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    20 Actually Effective Skincare Products That Made Me Go, "Why Didn't I Try This Sooner?"

    Better late than never, TBH!

    1. This cult-fave Laneige lip mask that'll work overtime to give you a smoother and healthier pout. Even though it's definitely more intense than a balm, it doesn't feel sticky or thick.

    Victoria holding up a jar of the lip mask to her face

    2. A bag of healing bath salts that'll ease your poor, achy muscles and help you get back on your feet. Since it contains only natural ingredients (it's scented with eucalyptus and cedarwood), you can go ahead and sink into a nice bath, without worrying about any adverse reactions.

    A flatlay of the fizzy bath salts on a colourful towel

    3. This buttery shaving cream that'll help you get a closer shave, while preventing irritation in the process. Unlike similar products, it's actually gentle enough for all body parts and won't leave your skin feeling parched.

    A flatlay of the shaving cream on a towel next to a razor

    4. This cucumber-infused toner that smells like a refreshing summer cocktail and feels just as good on your skin. It contains several gentle acids to help slough away dull skin and bacteria that might lead to annoying pimples.

    Victoria holding up a bottle of the cucumber-infused toner against a sunny window

    5. A tube of vitamin C-infused moisturizer that's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. It feels thick and velvety, but absorbs in a flash, so you can get on with your routine (instead of waiting for it to sink in).

    Victoria holding up a tube of the moisturizer against a colourful landscape painting

    6. This all-natural antioxidant cleanser that'll wash away all the bacteria and buildup living on your face. This baby's completely pH balanced, meaning it won't antagonize sensitive or reactive skin.

    The cleanser on a cork platter, surrounded by plants

    7. A pack of hydrogel sheet masks that'll cling to your skin and treat it to a refreshing (and gentle) detox. Each one is packed with graphene, an ingredient that actually works with your body heat to draw out pore-clogging debris.

    Victoria holding up one of the sheet masks against a simple background

    8. This über-popular body cream that has reviewers raving about its moisturizing powers (and its addictive scent). It's chock-full of oils and butters that'll make your skin glow and help make dryness nothing but a distant memory.

    9. This all-natural unscented deodorant that won't compete with your fave perfume. It'll keep you dry and odour free from morning 'til night, thanks to a combo of baking soda and probiotics.

    Victoria holding up a tube of the unscented deodorant against a gallery wall

    10. This all-natural eye cream that'll give the thin skin under your eyes the energizing jolt it's been looking for. It's lightweight enough to easily pat right where you need it and best of all, you'll only need a drop or two at a time.

    11. This soothing mist for your undercarriage that'll keep your bits chafe and irritation free. It's pH balanced and contains tons of skin-loving ingredients (like hyaluronic acid), so you can spray as liberally as you like.

    Victoria holding up a bottle of the soothing mist against a floral background

    12. A tube of mineral sunscreen that won't leave your face looking greasy, no matter how high the temps climb. You'll be protected from all kinds of nasty radiation (like UVA and UVB rays), without having to worry about synthetic ingredients and chemicals.

    13. A bottle of this Biossance rose facial oil that'll help smooth out your complexion and leave it looking glowing. It acts as a protective barrier over your skin, sealing in moisture (thanks, squalane!) and helping to reduce dark spots and breakouts.

    Victoria smiling and holding up a bottle of the rose oil to her face

    14. This light-as-air body milk that'll absorb right into your skin (and won't leave you greasy). It's completely hypoallergenic, so it's gentle enough for every inch of your body, too.

    15. A jar of this silky gel mask with real rose petals that'll make your skin look like a glazed donut (in the very best way). Cucumber extract, aloe vera, and rosewater are a powerful calming trio that'll combat all manner of irritation — even sunburn.

    A person holding up a jar of the face mask against their glowing skin

    16. This punky lip balm that won't leave your lips looking greasy and shiny. The comfortable matte formula is courtesy of coconut oil and vitamin E, with a smidge of peppermint oil to keeps things feeling fresh.

    A close up of the skull-shaped lip balm container

    17. This Manuka honey mask that's basically the antidote to dull, tired complexions. The formula is super rich in antioxidants and tough on impending pimples — it's like having a professional facial in a tube!

    A tube of the honey mask on a graphic fabric background

    18. This 4-in-1 face mist that'll hydrate, tone, set your makeup, AND give your skin a refresh after a long day. I adore the herbaceous scent, and TBH, it leaves my skin looking its very best (even if I decide to go makeup free that day).

    19. A jar of this smoothing moisturizer that'll give tired skin a major boost. Sure, it's seriously hydrating and applies like a dream. But what makes this stuff really awesome is the way it'll make your skin feel — lifted, smooth, and totally comfortable.

    A jar of the cream perched on a mossy log

    20. And lastly, a bottle of water-based lube that'll feel smooth as silk on your nether regions — thank you, aloe vera! It'll never feel greasy or tacky, and best of all, won't stain your sheets when you're foolin' around.

    Victoria holding up a bottle of the lube against the sunlight

    The love is real, y'all.

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