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    27 Things You Should Definitely Get If You're Planning To Be Outside All Summer

    Summer's only around for a short time, y'all!

    1. A waterproof, floating phone pouch that'll save your favourite device from a watery grave. Reviewers say they can still use their touchscreens through it, making it a perfect addition to your next pool party.

    Several phones floating in a pool while safe inside the waterproof cases

    2. Or, this waterproof belt bag that'll protect your phone during outdoor adventures. It won't put any strain on your shoulders, and reviewers say it keeps their phone bone-dry (even if you accidentally drop it in the pool).

    A person wearing a transparent belt bag with their phone inside

    3. A tin of poison ivy ointment that'll relieve fiery irritation and itchiness in a flash. It's all natural and can be used to treat a whole slew of other ouchies, too (like bug bites, blisters, or run-ins with other poisonous plants).

    An open tin of poison ivy balm

    4. This lightweight anti-humidity spray that'll shield your strands from the sun's drying rays. The ultra-fine mist is heat activated and will keep your mane glossy, frizz free, and safe from UV damage for up to 24 hours.

    A flatlay of several bottles of the anti humidity spray

    5. This portable air cooler that'll help you beat the heat this summer. Reviewers say it's less gusty than traditional mini fans and love that it comes with a stand — perfect for keeping it on your desktop on sweltering days!

    6. An inflatable solar-powered lamp that'll power up during the day to illuminate your night-time hangouts. It's super lightweight, which means you can fasten it to a park bench, tent, or even to your backpack.

    A solar-powered lamp hanging in a tent

    7. This bug-repelling salve that won't irritate your skin with deet or other chemical additives. It's made of a blend of organic essential oils that'll make you smell fresh as a daisy while warding off pests.

    A person holding the bug repelling salve in their hands

    8. A pair of quick-drying water socks that'll protect your tootsies during your summer escapades. Reviewers say they form comfortably to the foot and advise going up half a size to get a nice snug fit.

    A trio of people laying by pool while wearing matching water socks

    9. A three-pronged power bank that'll keep your devices juiced up, even if you're nowhere near a plug. It can charge three devices simultaneously and has enough power to last for over 30 hours — you'll never want to leave home without it.

    A flatlay of a three-pronged charger powering up two devices at the same time

    10. An oversized picnic mat that won't take up every square inch of your house. It has attached straps (plus a few handy pockets), so it'll be super easy to carry to your next park hang.

    11. This thirst-quenching hair cream that'll rehydrate your mane after a day in the sun. It works as a quick treatment, or you can leave it on if your strands need a little more TLC.

    Victoria holding up a tube of the hair cream against a sunny backdrop

    12. A petite windproof umbrella that'll protect you from everything Mother Nature throws your way. It's equipped with flexible fibreglass ribs that'll bend and flex (instead of snapping) during gusty storms.

    A smiling person holding an umbrella; a cloud graphic is visible on the underside of the canopy

    13. An anti-chafe balm that'll prevent shoes, bras, and other clothing from rubbing against your body. It goes on smooth and dry and won't stain your clothes, so you can apply it wherever you need.

    Someone applying the balm to their inner thigh

    14. A bug-zapping racket you can use to obliterate pests at your next outdoor hang. It has a teeny light on the handle to lure mosquitos, flies, and other flying irritants to their doom.

    A person holding one of the electrified bug-zapping rackets

    15. Or a bug bite suction tool that'll suck out all the toxins if a few pests manage to sneak by your defenses. Since it doesn't rely on chemicals, oils, or other ingredients, it'll never irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions.

    A person uses the suction tool on a child's hand as they hang on the side of a pool

    16. One of these body deodorants that's designed to keep your dingleberries fresh, dry, and totally chafe free. It's less messy than talc or other powdery products and won't stain your pantaloons, either.

    Several tubes of the body deodorant on a bathroom vanity

    17. A packable straw hat that'll protect your face from harmful UV rays, while looking chic as heck. It has a concealed drawstring inside the brim that'll keep it from flying off your noodle on windy days.

    A person wearing the straw hat with a tank top

    18. These protective cooling sleeves that'll stop the sun from frying your skin. They're lightweight and breathable (not to mention super stretchy), so you can comfortably go about your day without worrying about sun damage.

    19. This apple cider vinegar leave-in primer that'll protect your locks from UV damage and speed up drying time in the process. You won't need hot tools or a myriad brushes to see effects, either — reviewers say it gives their hair a huge volume boost even when they air dry!

    A bottle of the product on a water-covered surface

    20. A pack of hydrocolloid bandages that'll not only protect your skin from injury, but actually help it heal itself, too. Because they're waterproof, they'll stay on while you're showering, running, or just going about your day.

    21. A tube of invisible sunscreen that'll melt right into your skin and deliver some serious SPF protection. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave behind a white cast, even on darker skin tones.

    Brittany holding up a tube of super goop's unseen sunscreen

    22. This marshmallow roaster that'll protect your digits from getting singed by the bonfire. It's not only extendable (so you can toast from a safe distance), but actually rotates, too — which means no more burnt s'mores!

    A person using the marshmallow roaster like a fishing rod

    23. This yogurt-infused cooling gel that'll chill out overheated skin and keep it from turning into a frazzled mess. It'll soothe all sun-related ouchies, like redness and peeling, so you won't shed skin flakes all over your apartment.

    A tube of the cooling gel on a clean background

    24. A funky pool floaty that'll help you chill out with your gills out (and keep your drink within arm's reach, too). The sling-like seat will keep you submerged in the water, so you can stay comfy and cool all day long.

    25. This 2-in-1 setting spray that'll lock in your ~lewk~, while coating your skin in a veil of UV protection. It contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber, and aloe vera that'll prevent your face from feeling dry fried after a day outdoors.

    26. A pack of citronella travel candles that'll ward off mosquitoes and other bugs, without taking up all the space in your bag. They're made of all-natural ingredients, so you won't have to fret about any toxic smoke or residue.

    A flatlay of citronella candle tins

    27. And lastly, one of these cooling towels that'll provide instant relief from every heatwave. Its extra-long shape means you can wrap it around your noggin, drape it over your shoulders, or swaddle an overheated puppy.

    I'm basically not going indoors again 'til the fall:

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