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    22 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays, Without Using Tinsel Or Glitter

    All is calm, bright, and stylish as heck.

    1. Hang up this set of wintery prints to make every day feel like a snow day. These idyllic winter scenes are the perfect antidote to gloomy cityscapes — no snow shoveling required.

    A set of six winter wildlife-themed prints in simple wooden frames

    2. String up a set of starry lights to make every space in your home feel merry and bright. Their soft, warm white light is a great alternative to candlelight!

    A set of wire star string lights on a wooden surface

    3. Or, set this glowing table lantern on a mantle or tabletop, if your style if more "cottagecore". The best part? It's not overly holiday-themed, so you can enjoy its warm glow all winter long.

    A mason-jar inspired table lantern with rustic designs

    4. Deck your cushions out in plush plaid covers to transform your living room into a holly, jolly hangout area. They even have hidden zippers, making them perfect to snuggle with after a big ol' holiday feast.

    A pair of pillows covered in plaid cases on a velvet couch

    5. Get one of these soft gnomes to add a festive touch to any room. They're filled with rice and plush polyester, so they won't damage your floors if someone knocks them over. Bye, holiday messes!

    A pair of handmade bearded gnomes

    6. Swap out your ordinary kitchen towels for this festive set. It's a quick and easy way to transform your everyday kitchen into a cute little holiday workshop!

    A trio of holiday-themed gingham kitchen linens on a marble countertop

    7. Make your own winter wonderland with a string of cascading lights. They're water resistant, so they'll withstand whatever happens, be that rain or snow.

    A tree covered in draping icicle lights

    8. Craft your own festive foliage with this wreath-making kit. It comes with everything you'll need to create your own bespoke decor and will infuse your home with the scent of freshly-picked evergreens.

    A handmade wreath hung on a wooden gate

    9. Catch a quick snooze under this fleecy blanket. Whether you're tuckered out from a long day of online shopping or just hoping to catch a few extra zzz's between virtual holiday parties, this soft blanket will be there for you.

    A holiday-themed fleece blanket draped on a velvet couch next to wrapped gifts

    10. Serve up some holiday sentiment with this frosty snow globe. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, this lil' decoration will help remind you of what's important.

    A snow globe with the word LOVE inside

    11. Dress up your mantle with this pre-lit fir garland. Thanks to the handy timer, you'll have one less thing to remember when you're working through your holiday to-do list.

    A close up of a pre-lit garland draped over a fireplace mantlepiece

    12. Keep your gifts organized with these rustic wooden tags. Each of these cute little critters comes with twine, so you can use them as tree ornaments, if you like.

    A series of wildlife-themed wooden gift tags on pine boughs

    13. Get ready for the first snow with this festive door mat. It'll help get you in the spirit before you even set foot in the house — not to mention give you a place to wipe off those salty boots!

    A coarse door mat that says let it snow

    14. Light this holiday candle and fill your home with the rich scent of cinnamon and apples. It's practically guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside — regardless of what's going on outside.

    A close up of a candle on a simple surface, with a label that says Apres Ski

    15. Trim the tree (and minimize holiday messes) with a set of these shatterproof baubles. Whether you're living with a klutzy kitty or an adventurous kidlet, these glossy decorations are the way to go.

    16. Create your own Advent calendar with this felt fir tree. Go ahead and stuff the pockets with chocolates or cute lil' gizmos — it'll look great all holiday season long.

    A felt pine tree with pockets hung on a wall

    17. Get the kids' rooms holiday-ready with this festive deer plushie. The thick, dense knit makes it great for tots of all ages — or, you can treat your fur baby to a snuggly new buddy.

    A knitted moose tucked into matching bed sheets

    18. Make your own snow day with these snowflake decorations. They're made of lightweight plastic, so they're perfect for window displays and gift toppers.

    19. Give every room a frosty makeover with these peel-and-stick snowflake decals. The best part? They're super easy to remove and won't leave behind any residue, so packing up your holiday decorations will be a breeze.

    A series of snowflake-shaped decals on a living room wall

    20. Bring the outdoors in with this birch wood candle holder. Pop in some tea lights and scatter a few around your space to create a cozy space for gift-giving (and holiday snacking).

    A close up of a birch wood candle holder

    21. Drape banisters and window frames in this paper garland— no prickly holly boughs necessary. It's made of recycled paper, so you can feel good knowing your decor is eco-friendly.

    A flatlay of paper holly and berry garland

    22. And finally, protect delicate surfaces with a set of festive coasters. They'll work hard to keep condensation and accidental spills from leaving stains, so you'll be able to just sit back, relax, and enjoy your holidays.

    A flatlay of four holiday-themed fabric coasters

    Let's get decorating!

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