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    18 Cool 'N' Useful Products I Honestly Don't Know Why You Don't Own Already

    A little treat from me, to me.

    1. A petite plaque remover that'll give your chompers the dentist-level scrubbing they *definitely* deserve. Its ultra-fine tip will easily grab all the debris you may have missed while flossing — and it comes with a toothbrush head, too.

    2. A sunscreen sponge applicator if greasy grabbers are not at the top of your summer to-do list. Skip the spill-y lotions and sticky creams by filling up this lil' tube with your fave SPF, then just dab it on where it needs to go. Done!

    someone applying sunscreen with the sponge applicator

    3. A petite pet hammock that'll give your furry friend a comfy spot to lounge in. Reviewers love that the pad is machine-wachable, which means you won't have to devote your entire Sunday afternoon to cleaning your pet's messes.

    a cat lounging in the mounted hammock

    4. A pack of almost-invisible Hero Cosmetics acne patches that'll suck the juice out of your pimples, helping them heal faster (and stopping you from digging into them with your fingers). Since they're so big, you'll be able to tackle whole clusters of zits in a snap.

    A smiling person putting one of the strips on their cheek

    5. A petite handheld fan that'll help you keep your cool when the temps start soaring. Thanks to the adjustable head, you'll be able to easily target all those hard-to-reach sweaty body parts.

    a person holding up the adjustable fan while at a baseball diamond

    6. A foldable tray that'll save you from stacking pillows on your knees when you're chipping away at emails. Reviewers are *obsessed* with the sled legs, saying they're easy to slide across any surface.

    7. A set of cute dryer balls that are sheeply too irresistible to pass up (heh, get it?). Not only will they keep your laundry soft and fluffy, they'll even help you cut down on drying time.

    a set of four sheep shaped dryer balls

    8. A set of ear plugs that'll protect your hearing without leaving you completely deaf. Their unique shape filters out all kinds of harmful decibels, so you'll wanna rock 'em while you're travelling, hanging at the big game, or zipping around on your motorcycle.

    a person holding the ear plugs in their palms

    9. A slim memory foam pillow that's perfect for anyone who loves to doze off on their tum. It won't leave your neck and back kinked and sore and will wick away any night sweats, too.

    a person sleeping on their stomach with the pillow under their head

    10. A bottle of Matrix styling treatment that'll solve all your hairiest problems (like tangles and dryness) while protecting your mane from hot tools. Reviewers say it's so effective, they've actually been skipping in-shower conditioner entirely.

    a bottle of the hair styling treatment next to hot rollers and a hair clip

    11. A 2-in-1 MagSafe charging dock so you can keep your iPhone at the *perfect* angle while it's powering up. It's even fast charge-enabled and will protect your phone from overheating in the process (courtesy of a petite built-in fan).

    someone putting their phone on the 2-in-1 charging doc

    12. A minimalist travel mug so you can stay caffeinated during busy mornings. Thanks to the special snap-in splash guard, you won't have to stress about any droplets of java ruining your meeting attire.

    a person snapping in the splash guard

    13. A funky ceramic vase that'll give all your freshly-cut fleurs a swanky new home. Reviewers say it's big enough to hold up to 10 stems, so you can really go ham with your arrangements.

    The vase with a plant clipping inside

    14. An exfoliating foot peel mask because though your sandals may be cute, they're wreaking serious havoc on your stompers. Reviewers say just one application is enough to transform their feet, so you won't have to take frequent trips to the salon (or spend all your $$$ on pedis).

    15. A pack of antiperspirant wipes if you're tired of sweating through all your clothes. Swipe one on whenever you feel like going dry and odour-free (one application can last for a whole week).

    a person using the wipes on their underarms

    16. A set of minimalist record shelves so you can keep your vinyl copies of Harry's House and Renaissance on display for all to see. Reviewers love that they still have easy access to their LPs, which means you won't have to choose between listening to and showing off your collection.

    a gallery wall of various records

    17. A pair of connected bracelets that'll help you literally keep in touch with your long-distance sweetie. A gentle tap on yours will make theirs light up, letting them know you've got them on your mind.

    a pair of people holding hands while wearing the paired bracelets

    18. And finally, a 15-piece set of makeup brushes that'll give you all the tools you'll need to create a flawless look. Reviewers love how dense and soft the bristles are and say they don't shed (even after a good scrubbin').

    a flatlay of the neon coloured makeup brushes

    I think it's time I treat myself.

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