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    28 Products That'll Banish All Your Summertime Ouchies To Another Dimension

    Looking to live my most laissez-faire summer — no bugs, burns, or bumps allowed.

    1. This yogurt-infused cooling gel that'll chill out overheated skin and keep it from turning into a frazzled mess. It'll soothe all sun-related ouchies, like redness and peeling, so you won't shed skin flakes all over your apartment.

    A tube of the cooling gel on a clean background

    2. A bug-zapping racket you can use to obliterate pests at your next outdoor hang. It has a teeny light on the handle to lure mosquitos, flies, and other flying irritants to their doom.

    A person holding one of the electrified bug-zapping rackets

    3. An anti-chafe balm that'll prevent shoes, bras, and other clothing from rubbing against your body. It goes on smooth and dry and won't stain your clothes, so you can apply it wherever you need.

    Someone gliding the product onto the skin under their bra strap

    4. A bug bite suction tool that'll suck out all the toxins that pests (like bees, lice, and mosquitoes) jab into your skin. Since it doesn't rely on chemicals, oils, or other ingredients, it'll never irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions.

    A person uses the suction tool on a child's hand as they hang on the side of a pool

    5. A cold therapy ice roller that'll de-puff your skin, smooth your pores, and help all your expensive skincare absorb better. You can even use it to help in the fight against headaches and migraines.

    6. This unscented facial spray that'll rescue your skin from redness, breakouts, and irritation. Reviewers say it's the best product they've tried for persistent acne and say that it has sped up their skin's healing process, too.

    7. A lavender-infused pedicure sponge that'll buff away dead skin and dirt from your tootsies. The addition of tea tree oil helps to keep athlete's foot and funguses at bay, too!

    8. One of these body deodorants that's designed to keep your dingleberries fresh, dry, and totally chafe free. It's less messy than talc or other powdery products and won't stain your pantaloons, either.

    Several tubes of the body deodorant on a bathroom vanity

    9. A relaxing face mask that'll soothe any stress-related breakouts and leave your skin looking healthy and happy. It's powered by cannabis seed extract, but don't fret — it's non-psychoactive, so you can reap the benefits sans the high.

    10. A handheld percussive massager that'll ~untangle~ your painful knots and help your body recover faster after all your summer shenanigans. It comes with five different heads, so you'll always get the kind of relief you need.

    A person using the percussion massager on their back

    11. This hair-removing tool that'll help eliminate unwanted fuzz with minimal ouch. Reviewers are obsessed with how gentle it is on sensitive skin and say it doesn't cause annoying ingrown hairs, either.

    A person using the tool to remove peach fuzz from their face

    12. This eczema-relieving stick that'll help you fend off any outbreaks of dry, itchy, painful skin. It's unscented, anti-inflammatory, and can be used anywhere on your body.

    A person applying the stick to their hands

    13. A folding bike helmet that'll protect your noodle while you're riding, then fold up neatly when you're done. The flexible shell effectively absorbs AND dissipates impacts, which means there's less risk of injury to your precious noggin.

    14. These flexible ice packs that'll help soothe all your small boo-boos. They'll never get stiff or hard (even when frozen), which means they'll be easy to apply just about anywhere.

    Someone twisting the mini ice pack

    15. This treatment lotion that'll help take the ~sting~ out of insect bites, thanks to its blend of aloe vera, baking soda, and tea tree oil. The ultra-gentle formula is designed for kids, which means it's non-stinging (even on the bites you've scratched into oblivion).

    16. An aloe vera-infused pillow that'll cradle your noggin, so you'll never wake up with a crick in your neck ever again. It's made of memory foam that'll adjust to every position, while keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

    17. A jar of this silky gel mask with real rose petals that'll make your skin look like a glazed donut (in the very best way). Cucumber extract, aloe vera, and rosewater are a powerful calming trio that'll combat all manner of irritation — even sunburn.

    A person holding up a jar of the face mask against their glowing skin

    18. A pair of boxer briefs with a funky print that'll cradle your junk and keep you comfy throughout the day. They have a pouch for your 'nads that actually helps prevent skin-on-skin friction, so you'll be able to kiss unpleasant chafing goodbye.

    A shirtless person lounging while wearing the comfy boxer briefs

    19. This dual-ended bikini trimmer that'll help you keep your pubes in check (and help you skip the painful waxing). One end is equipped with an electric trimmer that'll help you shape and sculpt, while the razor end can transform your carpet into a hardwood floor *wink wink*.

    A flatlay of the dual-ended bikini trimmer

    20. A moisturizing after-sun cream that'll soothe any skin tuckered out by too much sunlight. It uses non-psychoactive cannabis seed oil and aloe vera to calm any irritation and leave you looking glowy (not roasted).

    A person holding a jar of the after-sun cream in their hand with some product smeared on their arm

    21. A pack of hydrocolloid bandages that'll not only protect your skin from injury, but actually help it heal itself, too. Because they're waterproof, they'll stay on while you're showering, running, or just going about your day.

    22. This ingrown hair oil that'll halt those annoying bumps before they even appear. The combo of antibacterial tea tree oil and hydrating coconut oil will leave your skin silky-soft after epilation (instead of chafed and irritated).

    23. An avocado plushie that can be used hot or cold to soothe ouchies, boo-boos, and all kinds of aches and pains. It's filled with buckwheat and lavender, which means it'll not only smell great, but won't leak all over your stuff, either.

    A smiling avocado-shaped heating pad

    24. These cold therapy socks that'll ~chill~ out painful inflammation and swelling. They're also fantastic on really hot summer days when your tootsies get overheated.

    A person wearing the ice pack socks

    25. This skin-pampering facial mist that'll give your complexion a major glow-up. It's made of only natural ingredients (like blue tansy oil and witch hazel) that'll kill bacteria and stop future breakouts before they make an appearance.

    26. A caffeinated shaving cream that'll help keep redness and irritation at bay. It's made of all-natural ingredients, like aloe and spearmint, that'll cushion your blade and help you kiss razor burn good-bye.

    A tube of caffeinated shaving cream on a bathroom vanity

    27. This unscented body oil that'll hydrate parched summer skin from head to toe. It's emollient enough to pair with massages, and you can even dribble a few drops into a bath to give your skin a lil' TLC.

    28. And lastly, this all-natural multipurpose balm that'll do everything from soothing insect bites to removing your makeup. Its power comes from ingredients like calendula and marshmallow that'll soothe your boo-boos, while delivering majorly moisturizing results.

    Someone holding up a tin of the multi-use balm

    Here's to carefree frolicking this summer!

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