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    22 Father's Day Gifts For Any Dad Who Has A Weird Sense Of Humour

    Your dad better be ready for some laughs, a bit of sass, and plenty of eye-rolls.

    1. This fill-in-the-blank book that offers prompts for you to write in all the things you love about your dear ol' Dad. Sure, you could go sappy or heartfelt, but if your Dad appreciates a great (or corny) joke, go ahead and let your sense of humour loose.

    2. A card game for pun-lovers, because all the best Dad jokes are puns. Created by a father-daughter duo, the goal here is to make the punniest jokes you can in 90 seconds. Whoever's pun gets the most laughs is the winner of the round!

    3. These fish-flops, so Dad can look their very best when they're puttering around the house. They may look strange but they ave a ton of little features that'll make your dad fall in love with them — like anti-skid soles and an elastic fit for maximum comfort and safety.

    4. These pizza box socks that'll be perfect for the dad who insists on getting pineapple on the pizza order (even if no one else likes it). Each box contains four pairs of pizza-inspired socks, all wrapped up in a traditional pizza delivery box. Now Dad can have whatever topping they want!

    5. This book containing some really embarrassing Dad jokes, in case your pops is looking for some new material. There are 224 pages in this book, each one filled to the brim with jokes like, "What do you give birds when they're ill?". The answer: "Tweetment." You're welcome, dads.

    6. These funky knee blades that'll make little home improvement projects a lot easier on Dad's knees. Plus, can you just imagine the jokes? These weird rollerblade/knee pad hybrids strap on easily, and work on all kinds of surfaces, so they can wheel around wherever they want.

    7. This beer brewing guide that'll satisfy any cicerone father (that's basically a fancy beer connoisseur, in case you were wondering). Now they won't be able to complain about the flavour of store-bought beers! This book contains every snippet of information they'd need to whip up a batch of home brew. Make sure you volunteer as a taste-tester.

    8. This little microwave s'mores maker that'll take a campfire fave and bring it into the comfort of home. Maybe you have some fond memories of your dear ol' Dad making you your first s'more, or maybe you both just have a penchant for ooey, gooey desserts — whatever the case, it's a great way to reconnect AND indulge in some teeth-achingly good sweets.

    9. These silicone brain moulds that'll be the perfect addition to Dad's practical joke arsenal. These flexible moulds are great for making ice, chocolate, soap, or even some tasty baked goods, so it's basically guaranteed to be a hit.

    10. A hilarious soy candle that basically says it all. Your dad was there for you when you were a teenager, so let's be real — this is the least you can do to make up for all the missed curfews and teenage nonsense.

    11. This nostalgia mini hot dog stand that'll cook up six wieners and remind your dad of their youth (probably). There's even a bun warmer, so they can get that true street meat experience. Some reviewers even use it for breakfast sausages!

    12. This aptly-named board game that'll be a hilarious callback to your teen years when your dad referred to you almost exclusively as "you smart ass" (or was that just me?). Plus, it'll give them an excuse to flex their know-it-all-ness.

    13. This peg-legged pirate bottle opener, so Dad can pop open a bottle of their fave beverage (and have a laugh whenever they do). This is one gift they definitely won't wine about!

    14. A very punny T-shirt that's perfect for the dad who has a soft spot in their heart for a particular Marvel superhero. But even if they're not a comic book lover, don't fret — this is a foolproof present any Dad whose favourite pasttime is making "hilarious" jokes to your friends.

    15. This hilarious wine glass that'll basically make the dad jokes for your pops. If you really want to knock it out of the park, make sure you have a fancy bottle of vino on hand, too. And pour them a glass, for ~fox~ sake!

    16. This fist-shaped drink cooler that'll help keep your dad's drinks cooler for longer (great for those long, hot afternoons by the BBQ). The fist fits any standard beer can or bottle, and is made of a squishy foam to keep their drinks from slipping out of their hand.

    17. This dapper little razor holder that'll keep Dad's shaving equipment neatly stored. I mustache you, why haven't you bought this already?

    18. This funky guitar ice tray that'll help jazz up your dad's favourite summer drinks. The silicone moulds make it really easy to pop the frosty guitars out, and each stir stick is designed to look like a different jazz guitar, too!

    19. This handicorn (yup, you read that right), because Dad likes to get goofy. This is one of those gifts that's just plain weird and wonky — just like your dad!

    20. This manatea infuser that'll give your daddio a chuckle every time they use it. This guy is made of food-safe silicone, and has soft flippers so he can chill on the edge of any cup.

    21. These awesome shredding and holding claws that are as badass as they are useful. Dad will use them to mix up a big salad, tear apart some pulled pork, or serve up some BBQ — or they'll just do their best Wolverine impression. Only time will tell.

    22. And lastly, a classic Father's Day card that'll help your dad know they're the gratest. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best, you know? And if they roll their eyes, just say, "I thought you loved cheesy puns!"

    At last, YOU can be the one to say to your dad:

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