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    19 Things That'll Help You Live Your Most Comfortable Life

    This will be life-changing.

    1. I know summer JUST ended, but these double-layered thermal socks are an ideal choice for the impending snowmageddon.

    2. This fluffy shag rug will transform even the most terrible rental apartment floor into a nest of comfort and relaxation.

    3. This large bath pillow with neck and shoulder supports to give you the ultimate ~spa experience~.

    4. A 100% cotton weighted blanket, designed to help relieve anxiety — it'll be the only weight on your shoulders you actually LOVE.

    5. The easy-to-install ecobee3 smart thermostat that can save you up to 23% on heating and cooling costs. And it works with any Alexa device, too, so you can remain comfortably tucked under your warm duvet while the ecobee heats up the room.

    6. A lavender-scented comfort wrap to ease aches and pains of all kinds that can be used hot or cold.

    7. A pair of orthotic inserts to cradle your poor tootsies while you're running around doing errands. Because adulthood is hard, you guys.

    8. A classic Hanes sweatshirt made with recycled plastic water bottles, so you can rest easy knowing you're caring for the earth while also being comfy as heck.

    9. A raw silk scrunchie, so you can say goodbye to uncomfortably tight elastics and snagged hair.

    10. This best-selling memory foam seat cushion that'll get right to the bottom of any discomfort.

    11. Fall is here! What better way to celebrate, than with this oversized scarf, perfect for just about every occasion.

    12. Sometimes comfort is complete silence, and these best-selling noise-cancelling headphones are here to provide some much-needed quiet time.

    13. A pair of super soft two-ply cashmere joggers, because you and your butt deserve this.

    14. Your shoes may be stunning, but now they hurt your feet. Enter the heel cushion insole, specially designed to protect your heels from blisters, calluses, and pain from any kind of shoe.

    15. This sherpa fleece throw blanket that you can use while snuggling on your couch, laying in bed, or just about anywhere you want a dose of the coze.

    16. We can credit Wrangler with bringing denim to the people, so you know these Comfort Flex jeans are legit.

    17. A pack of hydrocolloid bandages for heels, specially formulated to cushion painful blisters while also helping them heal faster.

    18. Say goodbye to fickle office temperatures with this Honeywell TurboForce Power Air Circulator.

    19. And a pair of memory foam slippers, so you can forget the stresses of the day.

    You, getting ready to enjoy your new ~Comfy Lifestyle~: