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    These 27 Things Have Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews, So It Might Be Time To Give 'Em A Go

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    1. A handy moisture meter that'll help you avoid overwatering (and keep your nails clean in the process). It has an extra-long probe sensor, so you'll be able to monitor for root rot, too!

    The moisture meter inserted into a potted plant

    2. A set of velvet hangers that'll prevent your clothes from slipping off and making a mess of your closet. Reviewers say that since they're way slimmer than wooden or plastic hangers, they're able to fit more clothing in their closets.

    A trio of velvet hangers with sweaters hung on them

    3. A keratin treatment that'll keep your nails and cuticles from turning into bleeding, peeling messes. It uses jojoba oil and keratin proteins to help your talons grow long and strong, while supporting and hydrating your nail beds.

    4. These reusable towels that'll make you wonder why you ever bought regular paper towels in the first place. One roll of these super-absorbent and extra-strong cloths can replace up to 60 rolls of traditional paper towels.

    5. This handy house plant guide that'll help you keep your greenery alive. Reviewers love that the wording is simple and succinct, so you won't need to learn any technical mumbo-jumbo to rescue your plants from the brink of death.

    A book titled how not to kill your houseplant

    6. These charcoal nose strips that'll pull pesky blackheads out of your pores. Reviewers say they work better than more expensive alternatives and are sticky enough to grip every last speck of gunk.

    A person removing one of the pore strips from their nose

    7. A glassware brush that'll reach right down to the bottom of tall cups and wine glasses. Reviewers say it easily removes lipstick and water stains from delicate glassware, and can even be used to scrub pots and pans (without damaging any non-stick finishes).

    8. An antioxidant-rich facial cleanser that's basically like a green juice for your face. It forgoes synthetics and chemicals for yummy ingredients like kale, spinach, and green tea to detox your skin and leave it looking (and feeling) better than before.

    A trio of facial cleansers in transparent glass bottles arranged on a simple background

    9. A sweary colouring book that'll keep your hands occupied, while giving you a laugh in the process. It has 50 profanity-filled pages that'll help you colour away your stress (with plenty of blank pages for doodling).

    10. A silicone phone grip that'll keep your device from slipping out of your hands. Reviewers love that it's stretchy and slim, meaning it'll fit hands of all sizes (and tuck easily into pockets, too).

    Someone holding up their phone while using the silicone grip

    11. A bottle of organic soil enhancer that'll transform your plants into their very best selves. Because it doesn't contain any chemicals, you can safely use it on all manner of greenery (including herbs and veggies).

    12. An ultra-precise brow pencil that'll amplify your natural arches and give you the feathery brows of your dreams. Reviewers love that the waxy formula never looks fake or clumpy and stays put all day long.

    13. A caffeinated shaving cream that'll help keep redness and irritation at bay. It's made of all-natural ingredients, like aloe and spearmint, that'll cushion your blade and help you kiss razor burn good-bye.

    A tube of caffeinated shaving cream on a bathroom vanity

    14. These headrest hangers that'll keep your bags from sliding around your car. They're strong enough to hold up to 40 pounds, and can help maximize your storage space if you're currently driving a smaller vehicle.

    A pair of metal hooks on the back of a drivers' seat headrest

    15. A pack of nearly-invisible pimple patches that'll help you zap that zit and get on with your day. Reviewers say they not only suck up gunk better than pricier patches and treatments, but that they flatten the area, so your concealer will go on smooth and silky.

    A close up of a person holding one of the pimple patches

    16. A set of cellulose cleaning cloths that'll help you tidy all your household messes, while still being kind to the earth. Reviewers say they're incredibly absorbent and fast drying, which means they'll never get stinky!

    Someone holding up a trio of printed cellulose cloths

    17. A ring light that'll protect you from unflattering shadows and help you look flawless on camera. The light is dimmable and adjustable, so you can choose your perfect brightness and angle.

    18. A portable white noise machine that'll drown out unpleasant sounds, ease your tinnitus, and help you catch some zzz's. Reviewers say it has richer and deeper tones than similar gizmos on the market, and love that it puts babies to sleep in a snap.

    Someone hanging the white noise machine on a door handle

    19. A set of storage containers that'll keep your pantry goods fresh 'til the last crumb. Reviewers love the sturdy design and say that the airtight lids keep pests at bay.

    A set of plastic food containers with chalkboard labels arranged neatly on a pantry shelf

    20. A tub of Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream that's designed to hydrate your hiney and leave your skin looking smooth and glowing. Even though it's intensely conditioning, reviewers say it feels light as a feather and doesn't leave their skin tacky or sticky.

    Someone applying the cream to their upper thigh

    21. This smoothing hair treatment that'll turn even the frizziest hair into a glossy, humidity-proof mane. Reviewers say it works actual wonders on overprocessed locks and bleached hair.

    22. A set of candy-coloured silicone spatulas that'll never melt or scratch your cookware. Reviewers love that they're made of one solid piece of material, so bacteria or water can't sneak in and contaminate your tools.

    A set of four silicone spatulas leaning against a kitchen wall

    23. A deep-conditioning hair mask that'll help repair damaged locks and basically make them immune to future damage. Reviewers swear by its healing properties, saying their hair is softer and smoother than ever before.

    24. This natural hand soap that won't dry out your skin, no matter how many times you lather up. Even though it easily tackles all kinds of greasy and sticky messes, it won't take FOREVER to rinse off your hands (and it smells so freakin' good, too).

    A bottle of the soap on a kitchen counter with a large plant in the background

    25. A box of spiced black tea that'll make you feel all warm and toasty inside. It's flavoured with three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and cloves — reviewers say it tastes just like cinnamon heart candies!

    A top down view of a tea bag inside a mason jar

    26. These silicone baking cups that'll be a cuter (and sturdier) alternative to their waxed paper cousins. Thanks to their durable design, reviewers use them to line their car cupholders, as dividers in lunch boxes, and to store chicken stock in the freezer.

    A person pouring batter into the silicone cups

    27. And finally, this food preparation set that'll help you meal prep with ease, while taking up a fraction of your kitchen cupboards. Reviewers love the space-saving nesting design, but say the set is cute enough to leave on display, too.

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