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    18 Cool Things From Urban Outfitters That'll Have You Obsessively Checking The Tracking Number

    I only shop on days that end in "y."

    1. A stain-busting spray that'll help you tackle those unexpected spills and messes. It's pH neutral, totally biodegradable, and won't damage your carpets, clothes, or curtains.

    a flatlay of the stain removing spray next to a dirty soup spoon

    2. A glow-in-the-dark water bottle that'll help you stay hydrated when the sun goes down. It's made of ultra-strong plastic, so it won't shatter into a million shards during your nighttime hijinks.

    3. A plant-watering shroom that'll keep your leafy babies hydrated and happy. Once you fill it with water, it'll gradually drip that life-giving H2O into your greenery whenever it gets thirsty.

    A glass mushroom-shaped bulb inserted into a plant pot

    4. An adorable pot holder if you're sick of getting singed every time you cook a meal. The two "wings" are thick enough to protect your fingers from hot dishes and can be laid flat if you need a trivet in a pinch.

    5. A saucy lil' scented candle that'll inspire you to take a hot sec for yourself. Reviewers like that it burns slower than other candles, so you'll be able to extend that self-care moment just a little while longer.

    A lit candle that says girl, you need to calm the f down

    6. A pair of dryer cacti that'll help you cut down on hydro costs. Those cute lil' spines aren't just for show — they'll actually fluff up your laundry and help circulate hot air, so your linens will dry more quickly and will always feel plush and soft.

    A pair of cute cactus-shaped dryer balls on a pile of towels

    7. An expandable pot and pan organizer that'll help you get a handle on your cluttered cupboards. The slots are strong enough to handle all your bakeware and cookware, plus all your mismatched lids.

    8. One of these folding crates that'll corral all your odds and ends. They'll stack neatly on top of one another and collapse flat when you wanna make a little extra room in your space.

    9. This plush little heating pad that'll banish aches and pains to another dimension. It's filled with natural buckwheat and lavender (not gel), so you won't have to worry about leaks or spills.

    A person laying down and cuddling with the uterus-shaped pad

    10. A magical garment folder that'll banish wrinkles and crinkles to hell (where they belong). It works on shirts, pants, and everything in between — and also comes with a folding board guide, so it's basically foolproof.

    11. A plush tiger-shaped bath mat that'll make performing your ablutions just a smidge more fun. Thanks to the fluffy pile, you could even use this lil' guy as a funky rug if that's more your vibe.

    12. A computer desk armrest that'll make your WFH setup a little more ergonomic. It snaps on easily, so you won't have to decode any complicated instructions or whip out your toolkit.

    A top-down view of the clip-on arm rest attached to a desk

    13. A pocket-sized tube of toilet paper gel that'll transform raspy TP into a silky wet wipe. It's designed to sit on top instead of dissolving the paper, so you won't accidentally poke your tushy during the wiping process.

    14. A removable wallpaper that won't damage your surfaces the next time you're craving a home makeover. Application couldn't be any easier (just peel and stick!), so you won't have to mess around with glues and brushes.

    15. A bottle of all-natural Undie Wash laundry detergent that's specially designed to clean and care for (you guessed it!) your undies. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of all irritants and chemicals that could negatively affect your downstairs area.

    A flatlay of the undie wash on a bouquet of fresh cut flowers

    16. A mug storage tree if you're running a wee bit low on cabinet space. Each branch has a notched edge to keep mugs from slipping off when you least expect it.

    17. A pack of fizzing toilet tabs that'll lift away all that gunk and save you from having to do the ~dirty~ work yourself. Plonk one into your bowl and you're set!

    18. And lastly, a ceramic makeup brush holder that'll save them from getting squashed in your bag. Each petal-shaped slot can be threaded with brushes, liners, or pencils, and there's even has a handy catch-all tray for all your other odds and ends.

    Do I buy just one or all of the items on this list?

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