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Just 20 Cute Dogs Who Are Ready For The Fall Season

Great style is universal.

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1. This cute little doxie who's been waiting all year for sweater weather.

a weiner dog wearing an argyle sweater and matching bow tie

2. This whiskered guy who won't let a few autumn raindrops ruin his day.

small dog wearing a raincoat and matching hat

3. This bespectacled pooch who takes back-to-school style very seriously.

serious-looking dog wearing round glasses and a knit sweater

4. This pair of pals who made sure to coordinate their costumes this year.

a pair of dogs dressed in ghost costumes for Halloween

5. A sweet lil' Chihuahua who wants you to know it's called fashion, dahling. Look it up.

tiny Chihuahua dressed in a frog outfit

6. This bashful guy who's rocking the absolute heck out of those dungarees.

dachshund in denim dungarees

7. This elegant Doberman who understands the power of a great colour combo.

a majestic Doberman wearing a coordinated coat and hat in contrasting colours

8. A sweet shepherd who's about five seconds away from stealing your girl.

A winking dog wearing a fedora

9. This terrific terrier who's waiting patiently for his pumpkin spiced latte.

a squinting terrier wearing an oversize scarf

10. This showstopping poodle who thinks minimalism is this year's worst trend.

A brightly coloured and perfectly groomed poodle

11. This hipster pup who rocked beanies before it was cool, guys.

A dog wearing a beanie

12. A couple of collared fellas who can't wait to go apple picking.

pair of small dogs wearing matching collared shirts

13. This eager pup who's already counting down the days to Thanksgiving.

A Boston terrier wearing a funny turkey hat

14. A dalmatian diva who wishes the pup-arazzi would just leave her alone.

dalmatian wearing sunglasses and a head scarf

15. This sweet pupper who definitely wants you to, like, snap some cute pics of her at brunch.

small dog sitting on the couch with winter hat and scarf on

16. A cloaked pooch who's been waiting for Halloween since Nov. 1 (of last year).

Brussels griffon wearing devil cloak

17. This miniature-style maven who knows that a great jean jacket is fall's hottest accessory.

A tiny Chihuaha in a trendy denim vest with lambskin collar.

18. This adorable doggo who will be rocking that loungewear 'til the end of time.

a fluffy dog wearing a hoodie

19. A party-loving Pomeranian who's always down for a good time.

Pomeranian dog in flamingo sunglasses and a wig.

20. These chilly pals who are more than ready for some fall weather.

a pair of Chihauhaus wearing winter coats

Love these stylish pups? Know any fashionable doggos yourself? Sound off in the comments below!

All images from Getty unless otherwise stated.

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