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    Here Are The Best Home Deals You Can Get This Boxing Week In Canada

    There's no time like the present to give your home a lil' makeover.

    Boxing Week, the time when 🇨🇦Canadians🇨🇦 can get deals on just about everything, is finally here!!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in the home category!

    1. 43% off an Echo Dot that'll quickly become your most-used home device. It uses Alexa to help you stream your favourite shows, play your favourite music, and even set timers for your at-home workouts.

    An Echo Dot next to a water bottle and yoga mat with the text "Alexa, set a plank timer for 60 seconds"

    2. 37% off an Instant Pot Ultra that'll keep you from buying a bunch of single-function appliances and make your meal prepping adventures a breeze. If you like making no fuss, no muss-style dishes, this will be your new favourite gadget.

    3. $102 off a 55" Samsung smart TV that'll give you a super hi-res picture, so you won't miss any of the details. It's compatible with Google and Alexa, so you can connect to all of the devices in your home (including this one).

    The TV on top of a mid-century modern stand

    4. $250 off an iRobot Roomba vacuum that will suck up every last crumb on your floor so your home stays spotless and sparkling at all times. It's programmed to clean neat rows and uses floor tracking sensors to navigate your home.

    A roomber on carpet and on hardwood floors

    5. 33% off this inflatable car mattress that'll turn your vehicle into the next vacation hotspot. Plus, it comes with a pump that'll plug right into your car's lighter socket, so you won't need to locate a camping spot with electrical outlets.

    A large inflatable car mattress tucked into the trunk and back seat of a car

    6. 31% off this WiFi home security camera that'll give you some peace of mind. It's equipped with multiple sensors, sound detection, and night vision, plus a handy siren for scaring off unwanted visitors.

    A tubular wifi camera attached to the outside of a house in the rain

    7. 23% off this peel-and-stick subway tile that'll help you revamp your walls, without having to hire a professional. They're heat proof and waterproof, making them perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens.

    8. 20% off a set of self-watering planters that'll save you from drowning your plants. They use a cotton rope uptake system that'll keep things from getting swampy and eliminate the need for daily waterings, too.

    A set of four self-watering planters arranged side by side on a bamboo shelf

    9. 20% off this cat condo that'll give your feline something to scratch besides your expensive sofa. It has a cute lounger for snoozing, a cave for hiding, a viewing perch, and rounded corners that'll protect klutzy kitties from accidental injury.

    A pair of cats playing in a large cat condo

    10. 18% off this folding drying rack that'll help you hang dry all your delicates. The adjustable wings keep pants and long shirts from dragging on the ground, and it even has little clips that'll help your socks stay paired together.

    11. 15% off this sleek air purifier that'll trap allergens and suck all the impurities out of the air. It's equipped with fun and handy features like rapid purification, four fan speeds, and sleep mode that allows it to run ultra quietly while you're snoozing.

    The air purifier perched on a desk next to a laptop and wireless mouse

    12. 15% off this four-piece bathroom set that'll help you organize your toiletries. Reviewers say it's durable enough for busy households, so you won't have to stress if you tip something over.

    A four-piece bathroom set perched on a marble bathroom countertop

    13. 15% off set of heavy duty bookends that'll keep your favourite tomes from toppling over. Thanks to the non-slip base, they'll stay put (without damaging your furniture).

    A pair of geometric metal bookends keeping a stack of books upright on a shelf

    14. 15% off this cordless vacuum cleaner that'll free you from the tethers of cables and tangles. Reviewers love how lightweight it is, making it easy to suck dirt and debris from just about every surface (even ceilings and ledges).

    Someone vacuuming their living room with the cordless vacuum cleaner

    15. 15% off a pair of cute plaid cushion covers that'll help refresh your living space. Reviewers love the hidden flat zippers and say they're sturdy enough to withstand pets and kids.

    Two plaid pillows

    16. 15% off this over-the-door hook rack that'll add some extra storage space wherever you need it most. It has a sponge coating that'll keep it from rattling around every time you open the door.

    An over the door hook holding an umbrella, a purse, and two jackets

    17. 15% off these rustic hanging shelves that'll add give you extra storage, without the need for bulky furniture. Reviewers say it's easy to install and sturdy enough to hold plants and knickknacks.

    A pair of rustic wall shelves hung with sisal rope in an entryway

    18. 15% off this sleek matte black kitchen faucet that'll help you rinse and wash in style. It has a pull-down sprayer that'll make cleaning fruits and veggies a snap (and will save you tons of water in the process).

    19. 15% off this magnetic knife holder that'll save you a ton of space in your drawers. It'll keep your favourite tools in view, so you can spend less time rummaging in drawers and more time whipping up yummy treats.

    A person putting a cleaver onto a large magnetic wall strip

    20. 12% off this farmhouse-style dining bench that'll turn any stuffy formal dining room into a fun, communal dining space. Reviewers say it also makes a great addition to entryways or coat rooms!

    A farmhouse-style bench next to a matching table and chair

    21. 11% off a pair of down alternative pillows that'll help back and side sleepers catch some major zzz's. The dense filling will never go flat, so you'll always have the neck support you need.

    A pair of pillows stacked on top of one another with a forest in the background

    22. 7% off this cable-concealing kit that'll help you tidy all those unsightly cords. Reviewers say the channels are super easy to install and love that they can be painted to match the wall colour.

    A before and after where the after shows all the cables neatly hidden in the cable concealing tubes

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