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    23 Tiny Gizmos That Are Actually Way More Useful Than You Think

    Don't let the size fool you — these lil' guys are ready to take on all sorts of challenges.

    1. A bottle of hand sanitizer spray that won't make your skin feel dry and sticky. The unique spritz mechanism can be used with just one hand, so you won't need to juggle all your stuff the next time you need to sanitize your grabbers.

    A person spritzing some sanitizer into their open hands

    2. This wearable acupressure tool that reviewers say has basically eliminated their chronic headaches and sinus pain altogether. It slips easily over your hand and is completely adjustable, so you can pop it on and go about your day.

    A top down shot of a person typing on their keyboard while wearing the acupressure tool

    3. A gripping pad that'll help you pop open that jar of pickles when the craving hits. It works with all kinds of containers — even twist-top bottles!

    A person using the pad to open a jar of sewing supplies

    4. This motion-activated light that'll help you find your way to the bathroom for a midnight tinkle. You can easily adjust the brightness and it has auto shut-off timers, so you won't need to worry about wasting energy.

    A person getting out of bed with the lights mounted under the edge of the bed

    5. A skin spatula that'll literally shake the debris out of your pores. It uses high-frequency vibrations to dislodge any buildup, and it won't tug and pull at your skin like pore vacuums do.

    A person using the skin spatula on someone's face

    6. This handy little touching tool that'll let you open doors, use ATMs, press elevator buttons, and tap in your credit card PIN, without ever touching anything with your hands. It's made of antimicrobial copper and is super lightweight, meaning you can stash it in your pocket or attach it to your keys for easy use on the go.

    7. A double-ended whisk and reamer combo that'll help you whip up the perfect dessert. Since you get two tools in one, it's perfect for microscopic kitchens.

    8. This ultra-bright collapsible light that'll last for up to 50 hours on a single charge. It's equipped with two-way USB charging, so you could even juice up your smartphone in a pinch.

    9. A waterproof Kobo e-reader that'll let you flip between horizontal or landscape modes while you peruse your e-book library. It can hold up to 6,000 titles, so you can finally digitize your collection of romance novels.

    A flatlay of a person holding the e-reader over a fluffy blanket next to a pair of glasses and a coffee mug

    10. An electric lint remover that'll trim those annoying pills off your favourite sweaters. The adjustable cap helps prevent snags, so you won't have to worry about accidentally damaging your fave sweaters.

    11. This tiny tube squeezer that'll help you eke out every last drop of toothpaste. It's incredibly easy to use (just slip it over the end of the tube) and has no moving parts, so you won't accidentally break it.

    A triangle-shaped tube squeezer on a tube of toothpaste

    12. A dual-ended callus remover that'll (you guessed it!) eliminate pesky hard skin. By mimicking the shape of a barbel or chin-up bar, you'll be able to easily target your calluses right where they appear most often.

    13. A chef's knife with a built-in herb stripper that'll save you tons of time during meal prep. No more picking each individual leaf off the stem!

    Someone pulling a stem of rosemary through the herb stripper holes at the base of the knife

    14. A sleep aid metronome that'll help you doze off in a flash. Using a neat lil' light projection, it'll help you slow down your breathing and calm your pulse — creating optimal conditions for falling into a deep, relaxing slumber.

    A person lightly presses the top of the metronome to activate it

    15. An all-natural detergent alternative that'll lift away dirt and grime, without any harsh chemicals. Instead, the lil' egg is filled with mineral pellets that won't irritate your skin or leave residue on your laundry.

    A large egg-shaped container nestled into a pile of fresh, clean laundry

    16. A massage ball that's covered in knot-busting nodes that'll ease tension and soreness. The spiky outer layer perfectly stimulates circulation (bye, plantar fasciitis!), while kneading away aches and pains.

    17. This ultra-slim multitool that'll help you tackle common problems, without having to dig around for your toolkit. It's about as thin as a credit card, so it'll fit right inside your wallet.

    18. A pocket-sized espresso maker that'll make brewing a hot, delicious cup of espresso easy, peasy, coffee squeezy. It's designed to be completely portable — and you won't need any electricity or batteries, either.

    19. An electronic brush cleaner that'll help you say goodbye to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    20. A slicer tool that'll help you pop open all kinds of packages, without any risk of injury. The ceramic blade resists rust, meaning it'll never snag delicate materials (like wrapping paper).

    21. This slim umbrella that comes with a bottle that'll let you store it when it's still damp. The bottle doubles as a sturdy protective case, if you tend to be a lil' rough on your parasols.

    22. This compact fruit peeler that won't take up your entire cutlery drawer. The foldable design means the blade will be protected from daily wear and tear, so it'll stay sharper for longer.

    23. And finally, a sleek cordless diffuser that'll disperse your fave essential oils wherever you want (and not just where the plugs are). It's free of BPAs (harmful chemicals often found in cheap plastics), so you can feel good knowing you won't be inhaling any pollutants.

    A model lifting the diffuser off the charging plate to show its portability

    The game = changed.

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