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    I'm Not Gonna Lie, These 46 Products May *Seem* Boring, But Holy Heck Are They Practical

    An *actually* comfortable bra? Sign me the heck up.

    1. A reusable shadow shield that'll keep your eye makeup where it should be (on your eyes, not dusted chaotically all over your face). The straight edge is great if you need help perfecting a crisp liner and you can even toss it in the fridge beforehand if your eyes need a lil' de-puffing action, too.

    2. A set of Command cable organizers if all your cords are starting to take over your home. Since they're super flexible, you can use them for thin lil' wires and bigger bundles alike.

    The cable organizer mounted on the back of a nespresso coffee machine

    3. A MagSafe battery pack that'll keep your device powered up, even when you're nowhere near a plug. Thanks to the extra-strong magnetic hold, it'll never slip off while you're bopping around town (oh, and it won't get hot while it's working, either).

    4. A pack of double-sided clothing tape strips if your sweet 'fits tend to have a mind of their own. They'll never slip out of place and won't leave any residue on your skin (or your fabrics).

    someone applying the double-sided tape strip to the neckline of a dress

    5. A pair of Revlon micro-scissors that'll help you keep those brows in check. They have petite blades so you can do detail work, without worrying about accidentally slicing off too much (or, god forbid, clipping an eyelash).

    a person using the mini scissors to trim their eyebrow hairs

    6. A set of sugar savers that'll keep it from turning into a sticky lump. They're made of terracotta that'll gently release moisture back into your container (just make sure you soak 'em first).

    a jar of brown sugar with one of the terracotta discs visible inside

    7. A jewellery carousel you'll wanna take for a spin immediately. No more detangling chains or searching frantically for your fave pair of earrings — you'll have it all on display and easy to access.

    the jewellery carousel on a side table

    8. A wall-mounted razor holder that'll help you declutter the rim of your bathtub. It's incredibly easy to install, too: just slap it onto any smooth surface and you'll be GTG.

    a person reaching for their razor that's hung on the razor mount

    9. A super sticky reusable roller that'll snatch everything from pet hair to glitter off all your surfaces. Unlike other lint rollers, this one's even effective on leather furniture or wooden floors.

    a person using the gel roller to pick up confetti

    10. A roll of extra-strong mounting tape that's powerful enough to handle all your DIY projects. It'll stick to just about every surface, is completely weatherproof, and reviewers say it bonds instantly, meaning you won't have to wait ages for it to set.

    a person rolling the extra-strong mounting tape across the edge of a wooden surface

    11. A set of sleek and chic porcelain mixing bowls that'll let you go from prep to storage in a snap. They come with matching lids equipped with handy date dials, so you'll never have to guess if your food is past its prime.

    12. A bottle of surface protectant that'll repel water, dirt, and just about anything else Mother Nature can throw at it. It'll give your stuff a UV-resistant, hydrophobic coating that'll make watery messes bead up, instead of sinking in.

    13. A refillable OPI nail polish-removing pen so you can quickly and easily clean up mini mani mistakes. The fine tip will tuck right into all the nooks and crannies on your talons (and it comes with a replacement, too).

    14. A tissue holder that'll clip right onto your car visor (so you can finally ditch the cumbersome box). You can even slip it over seat pockets and armrests if you're strapped for space.

    a person pulling a tissue out of the holder clipped to the visor in their car

    15. An outlet splitter so you can stop fighting with your roommate when it's time to power up. Reviewers like that it can quickly charge multiple devices at a time (and you can connect a few together if you really need to max out your plug space).

    a trio of the cube-shaped plug splitters connected and charging a phone

    16. A blue light-blocking screen protector that'll save your peepers and keep your fave device safe, too. It's made of tempered glass and has a smidge of antimicrobial silver to protect your phone from any germ invasions.

    the blue light screen protector in its packaging

    17. A bottle of organic soil enhancer if your leafy babies are looking a smidge lacklustre lately. Since it's free of chemicals, you can safely use it on your wilted basil, too.

    18. A silicone toiletry organizer that'll have you ditching your shower caddy in a hurry. Firstly, it'll never get rusty or slimy. Second, it'll expand to fit basically all your products (and yes, I tried).

    the silicone shower organizer mounted on a wet tile wall

    19. A stackable colander set so you can strain double the veggies in half the time. Simply insert the mini one into the other when you don't feel like washing and rinsing each ingredient individually (because honestly, who has the time?).

    a pair of nesting colanders draining carrots and broccoli

    20. A dual-ended brush cleaner that'll save you the trouble of picking out loose strands by hand. Thanks to the stiff bristles and metal comb, no debris will be left behind and your hair tools will look good as new.

    a person using the brush comb to clean out of their paddle brush

    21. A Brothboxx so you can freeze all your tasty soups and sauces into perfect portions and help you avoid food waste. Each cube is equal to one cup, making it easier than ever to thaw out *exactly* how much food you need.

    a silicone cube mould filled with soup

    22. A car wastebasket that'll keep your ride from turning into a rolling dumpster. It's easy to slip over your gear shift or console, and has plenty of room for all your snack wrappers and used coffee cups.

    a person reaching into the car garbage bin secured around the gearshift

    23. A pack of oversized pimple patches that are big enough tackle uncomfy body breakouts. They can be snipped into all kinds of shapes and sizes, so zits won't have anywhere to hide.

