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    20 Products From Amazon Canada That Are So Beloved By Reviewers, I Really Want To Try Them

    Thousands of 5-star reviews can't be wrong!

    1. This electric toothbrush that reviewers swear is better than similar models from more expensive brands. It has a majorly impressive battery life, too — a single four-hour charge can last you up to 30 days.

    A smiling person holding up the electric toothbrush

    2. A soap-free shower oil that'll quench your parched skin, without leaving it slimy. It's so gentle, reviewers have used it to soothe psoriasis, post-shave irritation, and other conditions — with overnight results.

    Someone squirting the shower oil onto their hand

    3. A super-powered KitchenAid hand mixer that'll ~whisk~ you through meal prep. Don't worry about getting tangled in the cable — it clips to either side, so you can use the mixer left- or right-handed and attack your ingredients from the right angle.

    A person holding the hand mixer against a colourful backdrop

    4. A bottle of all-natural soil enhancer that'll help your leafy babies grow up big and strong. It's 100% organic and filled to the brim with nutrient-rich marine algae that's suitable for all kinds of greenery.

    5. This Schwinn bike seat cushion that's packed with so much gel, your keister won't feel a single bump. Reviewers say it's *so* good, they experienced zero bum numbness or soreness after a long ride.

    A person adjusting the gel-filled cover on their bike seat

    6. An undated planner that'll make it easier than ever to organize your life. It comes with stickers, colour-coded ribbons, and an illustrated user guide (if you don't know where to start).

    An undated planner against a colourful background

    7. This skin-resetting foaming cleanser that'll coax the gunk right out of your pores. Its magic comes from glycolic acid, which lightly sloughs off dirt and debris and keeps it all from settling on your complexion.

    A flatlay of the foaming cleanser on a marble vanity, surrounded by other products

    8. A pair of quick-drying water socks that'll protect your tootsies during your summer adventures. Reviewers say they form comfortably to the foot and advise going up half a size to get a nice snug fit.

    A trio of people laying by pool while wearing matching water socks

    9. This frosted glass film that'll give you instant privacy, sans any smelly, messy glues. Its power comes from static cling, making it simple to use (even for us DIY newbies).

    10. This silicone starfish that'll keep hair and debris out of your pipes. Unlike other drain catchers, you won't need a perfect fit to reap the benefits — reviewers say the flat design even works with non-slip tiles!

    A person detaching the star-shaped drain catcher from their bath tub drain

    11. An instant-read meat thermometer that'll take the guesswork out of meal time. Some of reviewers' fave features include the backlit screen (*chef's kiss* for nighttime barbecuing), pop-out probe, and magnetic backing.

    Someone inserting the meat thermometer into a freshly roasted chicken

    12. A folding drying rack that you can easily stash away when you're done with the laundry. It assembles in a *snap* and reviewers say it's robust enough to withstand heavy linens and towels.

    The foldable drying rack in a neat living room

    13. This super-flexible flipper that'll slide right under your food, while being strong enough to lift heftier treats (like overstuffed omelettes). Reviewers say it's great for people with mobility issues and love that it's wider than its counterparts.

    Someone using the flipper to slide a sunny-side up egg onto a plate full of breakfast food

    14. An oversized picnic mat that won't take up every square inch of your house. It has attached straps (plus a few handy pockets), so it'll be super easy to carry to your next park hang.

    15. This enormous motivational water bottle that'll help you stay on top of your water intake. It's marked with daily hydration targets (don't we all need a lil' boost around 3 P.M?), plus useful features, like a lid lock and a built-in infusion basket.

    Someone holding the water bottle so the hydration targets are visible

    16. A petite windproof umbrella that'll protect you from everything Mother Nature throws your way. It's equipped with flexible fibreglass ribs that'll bend and flex (instead of snapping) during gusty storms.

    A smiling person holding an umbrella; a cloud graphic is visible on the underside of the canopy

    17. A set of gliding shower rings that'll keep your liner from sticking to the curtain (and leaking water all over your floor). Reviewers say the double-hook design also makes replacing or cleaning curtains a cinch!

    A set of double-sided rolling shower hooks

    18. A trio of produce savers that reviewers say has extended the life of their fruits and veggies several times over. They're perfect for tender and finicky foods (like cilantro or berries), and have special condensation filters to keep the bottoms from getting soggy.

    A trio of produce-saving boxes filled with fresh fruit and veggies

    19. This space-saving iron caddy that'll help you make the most of your utility closet. It has flexible arms, which means it can safely accommodate larger ironing kits (yes, even the oversized ones).

    The iron caddy hung on a wall, containing an iron and an ironing board

    20. And lastly, a minimalist mirror that'll brighten up your home. It has a rubber frame that reviewers say has saved their walls from unsightly scuffing (while being more durable and kid friendly than other versions).

    A circular mirror hung on a wall above a neatly arranged dresser

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