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    If You're Starting Your Spring Cleaning Really Heckin' Early, Here Are 28 Things That'll Help You Tidy Your Mess Of A House

    My toxic trait is believing I'll actually deep-clean my house this year.

    1. A bottle of whiteboard cleaner if your family notepad is looking a lil' worse for wear. Reviewers were impressed that it even removed old marks, too, which is great if you've had the same board since, like, forever.

    someone cleaning a whiteboard using the cleaning spray

    2. A Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus vacuum if your fur baby has given you the gift of endless mess. Sure, it's got a special motorized attachment for removing pet hair (BLESS), but it's also amazing for sucking up small dust particles when whipping out your full-sized vacuum is just not in the cards.

    3. A Scrub Mommy sponge if your current one isn't doing it for you anymore. Like the Scrub Daddy, it gets soft in warm water and stays firm in cold, but this one's also got a soft, spongy side that makes it *ideal* for things that need a gentler touch.

    4. A drop-in kettle descaler if yours is starting to look a lil' grimy. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and say it doesn't leave behind any gross aftertaste, either (just make sure you give it a thorough rinse after the cleaning!).

    a before and after where the after shows liquid that's clean and free of limescale

    5. A pack of bestselling gel toilet stamps if hand-washing your porcelain throne is not your idea of a good time. Just pop it under the rim and with every flush, it'll refresh and clean your situation (and it smells pretty dang great, too).

    6. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend that'll help you polish away everything from scuffs to stains. It's gentle enough to use on your fancy dishware and high-polish fixtures (but goes real hard on annoying spots left behind by rust and mould).

    a person holding up a container of bar keepers friend cleansing powder

    7. A spinning mop and bucket system that'll make cleaning your floors — dare I say it? — actually easy. All the things you hate about mopping are gone, which means no more straining your hands to wring the mop or spilling water all over the floor.

    8. Or a Vileda spray mop that reviewers say had them ditching their Swiffer mops instantly. The cleaning pads are reusable (not to mention machine-washable), so you won't end up producing endless amounts of waste in your quest for clean floors.

    someone using the spray mop to clean their floors

    9. A bottle of Miss Mouth's stain treater if your eating style is best described as "chaotic." Forget about pesky sauce stains, and grease splotches, because a quick spritz of this stuff will lift all of those away (off just about every surface, mind you).

    a bottle of the stain remover on a messy tabletop

    10. An electric scrubber for the days when you're low on elbow grease (we've all been there). It's got an oscillating head that'll do the hard work for ya — reviewers say it leaves things positively ✨sparkling✨.

    11. A pack of dental cleaning tablets because let's be honest, your night guard has seen better days. Reviewers say they can remove everything from built-on gunk to unpleasant odours, so go ahead and save yourself the trouble of trying to scour your retainer by hand.

    a person holding a handful of the cleaning tablets

    12. A tube of stain remover if your shower's got some stains you just can't get out. The thick gel will stick to all surfaces (even vertical ones) and stay locked in place 'til it's done lifting away mould and mildew blotches.

    someone holding a tube of the stain remover while wearing rubber gloves

    13. An extra-long scrubbing brush if you're not exactly keen on the micro eco-system growing at the bottom of your bottles. It's squishy enough to squeeze into narrow openings, with a tapered end that'll tuck into all those pesky corners.

    victoria holding up the extra long scrubbing sponge with a sink in the background

    14. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll help you scrub away just about everything (not even baked-on egg yolks stand a chance). Unlike regular sponges, they won't shred or disintegrate before you've had a chance to finish.

    15. A Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner that reviewers are absolutely raving about. You'll be glad to know it can handle gross pet stains, food spills, or just daily grime 'n' muck like a total champ (and you'll save a pretty penny on getting your stuff professionally cleaned).

    A person using the Little Green on their carpet

    16. An extra-long microfibre duster that'll save you from having to drag out your appliances to properly clean behind them. The extra-long fluffy strands will grip every bit of dust and debris (even the ones in exile under your fridge).

    Someone using the extra long duster to dust under an appliance

    17. And an extra-long Swiffer duster so you can hunt down all the dust bunnies hiding on top of your cabinets and light fixtures. The handle extends up to six feet, so you won't have to perch precariously on top of your furniture.

    Victoria using the extendable swiffer to clean a light fixture

    18. A pack of household cleaning brushes designed to tackle every forgotten corner of your home. You'll be able to clean nooks, crevices, and corners, and reviewers adore how firm the bristles they are, meaning you won't have to go ham on the scrubbing.

    the seven piece brush set

    19. A pack of microfibre blinds dusters that reviewers call the biggest time-saver ever. Thanks to its three arms, it'll clean their tops and bottoms simultaneously, so you won't have to take down the whole setup and do each piece by hand (no, thank you).

    someone using the blinds duster to dust their blinds

    20. A dual-ended broom that'll help you snatch up hard-to-clean everyday messes. The bristle head will grab hair, dust, and pet dander, while the squeegee end will make it easy to scoop up wet and slippery messes.

    21. A bottle of Rain-X shower cleaner that'll dissolve soap scum and hard water stains (and keep 'em away, too). Reviewers love that it doesn't require constant re-application, either — one treatment can last for weeks.

    22. A packet of dishwasher-cleaning tablets that'll help you revive (and de-gunk) your smelly old machine. They'll slowly dissolve during the cleaning cycle, melting away icky buildup and saving you from having to scrub the whole damn thing by hand.

    23. A super sticky reusable roller that'll snatch everything from pet hair to glitter off all your surfaces. Unlike other lint rollers, this one's even effective on leather furniture or wooden surfaces.

    a person using the gel roller to pick up confetti

    24. A bottle of Windex Multi-Surface that gets its levelled-up cleaning powers from a secret ingredient: vinegar. That means you'll never have streaks or spots (and makes it an incredibly effective all-purpose cleaner for just about every surface).

    victoria holding up a spray bottle of the windex with vinegar

    25. An extendable tile scrubber so you can skip the gymnastics while you're reaching for all the dirty spots. The scouring pad is tough on things like hard water deposits and shower slime and is perfectly angled to tuck into awkward corners (without scratching up all your fixtures).

    a close up of the rotating scrubbing head

    26. And an extra-long grout brush if you're tired of using your precious nail brush (*shudder*) to clean between your tiles. Check out those V-shaped bristles — that's what gives it the ability to get into every cranny and leave things lookin' brand-new again.

    27. An extendable window squeegee that'll help you reach all the dirt hiding at the tippy-top of your fenêtres. And you won't need to fiddle with spray bottles and paper towels, either — it has a built-in mister, plus Velcro'ed wiper pads on the flip side that won't fall off mid-clean.

    a person washing their windows with the extendable squeegee

    28. And lastly, a pair of scrubbing brushes so you can finally tackle all the grime hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home. They've got firm bristles that'll make short work of sticky dirt (and one even has a silicone wiper blade for cleaning crevices).

    A person holding up the two mini scrubbing brushes against a subway tile backdrop

    Let's get this whole "cleaning" thing over with, shall we?

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