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    33 Products You'll Love If You Wish Everything In Your Life Would Just Clean Itself

    If I never had to clean again, it would still be too soon.

    1. These dusting sheets that'll pick up all the hair, glitter, and other microscopic ~schmutz~ in your home. They're lightly coated with an adhesive and can be wrapped around your existing cleaning wands, so you won't have to stock up on a hundred and one handles.

    A person dusting a lamp shade with one of the dusting sheets attached to a long broom handle

    2. A mopping robot that'll clean your floors, so you won't have to. It's whisper-quiet and, thanks to its square shape, can easily get all the grime hiding in the corners of your home.

    The robot mop cleaning a hardwood floor; two feet are visible for size reference

    3. These drain-deodorizing sticks that'll stop stink in its tracks and keep your pipes from getting clogged up. They're safe for all plumbing systems and super simple to use — just pop one in your drain once a month to keep things fresh and clean for weeks.

    Someone inserting one of the deodorizing sticks into a sink drain

    4. This shoe-washing net that'll help you get your kicks looking brand-spankin' new. It's designed to protect your footwear from the ravages of washing machines, while keeping your clothes and linens safe from dirty sneakers.

    5. These sticky bug traps that'll eradicate your pest problems once and for all. Reviewers say they're more effective than homemade traps, and they can even be juiced up with a few drops of apple cider vinegar if you have a particularly persistent pest problem.

    6. A pair of bottle-cleaning beans that'll help you scrub away that unreachable scum that lives at the bottom of your vessels. The pods are filled with ceramic beads that'll slough away all kinds of buildup (no matter how long it's been there).

    7. A lavender-infused pedicure sponge that'll buff away dead skin and dirt from your tootsies. The addition of tea tree oil helps to keep athlete's foot and funguses at bay, too!

    8. A microwave steamer that'll give your appliance a nice, deep clean when scrubbing just isn't doing the trick. All you'll need is vinegar, water, and seven minutes of microwave time to soften caked-on grime and eliminate stink, too.

    A person-shaped microwave steamer inside the appliance

    9. An electric fabric shaver that'll de-pill all your favourite sweaters. The adjustable cap is designed to protect fabric from accidental snags, making it super simple to use (even for newbies).

    10. This stainless steel cleaner polish that'll help you buff out fingerprints, smudges, and grease on all your appliances. The formula easily dissolves grime and leaves behind a protective film to keep new streaks from forming.

    11. An a-moo-sing tabletop vacuum that'll make all your tiny messes disappear. Reviewers say it's strong enough to pick up bigger crumbs (like popcorn kernels), making this lil' mammal the perfect post-meal companion.

    A cow-shaped tabletop vacuum next to crumbs

    12. This eyeglass-cleaning gizmo that'll help you ditch sprays and wipes for good. The carbon-based cleaning pad won't leave smudges or streaks (or any stinky alcohol residue).

    13. A personal water-purifying pod that'll eliminate impurities from all your H2O, without the need for a bulky filter. Reviewers say it leaves their water tasting pure and clean, without any yucky aftertaste.

    Someone dropping the pod into a glass water bottle

    14. This laundry egg that'll help you bid adieu to cumbersome detergent jugs. It's packed with chemical-free mineral cleaning pellets that'll help you skip the harsh detergents and powders.

    15. An expandable drawer insert that'll help you make sense of all that kitchen clutter. The customizable extension means you'll get a perfect fit every time — ideal if you (like me) have awkwardly-sized drawers.

    16. These charcoal nose strips that'll pull pesky blackheads out of your pores. Reviewers say they're more effective than pricier alternatives and are sticky enough to grip every last speck of gunk.

    A person removing one of the pore strips from their nose

    17. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll tackle even the most bonkers kitchen messes (seriously — not even baked-on egg yolks stand a chance). Unlike regular sponges, they won't shred or disintegrate before you've had a chance to finish.

    18. This 2-in-1 sterilizing charging station that'll juice up your device while eliminating germs. Its vase-like shape will make it easy to peep incoming messages, too, so you'll never fall out of touch.

    A vase-shaped phone sanitizer and charging station on a neat desk

    19. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that'll keep your porcelain throne looking (and smelling) fresh as a daisy, while minimizing chore time in the process. It couldn't be any easier to use — just stamp it into your toilet bowl and get on with your business.

    20. An anti-fog cloth that'll keep your lenses clear the next time you mask up. It helps to prevent surface condensation and can be used on everything from spectacles to binoculars.

    The anti-fog cloth only used on one of the lenses of Kat's glasses, and the lens it was not used on is fogged up while the one is is used on is totally clear

    21. A nifty beard bib that'll keep shaving shrapnel from coating your bathroom counter or clogging up your drain. The best cleaning product is the one that stops messes before they even happen!

    22. A bottle of produce wash that'll remove all the pesticides, preservatives, and other crap living on your fruits and veggies. Since it's completely odourless and tasteless, it won't ruin the flavour of your yummy greens, either.

    A person spritzing the product onto a bowl of fruits and veggies

    23. These deodorizing shoe balls that'll freshen up your stinky footwear. They'll release their scent with just a quick twist and can last up to six months.

    24. An electronic brush cleaner that'll help you bid adieu to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is ten seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    25. This cute cleaning stick that'll erase stains and freshen your clothes (without any harsh dyes or chemicals). It comes in a solid formula, meaning you'll never waste a drop or make a mess during laundry time.

    Someone using the stain stick to remove stains off a light-coloured t shirt

    26. This cast iron care set that'll take the guesswork out of caring for your pricey cookware. This trio of products will help you remove stubborn rust stains, season the iron, and give it a good scrubbing, keeping it in excellent condition for years to come.

    A flatlay of the cast iron cleaning set inside a large clean cast iron pan

    27. This genius blade-cleaning brush that'll wrap around your knives and scrub off dried-on food with ease. Once you're done, slip it over the edge of your sink or wash tub to dry!

    28. A pet bathing gizmo that'll make your pupper's bathtime a lot less stressful (for both you and your pet). The petting motion is soothing for doggos, so you won't have to wrestle an anxious wet animal the next time they need cleaning.

    29. A cleaning pen that'll restore your bling to its former sparkling glory. The formula is non-abrasive, so it won't leave your jewels looking cloudy or murky.

    30. A non-toxic cleansing oil that'll help you get the burnt-on sludge off your BBQ. A few sprays of this baby, and greasy, grimy grills will be a thing of the past. Since it's all-natural, it'll never go rancid or leave behind a gross, chemical-y smell, either.

    31. A spinning mop and bucket system that'll make cleaning your floors feel like actual magic. A few pumps of the pedal and you're set — no more straining your hands to wring the mop or spilling water all over the place.

    32. An electric scrubber that'll cut down on chorin' time. The oscillating brush is small enough to tuck into all your nooks and crannies and will blast away grime like nobody's business.

    33. And finally, this cleaning mist that's specially designed to disinfect all baby items. It's non-toxic, hypoallergenic, free of synthetic ingredients, AND pediatrician tested — which means you won't need to panic the next time your tot puts something in their mouth.

    A bottle of toy and highchair spray on a bookshelf next to children's toys

    Me, any time I'm asked to clean anything:

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