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    If You're Desperate To Catch Some Z's, Here Are 6 Of The Best Sleep Masks To Help You Drift Off

    Sleep is my fave form of self-care.

    Hello, fellow snoozers! If you, like me, have found yourself struggling to catch z's over the last lil' while, you're not alone.

    With all the eeny-weeny blinking LEDs, street lamps, and other light pollution, it can be pretty damn hard to grab a wink. But don't fret! The easiest solution is grabbing yourself a bomb eye mask that'll keep your peepers shrouded in total darkness. Here are the ones we've been loving:

    1. A sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones that'll help you turn off and tune in — to your fave music, that is. It has a control panel in the centre, so you won't accidentally change your tunes mid-snooze.

    a person sleeping while wearing the eye mask/headphone combo

    2. A light-blocking eye mask that's specially contoured to block out every distraction. It's light as a feather and totally breathable, with specially profiled inner pockets that'll never press on your eyeballs when you're trying to squeeze in some shut-eye.

    A flatlay of the face mask next to some cotton balls and leafy boughs

    3. A weighted eye mask that'll help you doze off before you even start counting sheep. The gentle pressure will be *chef's kiss* for alleviating headaches and you can even toss it in the freezer if you're craving some icy relief.

    4. Or, if gentle pressure ain't your scene, a contoured style that won't press on your peepers during REM sleep. Reviewers say it blocks out all traces of light and can help protect lash extensions, too.

    a smiling person wrapped in a blanket while wearing the contoured eye mask

    5. A headache-relieving gel mask for when your ibuprofen could use a lil' assistance. Use it hot or cold — turning up the heat is easy via the remote, or you can pop the removable gel pad into the freezer if you need a dose of ~chill~ instead.

    someone peeling the removable gel pad off the back of the face mask

    6. And lastly, a set of self-heating eye masks if you wish you could hit the mute button on the world. They're lightly scented with jasmine and will start to warm up the second they're unwrapped, treating your face to some relaxing warmth and aromatherapy at bedtime.

    A smiling person looking into the camera while wearing the eye mask

    Now go off and slumber!

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