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    28 Kitchen Essentials That'll Make You Feel Like A Bona Fide Chef

    Solving all your culinary problems, one helpful gadget at a time!

    1. A cauliflower prep tool that'll help you easily dislodge the florets from the tough stem. Reviewers say it's way safer and more ergonomic than using a regular ol' knife, while still being sharp enough for harder veggies (like cabbage and broccoli).

    A flatlay of the cauliflower prep tool next to a partially dismembered cauliflower

    2. A multipurpose can opener that'll help you crack open a cold one, too. It has an oversized knob and ergonomic handles, so you won't have to break a sweat to get into your fave canned goods.

    3. A 5-in-1 multitool that'll replace several gadgets in your drawers. This baby can flip, chop, spread, and scoop, and is gentle enough for non-stick cookware, too.

    4. A compact air fryer that'll produce delicious crispy treats (with just a fraction of the oil of a traditional deep fryer). It's super simple to use AND clean, so you won't have to spend hours decoding complicated instruction manuals.

    A brightly coloured air fryer filled with fresh french fries

    5. An emulsifying bottle that'll keep your homemade sauces and dressings from separating. Instead of endless (and messy) shaking, simply pump the built-in plunger a few times to mix all your ingredients together.

    Someone pumping the emulsifying plunger in the salad dressing bottle

    6. A set of minimalist spice jar labels that'll help you keep track of your seasonings. They're made of dishwasher-safe, waterproof vinyl and won't tear or peel five minutes after you've applied them.

    A set of spice jars with neat minimalist labels on the front

    7. A manual food chopper that uses a rip cord-like mechanism to help you with food prep. The stainless steel blades slice right through veggies, so you can spend less time slicing and dicing and more time actually enjoying your delicious creations.

    A person uses the food chopper to chop up tomatoes parsley red onion and peppers

    8. A non-stick hamburger press that'll give you perfect patties every single time. Just fill the press with the ground ingredients of your choice, and use the tamper to form the burger. The entire gadget is non-stick, too, so removal will be a breeze.

    9. A countertop sprout grower that'll make it easier than ever to grow your own mini herbs and veggies. Thanks to the ventilated lid, you won't have to deal with surprise mould growth, either.

    10. One of these produce keepers that'll prevent your greenery from wilting moments after you buy it. They work by filtering carbon, so your fruits and veggies will stay crisp and fresh (instead of getting soft and soggy).

    An open fridge with several produce savers stacked inside

    11. A corn stripper that'll help you shuck your cob in seconds. The stainless steel blades are sharp enough to shear the sweet kernels off in just one twisting motion — no superpowers required.

    A corn shucker halfway on a cob of cooked corn

    12. This scrap trap that'll help you scoop mess and debris out of the way when you're cooking. It even comes with a scraper, so you won't have to get your hands dirty.

    A person scoops kitchen scraps off the counter and into the cabinet-mounted trap

    13. A pancake batter mixer that will take the mess out of making Sunday brunch. It'll double as a dispenser bottle and even features a pressure-release cap that'll prevent sputtering and spraying.

    14. This folding steamer basket that'll make giving your fave veggies a steam bath easier than ever. It'll fit inside just about any pot, and reviewers say the plastic design is far superior to rust-prone metal versions.

    Someone using the steamer basket inside a pot

    15. This mango splitter that'll help you enjoy your fave tropical fruit, without having to wrestle with the slippery pit. Reviewers like the close shave, which helps to minimize fruit waste during the pitting process.

    Someone using the mango slicer to pit a fresh mango

    16. An egg cooker that'll take the guesswork out of breakfast prep. You'll have perfectly-cooked oeufs in less time than it takes to boil water on the stove, and it even comes with handy accessories for poaching and making omelettes, too.

    An egg cooker on a table surrounded by perfectly cooked eggs

    17. This collapsible mandoline that won't take up every inch of your cabinet space. Don't be fooled by its low-profile design, though — this baby has razor-sharp stainless steel blades and five thickness settings to help you customize your slices.

    A collapsible mandoline with a half-shaved zucchini on tp

    18. A set of silicone mats that are basically the MVPs of kitchen accessories. Thanks to their heat-resistant construction and grippy surface, you can use them as trivets, utensil rests, food covers, placemats, or even as a jar opener.

    Someone using the silicone mat to open a jar of olives

    19. This spherical ice mould that'll help you create the perfect frosty globes. Round ice dissolves a lot slower than traditional cubes, which translates to less dilution of your drink (with all the chilling power).

    An ice sphere inside the mould

    20. A chef's knife with finger guards that'll save your digits from accidental booboos. The handle has a built-in finger loop to prevent slippage, while the guard will allow you to get a nice, crisp slice (without risking injury).

    A close up of a person using the chef's knife to slice celery; the finger guard is protecting their hand from injury

    21. This hand mixer that comes with everything you'll need to whip up a full meal. Reviewers say it easily removes lumps from soups and sauces, whips up baby food in a flash, and can even scramble eggs.

    22. A set of dual-sided measuring spoons that'll measure out both dry and wet ingredients. The round ends are perfect for dosing out liquids, while the oval-shaped ends are designed to tuck neatly into spice jars.

    A flatlay of dual-ended measuring spoons

    23. An extendable colander that'll fit right over your sink. The fine mesh will keep small bits from slipping through, so you can use it for everything from fine pasta to teeny-weeny fruits and veggies.

    24. This rocking garlic press that'll save you tons of time and protect your fingers from these delicious (yet pungent) nuggets. The rocking motion means you won't need to have superhuman strength for it to be effective, either.

    A person rocks the press over a garlic clove on a cutting board

    25. A mini non-stick pan that'll resist dings and scratches (even from metal utensils). It feels light as air and reviewers love that food slides off it like magic.

    A fried egg that fits perfectly in the non-stick skillet

    26. A six-sided box grater that will help you fly through meal prep, without having to dig around for multiple gadgets and gizmos. It has a comfy handle and a non-slip base, and reviewers say it's far superior to other, more expensive graters they've tried.

    Someone shaving a carrot on the box grater

    27. An herb chopper that'll help you slice and dice to your heart's content. Since it has retractable blades, you'll be able to safely store it in your drawers, too.

    Someone using the rocking chopper to cut herbs

    28. And lastly, this sous vide device that will help you nail this tricky cooking method. It doesn't require complicated setup or precision measurements, either — simply pair it with the companion app to get the exact results you want every time.

    A person putting a bag of steak into a stainless steel pot; the sous vide device is submerged too

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