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    22 Snuggly Things To Add To Your Wardrobe That'll Help Ward Off The Winter Chill

    Loungewear, knits, oversized sweatshirts — we've got it all.

    1. These plush slippers that'll keep your feet comfy-cozy and look cute as heck, too. Reviewers say they're incredibly comfortable, and are way softer than similar styles from more expensive brands.

    2. These sherpa-lined pants that'll keep your keister warm and snuggly. The tapered legs make them look more streamlined than regular sweatpants, so you'll be able to answer the door when your food delivery comes.

    3. This incredibly fuzzy loungewear set that'll take the guesswork (and effort) out of getting dressed in the morning. Each piece is designed with a smidge of extra room, so you can size up or down, depending on your comfort preference.

    4. This hooded sweatshirt dress that'll look just as comfy-chic paired with sneakers as it will layered over knee-high boots. It even has a hood that'll keep whistling winds out!

    5. A seamless ribbed bralette that'll give your ta-tas some TLC. It's stretchy, lightweight, and won't dig into your skin (no matter how long you're wearing it). Underwires are so 2020!

    6. This slouchy sweater that'll become your new grab 'n' go fave. The dropped shoulders and bell sleeves are oversized enough to be comfy around the house, but still cute enough to pop out for a coffee or afternoon stroll.

    A model wears the slouchy sweater over a pair of sweater shorts

    7. A slim fleece jacket that's designed to keep you warm and toasty during outdoor workouts. It's made of recycled polyester and has a handy zippered pocket that'll keep your keys and phone contained.

    A person wearing the fleece jacket with a pair of dark sport leggings

    8. A pair of buttery-soft joggers that are honestly the softest thing I've ever put on my body. Even on a petite gal like me, they hug my body in all the right places and still manage to feel roomy enough to lounge in.

    9. An ultra-soft henley that'll help you lounge in comfort and still look presentable for that midday Zoom call. It has a cropped hem that'll keep it from looking sloppy, too.

    A person wearing the henley while smiling into the camera

    10. A cropped sherpa coat that'll keep coziness in and cold winds out. Reviewers say the sleeves are roomy enough to wear over chunkier sweaters, which is really just a bonus.

    Someone wearing the cropped sherpa jacket while crossing their arms

    11. This chunky, oversized cable-knit sweater that basically screams "cozy". The electric blue shade is a standout in a sea of winter's greys, blacks, and beiges, and it has a touch of wool to keep you warm all season long.

    12. These breezy loungewear pants that'll make you feel as though you've been wearing PJs all day. Unlike fleece sweatpants, these are naturally thermoregulating — thank you, organic cotton! Goodbye, sweaty legs and hello, comfort.

    A person wearing the cropped wide leg cotton loungewear pants

    13. A pair of faux fur-lined sandals that'll keep your toes from freezing off when temps dip. It's the perfect footwear to ease you into some major cottagecore vibes.

    14. This colourblock mockneck sweater, if you're not ready to commit to a full-on turtleneck. The longer silhouette will cover your bum AND your tum, so you can stay toasty and warm in the face of winter weather.

    15. These wooly leggings that'll keep you way warmer than your fave jeans (and feel a lot softer, too). Thanks to their banded ankle cuffs, there's no chance of an icy breeze snaking its way up your gams.

    16. A waffle-knit sweater that's just roomy enough to feel cozy. Plus, it's ever-so-slightly cropped, making it the perfect pairing for all your high-waisted bottoms.

    A person looking at the camera while wearing the waffle-knit sweater

    17. This oversized sweater dress that'll pair perfectly with winter boots and still keep you comfy during Netflix binges. Throw on a cute belt if you want it more fitted, or just go with the *flow*.

    18. These handmade over-the-knee socks that'll look super cute layered under your fave dress. The thick cable knit texture makes them extra warm, so you can even pop 'em on over your leggings when the winter weather REALLY hits.

    19. A pair of stretchy pleated trousers that'll make you look— and feel— put together when you're working from home. They even have pockets (four of them!), so you'll be able to keep your bits and bobs on your person.

    20. This fleecy funnel-neck sweatshirt that'll make you feel like you're wrapped inside a fluffy cloud. The relaxed fit makes it perfect for layering over all your cold weather essentials.

    21. A slouchy off-the-shoulder knit that'll have you dreaming of bluer skies. It's extra long in the back, so you could wear it over leggings on the days when pants are just...not gonna happen.

    22. And finally, a pair of ultra-slim joggers that'll be perfect for those couch-bound days. These skinny pantaloons have all the things you love about leggings (like a skinny fit and stretchy fabric), combined with gathered ankles and adjustable drawstrings for maximum style.

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