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    18 Cool, Random, And Downright Useful Products That Made Me Say, "Hang On, That's Pretty Great"

    I really wish I'd invented these.

    1. This plant-based dry shampoo that'll clean your mane without weighing it down with toxins and chemicals. Rice powder and tapioca absorb oil and are super gentle on your scalp, so your hair can grow in big and strong.

    2. A cheerful anti-radiation decal that'll neutralize your device's electromagnetic field. Because it's so slim, you won't have to ditch your favourite phone case, either.

    A close up of a radiation-blocking sticker on a phone case; it has a smiley face design

    3. An expandable file folder that'll help you get your documents under control. Each pocket is colour coded, so finding what you're looking for will be easier than ever.

    The colourful file folder open to show off all the compartments

    4. These corn holders that'll keep your buttery cob from slipping from your grasp. The stainless steel prongs are sharp enough to pierce corn's tough interior (and the lil' sharkies are cute enough to pierce yours, too).

    A set of shark-shaped corn holders surrounding fresh corn cobs

    5. This magical fabric spray that'll refresh smelly fabrics when you don't have the time to do laundry. It's perfectly suited for all your athletic gear (including yoga mats!) and will even help remove chlorine from bathing suits.

    A smiling person misting their running shoes with the fabric spray

    6. A useful guide to a less wasteful kitchen that'll minimize your food waste and help you make more eco-friendly choices in your home. It's designed for busy professionals, so you won't have to implode your whole lifestyle to be a little more environmentally friendly.

    The guide open to one of the main pages

    7. A 2-in-1 planter that'll blast your fave tunes with just the touch of a leaf (no, I'm not joking). It even has colour-changing LED lights that'll get the party started — all while giving your greenery a dope new home.

    8. A tube of Summer Fridays' iconic Jet Lag mask that'll restore your dull, tired skin to its former glory. The updated formula is fragrance free and friendly to sensitive skin — not to mention absolutely stuffed with skin-loving ingredients, like vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

    A tube of the face mask nestled nicely on some wet sand

    9. This sunset projector that'll make every hour feel pretty dang golden. It's energy efficient, too, so you can safely blast this puppy any time you're craving a lil' sunshine (without stressing about your hydro bill).

    10. An itty-bitty floating humidifier that'll transform any glass of water into a diffuser. You could also pair it with your fave essential oils, if you're more into aromatherapy.

    A small hoop inserted into a glass of water; vapour is seen emanating frm the glass

    11. A set of stylish (and super comfortable) hand wraps that'll protect your grabbers during your workouts. The fabric's a blend of stretchy nylon and breathable cotton to help minimize sweating and chafing.

    12. A miniature stone diffuser that doesn't need a plug to give you a major dose of aromatherapy. You won't have to worry about batteries dying at inopportune moments or fighting your partner over the last spot on the power bar — just drop the oils onto the stone and enjoy!

    13. A lavender-infused eye pillow that'll help relieve headaches and ease tired eyeballs. It's filled with flaxseed (for gentle acupressure) and can be used hot, cold, or room temp — the choice is yours!

    Someone snoozing on the beach while using the eye pillow on their face

    14. This Mason jar drink lid that will turn your ordinary canning containers into drinking vessels. It'll snap right onto to just about any standard jar, so you won't need a degree in engineering just to get things set up.

    The lid is attached to a Mason jar full of lemonade

    15. A double-ended spaghetti spoon that'll help you portion out your pasta. It has a detangling brush end to ensure your ~noodz~ get a nice, even bath (and keep things from sticking in the pot, too).

    16. A set of cute dual-ended facial brushes that'll scrub away the grime of the day. They're less wasteful than cotton pads and are way more effective than just using your hands.

    17. This neat mug warmer that'll keep your coffee toasty 'til the last sip. Reviewers say it's helped their morning java stay hot throughout their entire workday and love that they don't need to use a microwave to reheat their beverages anymore.

    The mug warmer keeping a mug warm on a desk

    18. And finally, a hybrid pillow that'll keep your noggin cool while you're snoozing. You can adjust the height and firmness and when you're really overheating, just look for the blue stripe — that's the cool side of the pillow!

    A person looking into the camera while laying on one of the hybrid pillows

    Waiting for my goodies to arrive like:

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