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    23 Things That'll Help You DIY The Crap Out Of Everything

    If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

    1. This notebook set that contains over 100 different cocktail recipes that are so delicious, you'll forget all about your local watering hole. Each individual booklet focuses on a particular boozy base, which makes it super easy to find the right recipe to satisfy your craving. BRB while I go make myself an Old Fashioned.

    2. A mini LED lamp that'll cure gel polishes and help you give yourself salon-quality manicures without ever leaving the house. This USB-powered macaron might be small, but it's mighty — you'll have flawless, glossy claws in moments.

    3. This make-your-own root beer kit, so you can finally indulge in soda without stressing about how many secret ingredients might be lurking within. The kit includes everything you need, so you don't need to raid the pantry or make a trip to the grocery store for special ingredients.

    4. This cross-stitching kit that might spark a new hobby. Sure, it comes with designs and instructions, but don't limit yourself! Once you get the hang of the basics, go ahead and experiment with different colours, textures, and images.

    5. This battery-powered pore vacuum that'll suck all the gunk right out of your epidermis — no facial needed. Tackle pesky blackheads or goopy build-up with ease, and emerge from the treatment with a glowing, detoxed complexion.

    6. A jewelry-making kit that'll help you make custom monogram bling. Maybe you've been looking for a new creative outlet, or maybe you were the kid who never found their name on those pre-made magnets — now is your time to shine.

    7. This neat veggie ricer, so you can save money on the store-bought stuff and just make it yourself at home. It couldn't be any easier — the mechanism is designed to make short work of broccoli and cauliflower, without getting those annoying crumbs all over your counter. And when you're done, just throw it in the dishwasher!

    8. This foot peeling mask that'll (almost) make you want to break up with your pedicurist. Soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes, then slip these sock-like contraptions on your stompers. Any gross, dry skin will begin to shed in a few days and you'll be left with sandal-ready feet.

    9. This unicorn cake-making set, if the thought of baking plain ol' bread bores you to tears. You'll get a handy silicone mould (so you know you'll get the shape just right), along with frosting bottles with four different tips — so go ahead and get creative!

    10. This neat pickling set, so you can turn boring, ordinary veggies into delicious, briny snacks. Each set includes pressing discs, valve lids, and tongs — it's basically foolproof! Just make sure to sterilize the glass containers beforehand.

    11. A chocolate bar maker that'll make it easier than ever to satisfy your sweet tooth. The soft silicone mould will keep the chocolate from sticking, and makes it easier to remove your creation. Then, just wrap your treat in the included gold foil, and create a custom label. Or just eat it straight from the mould — we won't judge!

    12. A facial cupping set that comes with a little bottle of jojoba oil, and will give you spa-quality results (without spa-quality prices). Cupping is said to help with lymphatic drainage —goodbye, puffiness! And because it brings blood to the surface of the skin, it increases circulation and helps skin look and feel it's very best.

    13. This gin-making kit that has so many ingredients, recipes, and accessories, you'll feel like a mad scientist. Plus, gin. Now boring old gin and tonics will feel like a custom, high-end bar experience!

    14. These rose gold tweezers that will help you keep your brows in check yourself. The precision tip means no hair will escape your attention! Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, too — this baby will scoop 'em right out.

    15. A ceramic sprouter, so you can have tiny, crunchy seedlings to add to your meals (without shelling out the big $$ to get them from your grocery store). The sprouter has three elements — a water dish, the seed container, and a lid — but you can always add on more seed containers if you're looking to germinate more than one kind of sprout.

    16. A mini heat styling brush, so you can give yourself the blowout of your dreams without stepping foot in a hair salon. It's made of durable ceramic to help give you frizz-free results, and the cool-touch tips prevent any boo-boos from occurring.

    17. These reusable nutmilk bags that'll help you press your own almond, cashew, or oat milk — right in your own kitchen. Some reviewers even use them to make tea! The super-fine mesh won't allow any clumps or bits to slip through, either.

    18. Or you can use this nut milk maker if you're a bit more impatient. Soak your fave nuts or oats, then blend 'em up in the container — there's a handy plunger top that presses down on the mixture, and filters out all the larger pieces. Then simply store what's left over (if there even is any!) in the second container!

    19. This pot press, so you can make biodegradable plant pots right in your own kitchen. All you'll need is a bit of old newspaper, and you're off on your horticultural journey.

    20. This rustic stoneware tagine, so you can whip up some (nearly) authentic Moroccan chicken yourself, instead of reading for your food delivery app. The shape of the dish is specially designed to infuse protein and veggies with rich, slow-cooked flavour, so you'll get amazing results every time.

    21. This blackhead removal kit, so you can play Dr. PimplePopper at home. The double-ended loop extractor is perfect for eliminating persistent blackheads, while the curved tweezer extractor makes short work of cystic acne and annoying under-the-skin pimples.

    22. A compact fix-it kit that will help you stay on top of any small repairs around the house. It comes with all the bits and bobs you'd need to fix broken suitcase handles, unstick a wonky zipper, or precisely measure where you need to hang a nail.

    23. And lastly, this sleek compost bin, so you can get rid of all your miscellaneous kitchen scraps in a clean, green way. It's carbon-filtered, so you can transform your organic trash without releasing heinous odours into your home. And if that's not enough, it's 100% biodegradable, too!

    Let's get it done!

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