets aren't a portal gun, but they'll transport your geeky friend to dreamland faster than they can say, "Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!" They'll have everyone begging for them to show me what you got!

    Amazon / Via

    Note that this is just a sheet set, so there's no duvet cover included, but you can easily add a simple microfibre one to the gift. The sheet set fits a full size bed.

    Get the set on Amazon Canada for $38.94.

    22. Cozmo the coding robot is a great beginner-level gift for the aspiring tech wizard in your life. He can be programmed to do just about anything, including dance, sneeze, or play a game! The visual programming language makes learning to code fun and easy.

    Amazon / Via

    He's also extremely durable, so he can withstand just about anything! Just have the gift recipient connect Cozmo to the app, and watch as his personality develops with use. I'd advise also getting a USB charger, like this one, because Cozmo doesn't come with one of his own. Also, make sure that the recipient has an iOS or Android device that's compatible with the app!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $249.98.

    23. These Harry Potter-themed necklaces will definitely make any would-be witch or wizard smile at the sight of them. Harkening back to the adventures of our favourite magical trio, this set is great to gift as a whole, split them up and give to a group of friends, or even keep one (or two) for yourself!

    Amazon / Via

    The TimeTurner in this set isn't real, though, so just make sure you make up your mind before the holidays! Each set contains one Golden Snitch, the Deathly Hallows, and a TimeTurner. Several reviewers mention that the chains are longer than they appear, and that they've made really great gifts for the Harry Potter fans in their life.

    Get the set on Amazon Canada for $15.97.

    24. These blue-light blocking glasses might not be the hottest tech, but they'll be a blessing in disguise for anyone in your life who spends hours looking at a screen (aka everyone). Realistically, you'd be giving TWO gifts in one: a pair of really stylish, useful glasses, and better eye health in the future. We love a multi-tasking present!

    Amazon / Via

    The design is also really well thought out: they have a keyhole bridge, which means they'll fit almost any nose shape, not to mention the built-in UV protection. They're also scratch-resistant, and have flexible arm hinges that make them suitable for different face shapes.

    Get a pair on Amazon Canada for $19.99+ (available in 10 colours).

    25. That's not a moon, it's a Death Star vinyl wall clock that'll make a handsome addition to the decor of any cinephile. Maybe they love movie memorabilia, or maybe they're just a fan of George Lucas' seminal work, but this clock is still a great collectible item to add to any collection.

    Amazon / Via

    It's made of a real vinyl record, you guys. I'm surprised you haven't added this to your cart yet, TBH.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $23.39.

    26. This National Geographic Geodes Discovery set contains all the most fun elements of science: unexpected discoveries and smashing stuff! It'll make a great gift for the budding geologist.

    Amazon / Via

    Each kit has geodes of varying sizes that are hand-selected by the team at NatGeo, making each set totally unique. They'll never know what they're going to get! The set even includes goggles, because safety comes first.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $34.99.

    27. A Doctor Who TARDIS mug that doesn't time travel, but does the next best thing: it keeps your drink warm, duh. It's a cute and unexpected addition to any Whovian's kitchen. It even has a removable lid that can be popped one to ensure their tea (or coffee) stays hot for longer.

    Amazon / Via

    Reviewers mention they prefer to wash this guy by hand, and some even say they use it to store pens, pencils, or other knick-knacks! Much like the real TARDIS, this police box is more than it appears.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $29.92.

    28. And last, but definitely not least, this Supernatural hoodie, quoting the iconic song that plays during the "previously" segments. The longest-running sci-fi show on television has plenty of viewers, and this would satisfy even the most die-hard fan.

    Amazon / Via

    The cotton-polyester blend is really easy to care for, so unlike Sam and Dean's struggle with the forces of evil, this sweater won't cause never-ending problems.Reviewers love how comfortable it is, so you can carry on and pop this in your cart.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $29.95+ (available in sizes S-XXL, and in six colours).

    Nerds of the world, unite!

    ABC / CBS / Via

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