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    25 Unusual Valentine's Day Gifts That Are So Great, You'll Wanna Keep Them For Yourself

    Leaving hearts and candies behind in 2021.

    1. A pair of concrete robots that'll immortalize your love for your partner. Each piece is handmade, making it a perfect bespoke gift for your special person.

    A pair of concrete Lego-shaped people next to a concrete heart

    2. A transparent song plaque that'll commemorate a meaningful tune (or just serve as a reminder of the time you guys did the chicken dance in the kitchen at 3 a.m).

    A semi transparent plaque that's printed with a Spotify song page

    3. The Atlas of Improbable Places: A Journey to the World's Most Unusual Corners that details the most bizarre places in the world. From the secret tunnels dug for espionage throughout Europe to ancient civilizations long since buried beneath lava, this atlas will take them places they've definitely never been before.

    A flatlay of the book on a large roadmap

    4. A booklet of coupons that'll help them get what they really want this Valentine's Day (like finally watching the show they love with them). Because it takes the guesswork out of gifting, you can rest easy knowing you won't be spending V-Day in the dog house.

    5. A custom Rick and Morty-style portrait, if your partner loves cartoons more than real life. It's basically guaranteed to make them LOL and they (probably) won't transform themselves into a pickle to get out of hanging out with you.

    A cartoon portrait of two people done in the style of Rick and Morty

    6. This ping pong set that'll transform their dining table into a full-on sports court. The net's adjustable, so it'll be a guaranteed perfect fit (and could even work on bar tops and coffee tables, too).

    Two people playing ping pong on a dining table

    7. A funny candle that'll commemorate the early days of your relationship. You'll be able to choose from over 40 different scents, so they'll actually want to light it (instead of letting it collect dust on their shelf).

    A jar candle with a label that says "thanks for not swiping left on me"

    8. A scratch-off map that'll come in handy when they're planning their next jet-set adventure. It's the easiest way for them to #humblebrag about their travels (or dream about new ones).

    A large map of the world on a wall, with several countries scratched off

    9. A punny planter that'll help you express your love for your partner, without getting all mushy. And yes, it comes with a tiny succulent or cactus (plus, instructions on how to care for it).

    A tiny cactus inside a concrete planter that says soilmate

    10. This Exploding Kittens expansion pack that'll be instantly recognizable to any avid boardgamers. Thanks to 20 powerful new cards, they'll be able to send in vampugs or a recon sloth to aid their efforts and claim the title of winner.

    A pair of people playing the expansion pack of exploding kittens

    11. A set of deliberately mismatched socks for the partner who's always losing theirs. They're designed to be mixed and matched, so go ahead and get them extra pairs (just in case).

    A pair of socks, one with lips and the other with winky eyes on them

    12. This pooch-shaped neck warmer that'll ease their sore, tired muscles and help them relax after a long day. It's filled with wheat berries, so they won't need to stress about water or gel leaking all over the place the next time they use it.

    13. A nameplate necklace that's inscribed with sign language symbols. If they're not big into nameplates, you could engrave a funny phrase or a special location instead.

    14. A pair of saucy boxers that'll spice up your Valentine's Day celebrations. They're basically the comfier version of lingerie (while still being edgy enough to keep the heat going).

    A pair of boxers with the words I licked it so it's mine screen printed on them

    15. This framed artwork that'll help you talk nerdy to your partner. Skip the chocolate-covered strawberries (yawn!) and go for something geek chic instead.

    A framed figurine of R2D2 with a caption, you are the droid I've been looking for

    16. An adorable ceramic mug that'll convey your love for your partner's posterior. They're sure to get a chuckle the next time they're sipping on their morning java!

    A mug with a graphic of a cartoon touching the other cartoon's butt with the words I just want to touch your butt all the time on it

    17. A romantic AF neon sign that'll serve as a cute reminder of your affections.

    A bright neon light that reads better together

    18. A set of chilling stones that'll cool down their drinks, without diluting them. These cute diamonds and dice are odour free, too, meaning they won't absorb any stink from their freezer.

    A cocktail and martini glass filled with the dice and diamond shaped chilling stones

    19. A handmade enamel pin that'll make your partner feel like a bonafide hottie. It's a cute way to remind them how attractive you find them, without getting all mushy.

    A person holding an hot sauce shaped enamel pin that says hot stuff

    20. This bottle of capsule letters that's the millennial equivalent of those little message hearts (and guys, it's just as cute). You can write your own messages on the tiny scrolls inside any of the 90 capsules, making it a really thoughtful bespoke gift.

    21. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, so they can whip up a fresh batch of Cauldron Cakes or even a Knickerbocker Glory (screw you, Dudley).

    A book on a surface that says The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

    22. This hilarious card game that'll encourage the use of some colourful language. Scientists say that people who swear have higher IQs, so this is a clear choice! You know, in the name of science.

    23. A pair of highball glasses that'll celebrate your magnetic attraction to your partner. Whether they're sipping on cocktails or just trying to stay hydrated, this set is one they'll love reaching for.

    A pair of glasses where one has a graphic of a stick person holding a magnet and the other shows a stick person being pulled by the magnet

    24. This minty lip balm will help save their lips from a flaky, peeling fate. It's saturated with yummy natural ingredients like coconut oil, honey, rosemary oil, and peppermint extract.

    A trio of skull-shaped lip balms on a bright background

    25. And lastly, this awesome gift for the partner who says they "wANt nOtHinG" for every👏single👏occasion👏. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the surprise on their face when they unwrap it!

    A person holding up a package that says "nothing"

    You @ your partner this February 14th:

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