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    20 Products From Nordstrom Canada That Definitely Deserve A Spot In Your Cart

    Psst — some are even on sale right now!

    1. A pair of cult-fave Girlfriend Collective leggings that'll convince you to kiss your jeans goodbye forever. They're high-waisted, lightly compressive, and designed for all your fave daily activities (even if it's just binge-watching Love Island).

    A trio of people all wearing the same pair of leggings

    2. A portable nap pillow so you can grab a snooze when you're running on empty (no matter where you are). Slide it over your palm, tuck it under your forearm, or cushion a bony elbow — this baby's the MVP of catching zzz's.

    3. A hydrating hand sanitizer that won't leave your skin feeling dry, cracked, or sticky. It'll be a welcome replacement for the stinky and goopy formulas you usually use and will last you way longer, too (one small bottle will give you about 500 sprays).

    A person holding a trio of the flat-packaged hand sanitizers

    4. A pair of fluffy slingback sandals that'll help your feet transition to fall. The plush shearling footbed feels just like your fave pair of slippers without leaning too far into "dad style" territory.

    A pair of brightly-coloured fuzzy sandals

    5. An art-inspired beach towel that'll resist fading so you won't have to get a new one every season. Not only is it absorbent and plush as heck, it's also made entirely of recycled cotton✌️!

    A person wearing the floral-printed beach towel on their head

    6. A hand-painted journal if you're tired of all the standard stationery. Each design is completely one-of-a-kind so you'll never have to worry about getting your notebook mixed up with someone else's.

    A pair of hand-painted notebooks

    7. A chic quilted weekender bag that's big enough to stash all your essentials. It has interchangeable straps for easy hauling and is completely waterproof — perfect if you accidentally get caught in the rain.

    A person holding the oversized waterproof bag while wearing the matching coat

    8. A set of four mini Mario Badescu face mists so you can condition your skin while you're zoomin' around town. They'll target all common issues (like dryness, dullness, and breakouts) while being small enough to tuck into your pocket.

    A set of four mini mario badescu face sprays spilling out of a makeup bag

    9. A trio of cork-topped storage canisters that'll keep pests and moisture out of your stuff. The bamboo fibre won't absorb smells and flavours so you can easily repurpose them in other rooms in your house.

    A set of colourful bamboo canisters with cork lids

    10. A purifying hair scrub that'll give your entire head a nice, deep detox. It uses natural sea salt to exfoliate away dandruff and product buildup while rebalancing oily scalps so you can go longer between washes.

    An open jar of the sea salt scalp scrub

    11. A reusable ceramic mug that won't taint your morning java with metallic flavours. The built-in silicone sleeve will not only keep your bev at the ~perfect~ drinking temperature, it'll stop the mug from slipping from your grasp when you're in a rush.

    A person holding the ceramic coffee mug; there is a lipstick stain visible on the rim

    12. A pair of classic Vans slip-ons that'll take you from brunch to the skate park in comfort and style. They have a cushioned insole that reviewers say is super supportive and doesn't chafe sensitive feet.

    A pair of classic checkered vans slip on sneakers

    13. A bottle of limited edition Jo Malone perfume if you're not ready to let go of summer quite yet. The powdery fragrance of elderflower blossoms is grounded by tart gooseberries to keep this scent light, floral, and totally modern.

    Someone holding the ceramic bottle of the perfume against a colourful tulle outfit

    14. A pair of cute varsity socks you won't mind peeking out of your sneakers. They have a sporty cuff AND cushioned toes to keep your tootsies comfy while you're going about your day.

    A pile of striped varsity style socks

    15. A jar of mattifying face cream if you're sick of waking up to a fresh new zit every morning. It's balancing, gently exfoliating, and will help regulate your skin's oil production, too.

    An open jar of the mattifying face cream

    16. A convenient diaper belt bag so you can keep all your parental essentials within reach. It's absolutely packed with pockets and slots to help you stay organized (there's even a special spot for wet wipes).

    17. A pair of oversized sunnies that'll block out harmful UV rays (and also ~the haterz~). It doesn't hurt that they're super lightweight, too, so you can toss them in your bag without getting weighed down.

    Someone holding up a pair of the oversized square-frame sunglasses

    18. A bergamot-scented candle so you can pretend you're chillin' in a citrus orchard instead of stuck at your desk. The bright, peppery fragrance is equal parts refreshing and uplifting (oh, and free of chemicals, too).

    A lit candle on a marble coffee table; a person is visible in the background

    19. A double-sided alarm clock that'll save you the stress of remembering to set it at bedtime. It's as simple as flipping it to the appropriate side — and with oversized lettering, you'll be able to see it even with the lights off.

    A double-sided alarm clock with the word "on" inscribed on top

    20. And finally, a pair of strappy sandals if you don't want to sacrifice comfort for style. They have a cute kitten heel to give you a height boost and a helpful zipper closure so you can slip 'em on and go.

    A pair of strappy sandals with a zippered backing

    I'm ready for that new-new.

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