    24. A 6-piece knife set that comes with everything you'll need to slice, dice, chop, and snip. The full-tang blades are rust-resistant and reviewers say they stay razor-sharp way longer than other blades.

    a knife set mounted on a magnetic wall strip

    25. And a set of sharpening stones so you can keep your blades in tip-top shape. They range in grit sizes, which means you can get your knives as sharp as you want (and they come with a non-slip base to keep accidents to a minimum).

    a person sharpening a knife on the wetstone

    26. A pack of furniture covers if your pets are determined to shred your new couch. Because they're completely transparent, you won't have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your living room, either.

    a close up of the transparent protector on the arm of a sofa

    27. A set of cute dryer balls that are sheeply too irresistible to pass up (heh, get it?). Not only will they keep your laundry soft and fluffy, they'll even help you cut down on drying time.

    a set of four sheep shaped dryer balls

    28. An electric citrus juicer that'll come in clutch the next time you're craving a cocktail (or just need a splash of citrus in your vinaigrette). It's got two reamer heads for both big and small fruits, and will neatly collect all your pressings so they won't make a mess of your counter.

    a dual headed electrical citrus reamer filled with fresh pressed orange juice

    29. A Herschel duffle bag if your backpack just ain't cutting it anymore. It's got plenty of room for all your weekend essentials, plus a genius hidden compartment for stashing an extra pair of kicks in.

    A person backing the bag in the back of a trunk

    30. A bottle of biodegradable laundry detergent that'll work some actual ✨magic✨ on your sweaty gym clothes. It's super effective on all kinds of residue (like sweat!), but won't damage the fibres of your activewear in the process.

    a person holding a bottle of the laundry detergent with a pile of dirty gym clothes in the background

    31. A headache-relieving gel mask for when your ibuprofen could use a lil' assistance. Use it hot or cold — turning up the heat is easy via the remote, or you can pop the removable gel pad into the freezer if you need a dose of ~chill~ instead.

    someone peeling the removable gel pad off the back of the face mask

    32. A pair of terracotta plant spikes if you just can't seem to nail the whole plant parenthood thing. All you'll need to do is slip them into the soil and fill 'em with water — they'll slowly release it over a few days.

    a close up of the terracotta watering spike inserted into a plant pot

    33. A mini food processor so you can whizz through meal prep. Even though it's a fraction of the size (and weight) of its full-sized cousin, it doesn't scrimp on power — this baby can blitz *all* your ingredients in minutes.

    a petite food processor next to a bowl of chickpeas and olives

    34. An extendable window squeegee that'll help you reach all the dirt hiding at the tippy-top of your fenêtres. And you won't need to wrestle with spray bottles and paper towels, either — it has a built-in mister, plus Velcro'ed wiper pads on the flip side that won't fall off mid-clean.

    a person washing their windows with the extendable squeegee

    35. A set of stretchy silicone lids so you can keep your leftovers fresh 'til the last bite. Forget sticky beeswax or wasteful plastic wrap — these can be used over and over (and over) without ever losing their airtight and leakproof seal.

    a set of stretchy silicone lids on several bowls

    36. A vented hair brush that'll make short work of knots and tangles. Thanks to its extra-long plastic bristles, it'll glide right through your hair (not to mention be *chef's kiss* for perfecting a blow-out).

    someone using the brush to detangle their hair in the shower

    37. A desktop air purifier if your space is starting to feel a bit musty and dusty. No speck or particle will be safe — this'll suck up just about everything (including pet dander), so you and your fam can breathe easy at home.

    the desktop purifier on a desk next to a laptop

    38. A blade brush that you can use to clean your kitchen tools. The stiff bristles will make short work of cleaning off all kinds of gunk (even the stubborn stuff) and you can slip it over the edge of your sink to store it.

    someone using the brush to clean a knife blade

    39. A privacy screen if you're not too keen on your neighbours getting a full view of your balcony. You can also mount it onto your fence or use it to hide unsightly garbage bins (and it's got UV protection, too).

    a privacy screen installed on a balcony

    40. A set of non-stick bakeware that'll help you get those pro-level results right in your own kitchen. No more struggling to dislodge your painstakingly-crafted banana bread — reviewers say all their tasty treats slide right out with *zero* effort (and not a single drop of oil).

    a set of non-stick bakeware on a butcher block countertop

    41. An ultra-supportive T-shirt bra that reviewers call the best one ever. This baby hits all the high notes: comfy, wide straps, full coverage, and a smooth silhouette that'll make it basically invisible under all your shirts and blouses.

    a person wearing the t-shirt bra with a matching set of underwear

    42. A gooseneck kettle that's equipped with helpful presets for all your fave toasty drinks. Reviewers love the extra long spout, saying it gives them more pouring control (which is always great when you're handling boiling water).

    someone using the gooseneck kettle to make pour-over coffee

    43. A pair of storage racks if your cutting boards are starting to take over your cupboards. Thanks to their rubber feet, they won't slide around when you're digging for your fave one.

    a set of cutting boards and baking sheets neatly arranged in the organizing rack

    44. A pair of Wi-Fi smart plugs that'll let you controll all your gadgets and gizmos right from your phone. Whether it's pre-boiling water for your morning tea, or simply turning on the lights, they're basically guaranteed to make your life easier.

    a person pouring water from a kettle that's plugged into the smart plug

    45. A silicone food mat that'll keep your fur baby's kibble from splattering all over your freshly-cleaned floors. It's got little raised edges to keep any water spills from ruining your hardwood, too.

    46. And lastly, a pop-out broom holder that you won't need a single tool to install (your old hooks could never). It'll fold down flat when it's not doing its job, saving you lots of space and keeping you from getting snagged on it every two seconds.

    a pair of pop-out wall hooks holding broom handles

    Me, feeling pretty damn clever as I load up my cart:

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