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    22 Fun And Random Things That'll Help You Indulge In A Bit Of Retail Therapy

    Eco-friendly shampoo, a diamond painting kit, and a whole bunch more!

    1. A powdered hair wash that'll transform into a rich, creamy lather with just a few drops of H2O. No more watching your precious product go (literally) down the drain!

    2. One of these bodacious candles that'll add a saucy touch to your home decor. They're clean burning and contain a smidge of essential oils, making them the perfect pairing to your self-care routine.

    Four candles shaped like the body of a nude woman

    3. A pair of reversible Sheertex socks that'll probably outlast every other pair you own. They'll never tear, pill, snag, or rip, and since they can be worn two different ways, they're basically a double whammy.

    A person pulling one a pair of reversible socks

    4. A set of four delectable dark chocolate bars that are so tasty, you'll wanna keep them all to yourself. These sweet treats are single origin, award winning, and are all about appreciating the flavour of the cacao beans (rather than artificial flavours).

    A set of four artisanal chocolate bars on a wooden counter

    5. A set of microgreen seeds that'll make it easier than ever to grow your own crunchy sprouts — no backyard necessary! They can be grown in soil, jars, or germinators, so you won't have to fork over extra cash for plant pots.

    A flatlay of five sprout boxes on a rustic wooden bench

    6. This skin-smoothing, aluminum-free deodorant that'll wrap you in the smell of a tropical paradise. It'll neutralize odour-causing bacteria and help prevent ingrown hairs and irritation in the process.

    A person holding up the deodorant

    7. A set of magnetic bookmarks that'll help you keep track of important text. They're made of coated paper, so they won't destroy your favourite tomes, either.

    A flatlay of the magnetic bookmarks scattered on a desk

    8. This handy cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi that'll help you broaden your culinary horizons. It contains over 100 recipes, most of which are all about letting veggies take centre stage in your meals.

    The cover of "Flavour" by Yotam Ottolenghi

    9. This sleek fabric steamer that'll eliminate wrinkles and refresh your linens, without ever having to touch your iron. Reviewers love the flat nozzle, which allows you to use it on hard-to-steam areas like collars and sleeves.

    Two people using the steamer both vertically and horizontally

    10. This room and linen spray that'll make everything smell freshly laundered (even if it's been AGES since you've touched your washing machine). The fresh, citrusy smell is reminiscent of clean cotton and doesn't contain any gross chemicals or synthetics that could damage your stuff.

    A bottle of the linen spray on a neat bathroom vanity

    11. A teensy thermal printer that'll make it easy to print personalized labels, photos, stickers, and scrapbook ~accoutrements~. You won't need any ink and reviewers say it's incredibly easy to use, too.

    The tiny thermal printer printing out a sticker

    12. A collection of fragrant herbs and spices that'll bring the great Canadian outdoors right into your home. No salt or pepper here — this kit contains unusual aromatics, like balsam fir and green alder, to give your food a bit of that boreal flavour.

    13. A set of encouraging mini stamps that'll give you a little boost on the days when you're feeling down. They'd also make a cute addition to cards and letters to friends!

    A set of four mini stamps with encouraging messages, like great work and excellent effort

    14. A pair of oversized sunnies that'll protect your peepers when that summertime weather hits. They have slim temples to keep things from getting too clunky, so you'll be able to comfortably rock 'em all day long.

    15. This textured silicone bath mat that'll actually blend in with your design aesthetic. It has strong suction cups underneath that'll keep you from skidding around the tub, no matter how sudsy things get.

    A top down view of the woven silicone bath mat inside a tub

    16. A stylish utility belt that'll save your shoulders from the wear and tear of regular purses. It's easy to adjust and has separate compartments and clips to help keep your doodads organized.

    A person wearing the stylish utility belt around their waist over an oversized suit jacket

    17. An oversized beeswax wrap that's that's large enough to swaddle a loaf of bread and will keep its contents fresh for longer. It's cute as heck and you can feel good knowing you're skipping the plastic wrap.

    A large beeswax wrap in a strawberry print wrapped around a loaf of bread

    18. A heart-shaped cushion you'll wanna use for some tender lovin' snuggles. Sure, it might be designed with tots in mind, but who doesn't love a nice squishy pillow to cuddle with on a bad day?

    A heart-shaped pillow in a kid's room

    19. A skin-soothing serum that'll start to relieve redness and irritation the moment you put it on your face. Antioxidant-rich avocado and ceramides will help build up your skin's barrier so it can better defend itself against all kinds of stressors.

    20. A magnetic whiteboard that'll transform your appliances into a handy message board. It's perfect for keeping track of groceries and chores or as a place to write out sweet lil' love notes to your partner.

    Someone writing on the magnetic whiteboard that's mounted on a fridge

    21. An oversized straw hat that'll conceal second-day hair and save you the effort of *actually* styling it. Sunnier days may seem far off, but you'll be glad to have this chapeau in your arsenal when they arrive.

    22. And finally, a diamond painting kit that has everything you'll need to pick up a new hobby. Reviewers love that the light pad has adjustable brightness, so your eyes won't get tired after a few minutes of crafting.

    Me, zooming away from all my problems:

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