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    30 Gifts For Any Fitness Lover Who Wants To Break A Sweat

    They'll be getting those ~gainz~ in no time.

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    1. This fitness dice workout game that’ll help them decide which body part to exercise next. There are over 30 exercises to try, and with progressive difficulty levels, you know they'll never get bored.

    A person holding the fitness dice in their hands

    2. These resistance bands that'll help them tone their booty, improve their flexibility, or just add an extra challenge during other bodyweight exercises. The thick material won't rip, tear, or buckle, even the during the most intense workouts.

    The set of three peach bands lying on a workout mat

    3. This sleek water bottle that'll remind them to stay hydrated throughout the day. The frosted Tritan plastic is super durable and drop proof, too, so they can take it biking, hiking, or just relaxing in the park.

    4. This Fitbit Inspire 2 health tracker that'll help them keep a metaphorical eye on their health. This slim gizmo can be worn when swimming or showering, and it can even display smartphone notifications, so they’ll never miss a beat.

    5. Or, this stylish smart health tracker that'll keep tabs on everything from calories they burn all the way through to their reproductive health. It's water resistant and wrapped in stainless steel, so they'll wanna wear this 24/7— since it looks like a stylish piece of jewelry, there's no reason they wouldn't!

    6. These no-tie laces that'll keep them from tripping over their untied shoes when they're going hard at the gym (or just walking the dog). These adjustable little strips are great for people who routinely have to replace shoelaces, or are just looking for a no-fuss solution to their fitness footwear.

    A pair of Converse sneakers with the no-tie laces on them

    7. A handy stretching strap that'll make warming up their muscles easier than ever. Maybe they're not ~quite~ as flexible as they'd like to be, but that's not an issue for this handy gadget — it's long enough to help them activate just about every muscle group.

    8. This fitness journal that will help them document their fitness journey. Whether they're keeping track of their macros, calories, meals, or exercises, this notebook will keep it all handy and neatly organized.

    A spiral-bound notebook with the words Get Shit Done on the cover

    9. Or, this workout-theme sticker set that'll jazz up the journal they already own. Each sheet has 37 handmade stickers to choose from that'll fit with their active lifestyle.

    10. This microfibre yoga towel that'll be a lightweight, super absorbent, and compact addition to their favourite ashtanga class. It's also non-slip, so they can use it as an impromptu mat if they're always losing their full-size one.

    11. These dual-sided core sliders that'll help them slide their way to the rock-hard core of their dreams. They're super lightweight, portable, AND designed to glide easily over hardwood and carpet alike.

    A person holds the core sliders against a cement wall

    12. These weight-lifting grips that are sure to get them hooked on heavy lifting. They're made of extra thick neoprene for a comfortable and durable grip, and the fastening straps help prevent strain on wrists during those intense body-building sessions.

    13. This handheld percussion massager that'll bust knots and aches like nobody's business. It has six speeds and six patterns, so even persistent pain doesn't stand a chance.

    14. A post-workout dry shampoo mist that'll help revive their sweaty locks. This quick-drying formula will suck up oil and eliminate unpleasant odours, so your pal can go from downward dog to running errands in seconds.

    15. This Bluetooth scale that’ll help track weight, muscle mass, BMI, and ten other body measurements (if they care about that sort of thing). It can be synced up with just about any fitness tracker, too, so they'll also be able to track their progress over time and set goals.

    The body mass scale next to a tennis racket

    16. A drape-y muscle tank that'll help them stay dry and look cute during their workouts. It has elongated arm holes and a longer hem — perfect for doing presses and raises!

    A tank top that says Spin Hair don't care next to sneakers and leggings

    17. This dumbbell patent print that'll look great on the wall of their home gym. Whether they're into heavy lifting or just a curator of curiosities, you really can't go wrong with this unique gift.

    A framed patent print for dumbbells on a wooden floor

    18. This portable ceramic mug that'll be a sleek and stylish way of storing their fave post-workout smoothie or protein shake (or cheeky wine — we won't tell).

    19. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds that'll stay put no matter what they're doing — whether it's running around doing errands, sprinting through the grocery store, or slip-sliding on ice-covered sidewalks. Yes, it all counts as cardio.

    A flatlay of all the elements of the headphones, including a charging cable and two sets of replacement earpieces.

    20. This ultra-wide ab roller that'll help them carve out some serious abs in a flash. It features rubberized grips that'll prevent slippage (no matter how sweaty they get). Plus, it has a spring-loaded centre for a more intense, targeted workout.

    A person using the ab rollers on a floor

    21. These compression leggings that will absorb sweat, dry quickly, and help regulate body temperature during all physical activity. It'll work as a base layer for your hockey-playing sibling, an extra bit of warmth during cross-country skiing, or to help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during sports.

    A shirtless person wearing the compression leggings

    22. This personalized Apple Watch band that'll be perfect for the fitness-minded mamas in your life. The smooth silicone band is sweat proof, waterproof, and has a snap closure that'll keep their watch in place all day long.

    An Apple Watch band that says Best Mom Ever

    23. This extra-thick, high-density exercise mat that'll be the perfect gift for any yogis with mobility issues or who might be post-operation. The non-toxic material cushions elbows, palms, hips, and other joints, while being non-slip and extra safe.

    A person doing yoga on a thick yoga mat

    24. This ultra-soft headband that'll keep their hair out of their face while they're pumping iron. The adjustable width makes it perfect for both long and short manes, and it even has an elasticized back for maximum comfort.

    A smiling person wearing the headband with a ponytail

    25. This skipping rope with an adjustable length and ball-bearing handles that'll deliver smooth, friction-free cardio exercise. They'll never want to skip a workout again!

    The speed skipping rope coiled up on a blank background

    26. One of these all-natural bath teas that'll help ease sore, tired muscles and soothe even the most fitness-obsessed gym rat. They're made of a blend of Himalayan, Epsom, and sea salts, plus a ton of yummy-smelling ingredients (like coffee, lavender, or rose petal).

    27. These bestselling yoga pants that are sweat-wicking, breathable, and quick-drying — not to mention completely opaque. Reviewers also love the little pockets that are great for storing phones, keys, or credit cards.

    A rear view of a person wearing the leggings with a matching top

    28. These bamboo charcoal deodorizers that'll absorb odours without any toxins, sprays, powders, perfumes, or any other crap. They also prevent the growth of mould and bacteria, making them great additions to smelly gym bags.

    29. These merino wool hiking socks that'll provide compression, arch support, a heavy cushion, and a reinforced heel and toe. If that's not enough, they're moisture wicking and odour resistant, too.

    30. And lastly, this cult favourite Mario Badescu face mist that will rejuvenate and refresh their skin after a sweaty workout. It's gentle and non-irritating, so you won't have to stress that your gift made them break out (YIKES).

    A pair of facial mists on a giant monstera leaf

    Time to break a sweat!

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