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    If Your Dearest Wish Is To Transform Your Home Into A Jungle, You'll Love These 24 Things

    "I have enough plants!" — said no one, ever.

    1. A gardening tool kit that's specially designed to help you care for all your indoor vegetation. The petite size means you won't have to struggle with potting and pruning smaller plants — plus, the handy carrying bag will be easy to tuck away once you're done.

    A gardening kit neatly arranged in the carrying bag

    2. This continuous mister that'll help you hydrate your plants, without accidentally drowning them. It's basically a necessity for any home with low humidity levels and is gentle enough for even your most fragile plant babies.

    A close up of someone using the mister on their plants

    3. These nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes that will keep your greenery happy and healthy (even when you forget to water them). They can even help revive those on the verge of death, and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    4. A set of terracotta planters that'll turn any ol' bottle into a mini hydroponic garden. Seeding your fave herbs couldn't be any easier — no green thumb necessary!

    A person holding up a trio of long bottle planters

    5. A handy moisture meter that'll help you avoid overwatering (and keep your nails clean in the process). It has an extra-long probe sensor, so you'll be able to monitor for root rot, too!

    The moisture meter inserted into a potted plant

    6. A chic compost bin that'll help you make your own fertilizer (and keep organic waste out of your trash bin). The charcoal carbon filter helps to keep odours locked inside and not stinking up your entire kitchen.

    The compost bin filled with organic waste

    7. These self-watering plant pots that use a cotton rope uptake system to not only eliminate the need for daily waterings, but also keep you from drowning your plants. They're an awesome item to have if you're still new to plant parenthood, or if your leafy babies are the finicky kinds.

    A set of self-watering plant pots filled with leafy plants

    8. This helpful guide to styling your houseplants that'll come in handy no matter what your decor style is. There's also tons of advice inside on how to choose the right pot, how to propagate cuttings, where to place your greenery and, of course, how to care for it all!

    9. A planter-organizer hybrid that'll help you make the most of tiny spaces. This 2-in-1 storage solution has separate compartments, giving you total design flexibility.

    10. A bottle of organic soil enhancer that'll transform your plants into their very best selves. Because it doesn't contain any chemicals, you can safely use it on all manner of greenery (including herbs and veggies).

    11. A 16-piece (!!!) succulent care kit that's specially designed for teeny-tiny plants. It'll make transplanting a snap and save you from trying to cram full-size tools into your petite pots.

    A person using the kit to transplant a succulent

    12. This tiered plant stand that'll keep your precious leafy babies out of reach of pets and children. It may make a statement, but it's slim enough for even the teensiest living spaces.

    A tiered plant stand with three planters

    13. A trio of plant trivets that'll protect your surfaces from accidental leakage. They're made of naturally water-repellent (and breathable!) cork and wool, so mildew and mould won't be an issue.

    14. A bottle of neem oil that'll eradicate any pests that might try to damage your plant children. Reviewers love that it makes short work of everything from beetles to gnats, without having to resort to toxic chemicals.

    A dropper bottle of 100% pure neem oil

    15. This transparent watering can that's equipped with an extra-long spout for easy-peasy watering. Reviewers love that the handle doesn't interfere with the fill hole and say the wider spout makes hydrating lots of plants quick and easy.

    16. This stylish terracotta planter that'll prevent your soil from getting soggy, helping to stave off disease and root rot. It's perfect for plants like cacti and succulents that love a drier environment.

    A terracotta planter on a circular side table

    17. Or this modern crystal vase, if the only plants you don't kill are the fresh-cut kind. The tapered top is fantastic for preserving the shape of elegant bouquets, while the flared base houses plenty of water to keep your florals hydrated and happy.

    A tapered crystal vase filled with fresh cut flowers

    18. A bottle of orchid food that'll make caring for finicky phalaenopsis easy and low maintenance. The lightweight mist is ready to go (read: no mixing or diluting!), and only needs to be used once a week to keep your flowers in peak condition.

    Someone spritzing the orchid food into a pot

    19. A trio of wall-mounted containers that'll give your plant babies a cool new home or just help you organize your stuff. They're incredibly easy to hang (even from the ceiling!), and can be paired with other sets to create a DIY living wall.

    20. These plant-watering globes that'll help keep your garden hydrated and happy. It's like hiring a personal gardener! And using them is super simple — just fill them with water and place them upside down in your plant bed.

    21. This neat shelf with built-in containers that'll help you diversify your wall decor, while freeing up surface and windowsills. It's a great way to incorporate greenery into awkward corners in your home or as a solution to entryway chaos.

    22. These veggie-growing sticks that'll make starting your own edible garden easy as pie. Each stick comes with attached seeds and will help you remember what you planted once they start sprouting.

    23. This ~totally tubular~ glass vial that'll give you a place to keep your clippings while they sprout some roots. It could also double as a stylish vase for a fresh-cut flower or two!

    A glass vial vase in a gold wire stand

    24. And lastly, this hydroponic indoor growing system that'll help you grow your fave plants all year round. By incorporating it into a sleek side table, you won't need to rearrange your entire home just to make room for your foliage.

    Starting your plant parenthood journey can be scary, but fret not! Here are a few extra tips I've picked up that might help your plants grow up happy and happy:

    - Overwatering can be just as bad as underwatering! Desert plants, like cacti and succulents, prefer a drier environment, while tropical foliage prefers a moist, humid environment.

    - Try to keep your plants away from drafts, especially if you're opening your windows overnight. Rapid fluctuations in temperature can cause plants to majorly stress out, leading to leaf loss or, in some cases, freezing in the cold.

    - Not all soils are suited to all plants, so investing in a good fertilizer is a great way to correct acidity and give your greenery the food and nutrients it needs to grow up big and strong.

    - Yes, bugs can be a problem — even indoors! Check leaves, stems, and roots for infestation regularly, so you can catch those pests before they do any real damage.

    - Plants are like people. They have bad days, too! Don't panic if your new fiddle leaf fig sheds its leaves or your orchid stops blooming — with sunlight, water, and a little TLC, there's a good chance it'll bounce back!

    - When choosing plants, it's good to factor in your lifestyle. Do you have pets? Are there kids in the house? Some plants are toxic to animals or are extremely sensitive to being touched and tugged, so finding the right plant for your home is key.

    - When in doubt, start off with a spider plant. These guys are nearly impossible to kill, can thrive in just about any kind of light, and are air-purifying powerhouses.

    That's it! Now grow forth and prosper!

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