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    21 Sephora Canada Goodies You Deserve To Have In Your Life

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    1. A latex-free Kosas makeup blender that'll have you ditching your brushes in a hurry. The tapered end will be 😙👌 for dabbing products into all the awkward crannies on your face (because getting foundation in your eyes is the worst).

    a person holding out the latex free makeup sponge; it has a tapered tip

    2. A jar of Herbivore eye cream packed with bakuchiol if your skin can't handle retinol (but you still want those sweet *results*). You'll see a difference in about ten minutes, but it'll keep on de-puffing and smoothing all day long.

    3. A tube of liquid eye shadow from Stila if you're tired of messing around with powdery products (fallout is sooo annoying). And thanks to the applicator tip, you won't need to be an ~artiste~ to get pro-level results.

    4. A bottle of Pattern curl mousse if your ringlets are looking a lil' lacklustre lately. It's packed with hydrating ingredients, but won't weigh down your look, so you can enjoy bouncy, shiny tresses without any flakes or crunch.

    a person holding a bottle of the curl mousse

    5. A tube of Topicals dark spot serum if you wanna make those post-blemish marks and scars a lil' less visible. Reviewers love that it's hydrating, too, so you won't end up with any dry, flaky patches.

    a person holding up a tube of the dark spot serum

    6. A jar of Sunday Riley moisturizer that's infused with vitamin C and will leave your skin seriously *glowing*. The fact that it's lightly scented with neroli (and won't leave your face feeling greasy) is really just a bonus.

    Victoria holding up a jar of the cream against her face; her skin looks smooth and glowy

    7. A tube of The Ordinary lash and brow serum that'll help your tiniest hairs grow in thick and strong. And thanks to the teensy precision tip, you'll be able to easily get the product *right* where you need it.

    Melina holding the open serum

    8. A tube of Peace Out serum that'll instantly blur out the annoying stuff (like redness, shine, and uneven texture). Thanks to niacinamide and skincare MVP hyaluronic acid, it'll also treat your skin to some TLC every time you dab it on.

    a tube of the serum on a swatch of the product

    9. A tube of Kulfi crease-proof concealer you won't need to set *or* touch up. Reviewers love the radiant finish and say it blends perfectly with their makeup (while staying firmly locked in place all day).

    a person wearing the concealer and holding the tube between their teeth

    10. A pack of Dame aloe-infused wipes that are gentle enough to use on every inch of your bod. Since they're free of all kinds of yucky ingredients, you can even use 'em to give your ~sexy accessories~ a quick clean after a romp.

    someone holding the biodegradable wipe between their fingers

    11. A bottle of Summer Fridays skin tint if you, like me, have been loving the barely-there makeup trend. It's easy to apply (I like to use my fingers!) and blends like a dream, so you won't be left with a streaky finish.

    12. A tube of Ilia mascara that'll make your lil' lashies look long and fluffy (with serious definition to boot). It's safe for sensitive peepers and it won't flake off midway through the day.

    Brittany before using the mascara and Brittany after putting it on, with visibly longer eyelashes

    13. A bottle of hydrating Dae shampoo that reviewers say has both tamed their frizz and restored volume to their limp locks. It'll work magic on all hair types (from straight to coily) and will even help stop breakage in it's tracks.

    a pair of people holding up bottles of the shampoo

    14. A tube of 3-in-1 Tarte lip balm that'll give your smoocher some serious shine (oh, and also hydration!). Best of all, you won't need to lug around a hundred lip products the next time you're outta the house.

    Bianca holding up the plumping gloss and plain gloss against a wall

    15. A bottle of Ren toner that'll help dissolve dead skin cells and let your best skin shine through. It combines lactic acid, willowbark bark extract, and citrus oils and will even sweep away leftover makeup, too.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the product against a window; a cityscape can be seen in the background

    16. A Sigma Beauty brush-cleaning mat that'll help you restore your tools to their former glory. It's got seven different textures, plus suction cups on the base to keep it locked in place while you're scrubbing.

    the brush cleaning mat on a bathroom counter with two brushes on top

    17. A bottle of Benefit lip and cheek stain if you're looking for a one-and-done product. It might look a smidge intense in the bottle, but reviewers say it transforms into the perfect shade on their skin.

    18. A tube of buttery Saie lipstick that'll hydrate your pucker while coating it in rich, buildable colour. The addition of hyaluronic acid and olive oil gives it a smooth, balmy texture (and will keep your lips from drying out while you're rockin' it).

    a smiling person applying the lipstick

    19. A bottle of niacinamide and zinc serum by The Ordinary if you wanna fight back against zits (sans popping, OFC). It'll absorb extra oil and reduce redness in the process, so any pimples that come up won't look quite so angry.

    20. A jar of Glow Recipe's iconic Watermelon Glow night treatment that'll give new meaning to "beauty sleep." While gently exfoliating and fighting dark spots, it'll hydrate your skin so you can wake up to a glowing complexion.

    a smiling person holding up a jar of the watermelon treatment mask

    21. And lastly, a bottle of Evereden body oil that'll make your skin look so dang good, you'll probz never wanna wear clothes again. Reviewers love it so much, they've switched from using other body creams entirely.

    Victoria holding up the bottle of serum

    IDK about y'all, but I love me some new finds!

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