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    19 Items That'll Make Your Bad Habits A Thing Of The Past

    There's no better time to start than right👏this👏second👏.

    1. I see you, nail biters! And I'm here to tell you that this nail biting deterrent is gross and will make you never want to put your nails anywhere near your mouth ever again.

    2. Save yourself from wondering, "Did I feed the dog?" every day with this Did You Feed the Dog? magnet. With the flick of a tab, you'll be able to keep track of when your fur baby eats (and make sure you never forget again).

    3. Most of us are guilty of fidgeting. Whether you're tired, or anxious, or bored, this Infinity Cube fidget toy is a really cool mini gadget to have on-hand when the fidget mood strikes.

    4. Don't wait for the new year to get organized with this daily calendar and gratitude journal. It's undated, so you can literally start right this minute (no procrastinating)! It has neatly organized pages so you can prioritize, schedule tasks, review your progress at the end of the day, and set long-term goals.

    5. Sleeping in your makeup is bad, you guys, so snag yourself these microfibre face cloths that promise to remove all your makeup without the use of any chemicals or synthetic removers — just add water! There is literally no reason you shouldn't be washing your face before bed.

    6. Start meal prepping and stop ordering takeout with this mini food processor that is just as good chopping up some salsa fresca as it is whipping up silky hummus.

    7. Stop fiddling with your hair by tying it up with one of these pretty silk scrunchies. They're durable and strong, minimize breakage, and are suitable for any hair type — plus they look just as cute wrapped around your wrist so you never have to worry about being without a hair tie!

    8. This handy little sock organizer is about to change your life, because you will NEVER👏LOSE👏A SOCK👏AGAIN. Just slip the dirty socks into the SockDock, throw it in the wash, and revel in your newfound organization.

    9. This wake-up light alarm clock with over 1,000 five-star reviews that will help you wake up rested and on time (for once) by using sunrise simulation and fading night light.

    10. Stop picking at your blemishes with these bestselling acne-absorbing patches that will literally suck all the crap out of your skin.

    11. Never worry about forgetting to turn off a bedroom or bathroom light again with this smart light switch. Not only can you control it from anywhere using your smartphone, but is also voice-command-enabled for supported devices.

    12. Folding laundry is just 🤮, but you can make it 😃 with this shirt folding board that is the greatest innovation in the industry since the washing machine. Yeah. I said it.

    13. Grinding your teeth is not only annoying, but can also be incredibly damaging to your enamel, so get yourself (or someone you love) this bestselling mouth guard. You only get one set of teeth, so take care of them!

    14. Ditch the plastic wrap and try these beeswax storage wraps. They're all natural, absorb odours, and can help prolong the freshness of your food! Plus they'll last you over a year.

    15. It may have been okay to wear wrinkly clothes in high school, but rocking a crinkled 'fit to the office is not a cute look. So snag this bestselling powerful handheld steamer, and never look like a rumply paper bag ever again.

    16. This little piggy bank may not be able to manage your portfolio, but it will definitely help you manage all that change you've got rattling around in your wallet. At the end of the month, you'll be surprised at how much money you've collected!

    17. If writing thank-you notes fills you with anxiety and dread and you've been avoiding it forever, get a box of these stylish metallic and glitter thank-you cards that will do it for you. You've reached adulthood now.

    18. If you're always losing your keys, your wallet, your phone, your headphones, or even your shoes, get a Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker and break your bad habit once and for all. It's a lot more efficient (and less embarrassing) than calling the bar the next day to ask about a lost credit card.

    19. And lastly, satisfy your snack cravings (and keep from raiding your pantry) with these whole food protein bars that perfectly combine clean ingredients with binge-worthy flavours to help break those bad snacking habits.

    You, after breaking every single bad habit: