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    27 Things That Are So Useful, You'll Want To Write A Thank You Note To Whoever Invented Them

    "Hey, this is genius!" — me @ this list.

    1. A pack of eco-friendly detergent strips that are as gentle on skin as they are on the planet. Since you only need one strip per load of laundry, you won't need to mess around with spill-y liquid detergents ever again.

    A person holding a packet of the detergent strips against a background of clean towels

    2. This eyeglass-cleaning gizmo that'll help you ditch sprays and wipes for good. The carbon-based cleaning pad won't leave smudges or streaks (or any stinky alcohol residue).

    3. A lint brush with an attached receptacle that'll collect and trap your pet's furry shrapnel. It's reusable, too, which means you won't need to spend money on refills.

    4. This cuticle remover that'll dissolve dry skin and leave your nail beds looking (and feeling) their best. Reviewers say it's so effective, you can safely ditch cuticle pushers and scissors.

    Someone pulling a bottle of the cuticle remover from a straw handbag

    5. An extendable shoe rack that's basically guaranteed to fit into your closet. The dual-tiered design will help you make the most of vertical space and can hold over 10 pairs of footwear.

    An expandable shoe rack topped with three pairs of shoes

    6. A cute tabletop vacuum that'll suck up dust and crumbs like nobody's business. It's perfect for tiny messes, and its small size means it can easily tuck in where larger vacuums just can't go (like around your appliances).

    A person using the tiny vacuum to clean up spilled spices

    7. An all-natural multipurpose cleaner that'll dissolve kitchen grime, refresh your bathroom, and clean up pet messes with just a few spritzes. It's infused with the herbaceous scent of basil, so you'll be hard-pressed to not spray it all over your entire house.

    A flatlay of the multi surface cleaner on a wooden and marble surface

    8. A lint remover that'll de-pill your fave sweater, without damaging the fibres. It's completely manual and has a built-in lint brush, so you can keep all your fabrics clean and smooth.

    9. A tiny knife sharpener that'll sharpen all your blades in just a few strokes. It even works on serrated blades (though micro-serrated knives should still be sharpened professionally).

    A close up of someone sharpening a knife on the tiny sharpener

    10. This Bluetooth computer mouse that'll adjust to the curve of your hand, so your wrist will stay pain free while you're working. Once you're done, just snap it flat and tuck it into your laptop bag!

    11. This dual-ended bikini trimmer that'll help you keep your pubes in check. One end is equipped with an electric trimmer that'll help you shape and sculpt, while the razor end can transform your carpet into a hardwood floor *wink wink*.

    A flatlay of the dual-ended bikini trimmer

    12. A smart skipping rope that'll track your exercises while you're jumping. It'll automatically power up the moment you start, so you can focus on hitting those fitness goals (and not on your gadgets).

    13. This absorbent drying mat that'll help you ditch the dishcloth. The plush microfibre will prevent water from spilling all over your counter, while the adjustable dish rack makes it easy to drain dinner plates and cookware.

    14. A toilet squeegee that'll help you scrub every inch of your porcelain throne (without spraying water everywhere like a regular toilet brush). The flexible silicone pad will cling to every curve, so you can spend less time cleaning.

    15. A pair of slouchy joggers made of eucalyptus fibres that'll help you lounge in style. Thanks to their tapered legs and ultra-deep pockets, you won't even mind wearing them while running errands.

    16. This compact egg slicer that'll keep your oeufs from crumbling the next time you're building a sandwich. It's equipped with stainless steel wires that'll cut neatly, instead of just compressing everything into a mushy mess.

    17. A curved shower rod that'll keep your curtains from clinging to your legs during your morning ablutions. It's also a quick 'n' cheap way to expand your shower space!

    A close up of a curved shower rod with a curtain hung on it

    18. This rubber stopper that'll snag loose strands and keep them from clogging your drain. With a single press of the top button, it'll turn into a regular plug. Simply press again to open the top and take advantage of its hair-catching abilities.

    19. A menstrual cup steamer that'll kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria, without using any chemicals. In just three minutes, your cup will be clean as a whistle and ready for reinsertion.

    The menstrual cup steamer on a bathroom vanity, surrounded by towels and a soap dispenser

    20. An overnight dry shampoo that'll absorb sweat, dirt, and oil while you're snoozin'. By spritzing it on before bedtime, you'll allow the activated charcoal and natural powders to absorb into your mane, so you'll wake up with fresher locks (no rubbing or brushing necessary).

    A person holding up a bottle of dry shampoo towards the camera

    21. A pocket-size bag sealer that'll keep your favourite snacks from getting stale. It also has a built-in cutting tool that'll help you get to those salty pretzels in a flash.

    A close up of someone using the sealer to re-seal a bag of chips

    22. This compact spice rack that'll make it easy to find your seasonings when you're whipping up a meal. Its slim design means it'll easily tuck into any drawer, while still keeping all your spices on display.

    Someone removing a bottle of spices from the angled spice rack

    23. A soap-dispensing dish scrubber that'll help you tackle post-meal cleanup, without juggling bottles and sponges. The rippled pad easily sloughs away baked-in gunk, but is still gentle enough for non-stick cookware and delicate utensils.

    A person using the scrubber to clean a dirty frying pan

    24. This car organizer that'll help you make sense of your chaotic back seats. It takes up zero floor space, so passengers, groceries, and pets will still have plenty of room.

    25. A tube of anti-chafe gel that'll protect your sack from sweat and itchiness. Forget about messy talc powder and baby powder — this gel goes on smooth as heck, dries down fast, and won't leave a residue on your underwear.

    Five tubes of anti-chafe gel neatly arranged on a vanity shelf

    26. A dish towel rack that'll slip over your cabinets and keep your kitchen linens out of sight (and out of mind). It has a non-slip foam coating that'll protect your cupboards from dings and scratches, too.

    A tea towel hung on the rack that's mounted over a cabinet door

    27. And lastly, an adjustable vanity mirror that'll help you see what's what when you're applying makeup (or just tweezing errant brow hairs). Reviewers love that it's USB rechargeable, meaning they don't have to hunt for a plug when they're in a rush.

    A person applying mascara in the lit-up vanity mirror

    Doth mine eyes deceive??🧐

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