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    35 Things That'll Make You Say, "They Made A Gadget For That?"

    You're welcome.

    1. This yolk separator that'll easily gulp up egg yolks, while leaving the whites untouched. Squeeze the soft silicone cheeks, bring the mouth to the yolk, and release — easy peasy!

    2. An eyeglass repair kit that's small enough to keep on your person at all times, so you're never faced with an eyewear-related emergency ever again. Those of us who wear glasses know the pain of losing one of those teeny, tiny screws, and realizing it'll cost you a trip to the optometrist.

    3. This aluminum egg topper and cracker that'll make Sunday morning brunch a lot less messy. It's pretty easy to use, too — pop the metal top onto your egg, pull the handle, and then nudge the shell with a sharp utensil. The eggshell cap will come right off!

    4. A salt grater, so you can have precise control over the amount of sodium you put in your food. Plus, who doesn't love a little pageantry with their meal?

    5. A universal shower filter with over 3,000 reviews that drastically reduces the amount of chlorine, bad smells, and gunk that can sometimes be present in our tap water. The multi-stage filter can be installed in as little as two minutes without any tools!

    6. These herb-saving pods that'll keep them looking fresh and feelin' fine for up to three weeks. The protective casing acts as a buffer, so they're not battered around by all the things in your fridge, while the transparent front allows you to see exactly what's inside.

    7. This mild, non-stinging mouth wash that won't burn or make your eyes water. The natural and vegan formula is hard on bad breath, but easy on your mouth. Reviewers say it's super effective against stubborn food odours (like onion), and has even helped combat tonsil stones!

    8. This clothespin clip light that attaches to the edge of your fave novel, and delivers light precisely where you need it. The compact size makes it ideal for travelling or commuting, too.

    9. These gel heel liners from Dr. Scholl's that are basically a miracle blister-prevention tool for anyone with feet (aka everyone). They attach to the back of your shoes, preventing your heel from rubbing against abrasive threading or sharp edges. And the glue is fabric safe, too, so you won't ruin your favourite footwear in the process.

    10. A pet bathing tool that'll make your pupper's bathtime a lot less stressful (for both you AND your pet). Your doggo will think you're petting them, but IN REALITY, you'll be giving them a thorough scrubbin'.

    11. This cast iron garlic roaster that'll help take the guesswork out of making these little golden nuggets. It even comes with a silicone squeezer to help extract them— goodbye, scorched fingertips!

    12. This flexible drain millipede that will help you snake a clogged drain with ease. The 4,000 micro-hooks will snag any gunk before it causes unfortunate plumbing problems. And with an extendable length of up to 18 inches, it'll wind around any bends and curves with ease.

    13. This miraculous cleaning goo that'll suck up all the dust and crumbs from between the buttons on your keyboard. The slightly tacky and biodegradable material is lightly scented with lemon, and won't irritate skin.

    14. A salad chopper and bowl that can cut through cheese, veggies, fruit, and lettuce, so you can craft the perfect healthy meal with ease. Reviewers say it's a must-have if you're trying to eat more greens.

    15. A shaving apron that attaches to any bathroom mirror and catches all beard shrapnel before it coats your entire bathroom. You'll never have to pick all the little hairs from your countertop again.

    16. This sandwich maker that's a one-stop shop for breakfast. It can replace several frying pans AND a toaster, minimizing mess and clean-up.

    17. This HAUS Laboratories Eye Armour kit that comes with undetectable wingtip stickers that'll help you achieve that coveted crisp, winged eyeliner in mere seconds. You'll be able to spend less time getting ready and more time doing literally anything else (like sleeping in).

    18. This handy little sock organizer that's about to change your life, because you will NEVER👏LOSE👏A SOCK👏AGAIN. Just slip the dirty socks into the SockDock, throw it in the wash, and revel in your newfound organization.

    19. This genius blade-cleaning brush that's specially designed to make washing cutlery and knives easy-peasy, while storing neatly on the edge of the sink or soap storage container.

    20. This cute Chilly Mama fridge and freezer odour absorber that's just the ticket to give your fridge a much-needed refresh. Look at her disappointed face. She can't believe you didn't take her home sooner.

    21. This electric brush cleaner and dryer that'll help you say goodbye to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    22. These tiny herb shears are a game-changer. Their ergonomic design makes them really user friendly, and the spring-action hinge automatically opens after each cut to reduce hand strain.

    23. These cut-resistant gloves that are basically like kitchen armour. They'll protect hands from mandolines, peelers, graters, and every other knife or blade.

    24. This 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll prevent any avocado-related injuries the next time you're making brunch. The patented pit remover, serrated blade, and plastic slicer make easy work of this superfood and millennial fave.

    25. These Conair heated beauty mitts that'll help you combat dry, frazzled winter skin. Swipe on some of your favourite cream, wrap your hands in plastic wrap, and pop them into the mitts. The thermal treatment opens up pores, and allows the hand cream to sink deeper into your skin.

    26. A Breville smoking gun that will infuse your culinary creations with a hint of smoke (without all the trouble of actually smoking it). You can choose between applewood and hickory chips to add flavour to anything from popcorn to ice cream!

    27. A pair of beer chilling sticks that will cool your beer down from the inside. Don't worry about accidentally choking on them, either. They're equipped with an airtight seal, so you can chill your beer and drink it, too.

    28. This one-handed spice grinder that's equipped with a powerful ceramic grinder to make short work of all spices (even salt!). Reviewers say it's super easy to fill AND clean, too.

    29. A set of reusable toaster bags that'll be your best ally in the fight against gooey cheese. Slip your grilled cheese sandwich into the bag, pop it in the toaster, and enjoy! No messy clean-up.

    30. A banana slicer that'll dice your favourite potassium-rich fruit into perfect slices in one swift movement. Reviewers love that it's kid friendly and easy to clean.

    31. This egg cooker with over 20,000 reviews that'll easily cook up poached, scrambled, or boiled eggs in mere moments. The handy auto-off feature prevents overcooking, so you can focus on other things while your breakfast cooks.

    32. A pocket-sized espresso maker that makes brewing a hot, delicious cup of espresso easy, peasy, coffee squeezy. It's designed to be completely portable — and you don't need any electricity or batteries, either.

    33. This DIY fermentation crock that'll help you create delicious fermented goods right at home. It's ridiculously easy to use, too: Just pop the veggies in the crock, pour in the brine, affix the lid, and leave to ferment.

    34. This award-winning watch that's specially designed for the visually impaired, but is also a super sleek accessory that anyone would love to wear. Taking inspiration from Braille, the face has raised elements to detect time plus two magnetically attached ball bearings that move to denote minutes and hours.

    35. And lastly, this magical water purifier pod for pets that absorbs impurities and eliminates odours from any water source. Use it when you're out and about and your fur baby is thirsty as heck. One pod is all you need to remove lead, arsenic, chloride, and fluoride from your pet's water dish for up to six months!

    Truly amazing!