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    24 Things That'll Help You Chill Out, Without Ever Leaving Your House

    Chill out with your gills out!

    1. This arnica-infused massage oil that'll give your skin that post-spa glow. It will warm on contact with your skin, helping to quell muscle aches and reduce inflammation.

    2. A sassy chamomile-scented candle that'll remind you to calm the heck down on those days when you just need a dang break. It's made of pure soy wax, which is clean burning and better for the environment than paraffin versions.

    A candle on a counter with the label calm the f*ck down

    3. This relaxing night mask that'll help your skin snooze in comfort. It works to detoxify and rebalance tired complexions, so you'll wake up looking as rested as you feel.

    A jar of the mask inside a cracked-open coconut

    4. A reed diffuser set that'll perfume your home with the cool, crisp smells of winter (sans cold weather). Its teeny-tiny profile makes it perfect to tuck into any corner that needs a festive and relaxing touch.

    The reed diffuser on a butcher block counter

    5. This double-sided sherpa blanket that'll keep you comfy-cozy on the days when you don't want to leave your bed. It'll be the perfect companion for snow day movie marathons!

    The double-sided blanket draped over a bed

    6. These plush slippers that'll keep your feet cozy and look cute as heck, too. Reviewers say they're incredibly comfortable and are way softer than similar styles from more expensive brands.

    7. A collection of feel-good teas from DAVIDsTea that'll target a whole slew of stressors. Whether you're looking for a gentle caffeine kick, a digestive aid, or a sleepy tea, this magical lil' box has got it.

    A set of boxes filled with mini tins of tea blends

    8. A jar of these aptly-named bath bombs that'll help you find your ~chill~ during bath time. Each tablet is infused with the relaxing scent of jasmine and roses (plus a hefty dose of moisturizing jojoba and hemp seed oils) that'll help soothe and hydrate your skin.

    A person holds the jar of bath bombs against a bathtub backdrop

    9. This oversized floor pillow that'll help transform your living space into a zen palace. It has a smooth, felted wool cover that'll help keep you cozy, even if you're living in a drafty home.

    The large floor pillow neatly arranged in a living room

    10. This melatonin skin serum that'll help your complexion get some much-needed rest. The solid stick formula makes it easy as pie to apply, no matter how lazy you're feeling.

    A person holds the solid serum in their hand

    11. An 18-piece pack of reflexology rings that'll help relieve anxiety and finger fatigue (it me). They also make for fantastic fidget toys, if you have trouble keeping your hands still.

    12. This fizzy bath soak that'll help you sleep better and relax your tense, tight muscles. Thanks to the blend of lavender and mint, you'll feel the stresses of the day melting away in no time.

    A flatlay of the salts in a container decorated with lavender sprigs

    13. This handheld percussion massager that'll bust knots and aches like nobody's business. It has six speeds and six patterns, so even persistent pain doesn't stand a chance.

    14. This essential oil diffuser that'll make you feel like you're living at the spa, without the hefty price tag. It's sleek and stylish, meaning it won't mess with your home decor ~vibes~.

    The diffuser on a windowsill

    15. A tub of therapy dough that'll help you work out some stress. Go ahead and punch it, squeeze it, or knead it — it's infused with peppermint, bergamot, and chamomile essential oils that'll release on contact and give you some much-needed peace.

    A person holds up a jar of fluffy slime with the label bye bye anxiety

    16. This large bath pillow with neck and shoulder supports that'll give you the ultimate at-home spa experience. Reviewers love that it's big enough to contour to their entire back (and not just their neck). Plus, it doesn't need to be inflated, so it won't flatten on you halfway through your soak.

    The bath pillow inside a large bathtub

    17. This all-natural sleep balm that has reviewers raving about its relaxing properties. It's a great drug-free alternative for those nights when you're tossing and turning (and desperately begging for sleep).

    A trio of tins of sleep balm next to a sprig of rosemary

    18. These heart-shaped magic bags that'll help relieve bruising, inflammation, and headaches. Sure, they're designed for babies, but who among us doesn't feel a bit like a baby every now and then?

    A flatlay of two magic bags on a raffia stool

    19. These cooling eye patches that'll help de-puff and soothe tired and stressed peepers. They're infused with caffeine and seawater to give your skin a healthy boost when you're feeling anything but.

    A person wears two eye patches while looking into the camera

    20. This edibles cookbook that'll help you bake up some ganja goodies. Each of the 30 recipes yields delicious, low-dose treats that'll improve your culinary skills while (hopefully!) doling out some much-needed relaxation.

    21. This embroidery kit that'll give your hands something to do besides scrolling through social media. Reviewers say it's great for beginners, too!

    An embroidered circle with the words it's fine, i'm fine, everything is fine stitched on the front

    22. This fully-loaded gin-making kit that'll help you unleash your inner mad scientist (instead of browsing Netflix again). It's packed with yummy botanicals, like cardamom and pink peppercorns, and has enough recipes to keep you occupied for months to come.

    23. A box of vibrant dual-ended markers that'll help you doodle away your stress. Each marker has a thick end and a thin end, meaning they’re great for colouring or detail work.

    24. And finally, this rose petal-infused body oil that'll turn a boring ol' shower into a lavish spa experience. The combo of skin-loving moringa and jojoba oils absorbs lightning fast, so you won't end up feeling greasy for hours after application.

    A bottle of the body oil arranged on rose petals

    Let's raise a glass to relaxing.

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