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    21 Things For Anyone Who Just Really Loves Candles

    Set the mood, eliminate unpleasant smells, and prove to your mom that you've got your life together.

    1. A super-cute maple syrup-scented candle guaranteed to give you all the fall feels. Bonus: it comes packaged in a vintage-inspired maple syrup tin.

    2. These large soy geranium-scented candles in reusable jars. They have a 35-hour burn time, and customers love the natural, odour-eliminating scent.

    3. A set of moody antique-style resin candleholders that you can use for any #spookyszn gatherings now, and to add a little drama to your dining table later.

    4. This cult-fave Yankee Candle in Balsam & Cedar, the ideal way of keeping the holiday season in your heart all year long. Made of 100% paraffin, you'll get a nice clean burn with over 110 hours of burn time.

    5. A pack of handmade hypoallergenic unscented candles, because sometimes you just want the ambiance without the smell.

    6. This wonky beeswax horizontal spiral candle that's the perfect conversation starter. It will have all your friends asking, "Where did you get that?!"

    7. A non-toxic odour-eliminating soy candle, specially formulated for pet owners and loved by customers for its super-human odour-busting formula.

    8. A set of three candle accessories so you can keep all your beautiful candles in tip-top shape. It comes with a wick dipper, trimmer, and a snuffer neatly contained in their own carrying case, so you never have to be without this handy little toolkit.

    9. Pre-waxed candle wicks so you can make the candle of your dreams — and since these wicks are smoke-free, you don't have to worry about any nasty snooty surprises.

    10. A set of dripless taper candles in just about every colour in the rainbow, so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

    11. This Mark Twain candle from Paddywax's Library Collection, perfect for all the literary geeks out there.

    12. A pack of battery-operated flameless candles. Each tealight fits in any standard votive or tealight holder, and creates a realistic flame-like flicker, so you can have all mood and no danger. Just a simple flick of the on switch, and you're set!

    13. A classic Zippo lighter so you can channel Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs and look cool as heck while doing it.

    14. A good old-fashioned citronella travel candle to keep all the pesky bugs away when you're just trying to enjoy the last few seconds of summer.

    15. Floating tea light candles that will take your home decor game to the next level. Each one burns for 4-5 hours, which is just enough time to impress your dinner guests. Did you hire a designer? No, you just have excellent taste.

    16. This best-selling scented candle with soothing notes of lavender, chamomile, and clary sage with just a touch of cedarwood. Beloved by customers for its luxurious smell, it comes in three sizes (medium, large, and coffee table), making it a perfect fit for any room in your home.

    17. A pack of stormproof matches with extended length so you can light your favourite candle wherever you are. Take that, lousy weather!

    18. A crackling-fire scented candle with a wooden wick so you can at least pretend you're snuggled up by a fireplace in the countryside — even if you're stuck in the city.

    19. A one-and-done set of unscented votive candles in clear glass, great as emergency ambiance for those unexpected guests. They're also perfect as a wedding or party favour, or for those with sensitive noses.

    20. A set of three black pillar candles for those who want their decor to match the colour of their soul.

    21. A beginner's candle-making kit perfect for when you just want to experiment. Each kit comes with enough wax, wicks, and essential oils to make three candles, perfect as a gift or to test out a new hobby.

    Time to get lit!