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    24 Really Cool 'n' Useful Things That Have Me Totally Re-Thinking My Budget This Week

    Excuse me, I simply must have that inflatable lounger.

    1. A Whoopee cushion bookmark because I think it's about time we admit that farts are always funny. Not in the mood to for a giggle? That's fine, just let out the air and use it like a ~tradish~ bookmark instead.

    a whoopee cushion bookmark inside an open book

    2. A copy of As Cooked On TikTok so you can finally try your hand at those recipes you've been seeing all over #cooktok. Each one has been streamlined for home cooks, and they even have QR codes you can scan that'll take you right to the video recipes (because some of us are visual learners).

    the cover of as cooked on tiktok

    3. A set of silicone AirPods Max covers if you've just forked over major dough to get a pair and wanna keep them looking 💯. Reviewers love that they can still access all the buttons and controls (plus, they're designed to colour-match with the different shades of headphones).

    a person wearing their airpods max with the silicone covers on them

    4. A fingerprint luggage lock if remembering passcodes is definitely not your strong suit. It can store up to five fingerprints, so your partner or travel buddy won't need your digit when they've gotta grab something out of your carry-on bag.

    a person using their fingerprint to open the padlock

    5. An inflatable Fatboy lounger you can pop up whenever (and wherever) you need extra seating. Filling it up only takes a quick swish through the air, so you won't even need to drag out your pump.

    a person getting sprayed with water guns while lounging on the inflatable lounger

    6. A space-saving set of essential kitchen tools if you're tight on drawer real estate. Reviewers say they also make a great addition to their camping kitchen setup.

    a flatlay of the various pieces of kitchen tools

    7. A tube of Tower 28 JuiceBalm if you just can't choose between a balm and a lipstick. You'll get a serious dose of moisture from marula oil and shea butter, plus a hint of tint that'll make your smoocher look 💯.

    a person holding a tube of tower 28 lip balm between their teeth

    8. A compact trash can that'll fit right into your car's cupholders (even the weird one in the door). Thanks to the flip-top lid, your passengers won't accidentally get a peek at all your garbage when you're en route to your destination.

    someone lifting the lid on the petite car trash can

    9. A bottle of Rain-X shower cleaner that'll dissolve soap scum and hard water stains (and keep 'em away, too). Reviewers love that it doesn't require constant re-application, either — one treatment can last for weeks.

    10. A top-entry litterbox that'll make it harder for your catto to flick crap all over your house (no matter how hard they try). The grooves on the lid will catch stray bits of sand and help keep your kitten's paws clean after they're done doing their biz.

    a cat emerging from the top of the top entry litterbox

    11. A teeny-weeny rollerball facial blotter you can easily tuck in your smallest clutch for de-greasing on the go. It's even got a protective cap to keep it from getting gunked up.

    12. A reusable colour spectrum wall calendar if you need tons of space to jot down all the events on your social calendar. You can arrange them side by side or use them individually if you're short on wall space.

    a set of colour spectrum calendar poster pages on a wall

    13. A quilted cropped jacket if your outerwear game leaves a little to be desired. Its relaxed silhouette makes it *chef's kiss* for layering in winter, but once spring showers hit, this baby will keep you comfy 'n' dry, too (TY, water-repellant fabric).

    a person wearing a quilted cropped bomber jacket

    14. An adjustable travel pillow if you're tired of getting cricks in your neck the second you leave home. And when you're ready to hit the road again, slip this bb into it's compressible waterproof sac to save yourself some room in your luggage.

    15. A Mejuri x Vitruvi essential oil blend that'll make your place smell more like geranium, vanilla, and bergamot and less like last night's dinner. A few drops into your diffuser is all you'll need!

    a person holding up a bottle of the vitruvi essential oil blend

    16. A glow-in-the-dark emergency tool if you love to be prepared for any worst-case scenario. The tungsten tip is just the ticket for smashing a window, and it has a seatbelt cutter built right into the handle.

    17. A bottle of innisfree hyaluronic acid serum that reviewers say packs one heck of a hydrating punch. It's not only more moisturizing than more expensive serums, but it's also non-sticky, fast-absorbing, and leaves skin dewy and glowing (what's not to love?).

    a person holding the serum up to their smiling face

    18. A tabletop s'mores kit if you're craving an ooey-gooey dessert without all the muss and fuss of a full-on campfire. The flameless heater will toast all your various ~accoutrements~ (without accidentally starting a mini fire in your living room).

    a tabletop smores kit with marshmallows, chocolate, and cookies arranged around the outside

    19. A pair of salt 'n' pepper shakers if it's #spookyszn in your heart (and your home) all year 'round.

    a person holding the ghost shaped salt and pepper set

    20. A set of nesting funnels because pouring liquids into narrow-necked containers is both incredibly difficult and sooo annoying. You'll even get a removable filter to help you strain out any bits you don't like the look of.

    a top down view of the nesting funnel set with a removable filter

    21. A pair of reusable undereye patches that'll keep your eye creams 'n' serums from evaporating before they're done working their magic. They're easy to rinse clean and come with a travel case, too.

    a person applying one of the reusable undereye patches

    22. A bottle of vegan OPI nail polish that's packed with so many conditioning ingredients, it'll be like giving your talons a spa treatment. Reviewers love that it dries fast, lasts basically forever, and doesn't leave their nail beds yellowed.

    a person holding up a bottle of the opi vegan nail polish

    23. A Hatch Restore sleep machine that's loaded with features to help improve your quality of sleep. You'll be able to unwind with sunset lighting, stay asleep with soothing white noise, and wake up to a sweet lil' sunrise (which means it's time to kiss your janky old alarm clock goodbye).

    the hatch nightlight and sound machine on a nightstand

    24. And lastly, a modular organizer that you can stack up when you need some extra space. Its two drawers will give you plenty of room for things like office supplies or beauty goodies, but you could always use it as a nightstand or for storage in your closet, too.

    Not me treating myself again:

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