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    19 Pieces Of Super-Comfy Loungewear That Also Look Cute As Heck

    Comfy, but make it ~fashion~.

    1. An oversized graphic tee that'll help you convey your distaste for sports. It's made from a soft cotton jersey, so it'll feel just like a perfectly worn-in vintage t-shirt (without any weird 'n' wonky stains).

    The t-shirt draped on a mannequin with a retro-style graphic that says just say no to sports.

    2. These comfy cotton briefs you'll love if you have a penchant for stealing your partner's underwear. They have a plush waistband that won't irritate your skin and all the labels are heat pressed, meaning they won't leave behind annoying red marks.

    3. A slouchy coordinated lounge set that won't feel tight or restrictive, and will look great on impromptu video chats, too. The material has a hefty dose of stretch (thank you, Spandex!), so you can comfortably go from weekday to weekend in style.

    A person wears the matching set of slouchy tee and shorts.

    4. A pair of jewel-toned corduroy leggings that'll jazz up your WFH outfit. Not only are they high waisted, but they also feature a wide top band that won't pinch or roll when you're loungin'.

    5. A classic crewneck sweatshirt that'll make you feel — you guessed it! — cozy as heck this season. It has banded wrist cuffs, so you can easily roll up your sleeves the next time you're in the mood to try some Pinterest crafts.

    6. A pair of fleecy sweatpants that'll make you feel ready to take on the day. They have adjustable bungee drawstrings at the ankles and hips, so you'll never look (or feel) frumpy.

    7. A quilted half-zip sweatshirt that's the perfect transitional piece and will keep you warm under coats when the mercury dips below zero. The high mock-neck collar is perfect for keeping out brisk breezes, too.

    A kneeling person wears the quilted half-zip sweater with matching sporty leggings

    8. An ultra-soft cami that'll never chafe or scratch — not even along the seams. It's made of silky tencel (a byproduct of wood pulp), making it incredibly breathable and perfect for layering under your fave oversized sweater.

    9. These tie-dyed track shorts that are designed to feel just like your most-worn sweatpants. They have an elasticized band, but still look cute enough to wear on a quick errand run.

    10. This sassy t-shirt dress that'll save you from having to put on pants (#bless). The best part is that it'll look great when you're just chillin' around the house, but pop on a pair of booties and a jacket and you've got yourself an outfit.

    A smiling person wears the oversized tee dress with a pair of sandals while holding an iced coffee

    11. This tunic sweatshirt that'll transform your boring old leggings into a full-on fall outfit. It's soft and fleecy on the inside, and has cute little side slits to keep it from bunching around your bum.

    12. This breezy t-shirt that'll quickly become one of your most reached-for items. The relaxed fit goes great with everything from your favourite pair of jeans to high-waisted leggings, making it perfect for days when you're too busy (or tired) to put together an outfit.

    13. A pair of buttery high-waisted Under Armour leggings that'll keep you comfy while hydrating your skin with tiny particles of moisture. You read that right: These leggings will help fight dry skin while you're👏wearing👏them👏!

    14. A pair of buzz-worthy socks that will keep your tootsies comfy as can bee. It's about time you ditched those old pairs with holes in the bottom, TBH.

    15. This lightweight V-neck sweater that will keep you warm and cozy as the temps start to drop. It's stretchy, slightly oversized, and has a smidge of cashmere, so it'll feel super soft against your skin.

    16. This soft raglan tee that'll help keep winter blues at bay with its bright summery design. Pair it with denim or tuck it into joggers — this baby will look cute no matter what.

    17. A pair of ultra-slim joggers that'll be perfect for those couch-bound days. These skinny pantaloons have all the things you love about leggings (like a skinny fit and stretchy fabric), combined with gathered ankles and adjustable drawstrings for maximum style.

    18. A dreamy tie-dyed set that you'll definitely want to sleep in, but will still be appropriate to answer the door in when your takeout arrives. Thanks to henley-style top and gathered sleeves, you could even swap out the bottoms for a pair of crisp jeans when you actually feel like leaving the house.

    A person wears the coordinated set while lounging on a plush rug

    19. And last, but not least, this wire-free bra that won't pinch, snag, roll, or cramp your style. Reviewers say it's fantastic for large-chested people and love that it offers plenty of support, even without an underwire.

    A person wears the wireless bra while lounging on a hammock and staring into the camera

    It's called fashion, sweetie.

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