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    23 Practical Things That May Seem Basic, But I'm Pretty Sure You'll Use 'Em All The Time

    They may not be glamourous but dang, are they helpful!

    1. A set of cute dual-ended facial brushes that'll scrub away the grime of the day. They're less wasteful than cotton pads and are way more effective than just using your hands.

    2. A hanging purse organizer that'll declutter your closets (and protect your precious babies in the process). The transparent windows will make it easy to grab the bag you want without having to empty out boxes and bins to find the perfect clutch.

    Someone putting a clutch purse into one of the transparent pockets on the hanger

    3. An hydrating body bar that'll get you clean as a whistle from head to toe. It uses manuka honey and non-psychoactive CBD to deliver some pretty legit hydration and can even be used as a luxe shaving foam if you're in a pinch.

    Someone using the soap bar to clean themselves in the shower

    4. This motion-detecting toilet bowl light that'll help you see what you're doing the next time you get up for a midnight tinkle. It even comes equipped with a dimmer, so you won't startle yourself awake with glaring lights.

    A toilet bowl lit up from within

    5. A pack of sponge cloths that are way more absorbent than paper towels (and less wasteful to boot). Because they're super durable, you can use them to scrub dishes after dinner, or just to clean up spills and messes.

    Victoria holding up a four-pack of patterned sponge cloths

    6. A set of waterproof pillow protectors that'll keep sweat, pollen, and other yuckies from settling into your cushions. The outer layer is super soft, so you could even go sham-less if you wanted.

    7. A set of magnetic bookmarks that'll help you keep track of important text. They're made of coated paper, so they won't destroy your favourite tomes, either.

    8. An itty-bitty floating humidifier that'll transform any glass of water into a diffuser. You could also pair it with your fave essential oils, if you're more into aromatherapy.

    A small hoop inserted into a glass of water; vapour is seen emanating frm the glass

    9. This natural hand soap that won't dry out your skin, no matter how many times you lather up. Even though it easily tackles all kinds of greasy and sticky messes, it won't take FOREVER to rinse off your hands (and it smells so freakin' good, too).

    A bottle of the soap on a kitchen counter with a large plant in the background

    10. This Mason jar drink lid that will turn your ordinary canning containers into drinking vessels. It'll snap right onto to just about any standard jar, so you won't need a degree in engineering just to get things set up.

    The lid is attached to a Mason jar full of lemonade

    11. These stackable puzzle organizers that'll keep you from losing all the pieces. The whole stack even comes with a handy lid that'll keep dust (and pets) out.

    12. A pack of assorted Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll make your home sparkle and shine. Like their OG cousins, they're super tough on grime and dirt and just need a few swipes to eliminate hard water stains and other yuckies.

    13. These food-safe silicone bags that'll give you a place to stash snacks, fruit, makeup, or even wet clothes. The pinch-lock system creates an airtight seal, so you could even use them to cook your dinner ~en sous-vide~, if that's more your vibe.

    A flatlay of the silicone bags, all containing fresh produce, like radishes, lettuce, and asparagus

    14. This stainless steel soap bar that'll banish stinky hands to another dimension. Reviewers say it'll neutralize all kinds of odours — even persistent ones, like garlic and fish.

    Someone using the steel soap bar to wash their hands

    15. These hair coils that are way hardier than ordinary elastics, won't leave bumps in your hair, and will look cute as heck on your wrist. Once they get a little stretched out, just drop them in hot water and watch them shrink right back to their original size.

    A hand holding several of the clear, coiled hair ties

    16. These no-tie laces that'll keep your footwear locked in place (without suffocating your feet). They're stretchy, adjustable, and only need to be installed once!

    A pair of Converse sneakers with the no-tie laces on them

    17. This eyeglass-cleaning gizmo that'll help you ditch the sprays and wipes. The carbon-based cleaning pad won't leave smudges or streaks (or any stinky alcohol residue).

    18. An essential oil rollerball that's basically a PMS-fighting, fresh-smelling, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle. It's an awesome all-natural remedy for those days when everything sucks, and you just need a little pick-me-up.

    A person holds the roll-on between their fingers

    19. A cleaning pen that'll restore your bling to its former glory. The formula is non-abrasive, so it won't leave your jewels looking cloudy or murky, either.

    20. A set of double-sided shower rings that'll glide effortlessly across your curtain rod. Since they keep curtains and liners separate, you won't have to stress about them clinging together and leaking water all over your floor.

    21. These deodorizing shoe balls that'll freshen up your stinky footwear. They're equipped with a fresh scent that'll release with a quick twist of the spheres, and can last up to six months.

    22. These silicone washing gloves that'll make post-meal cleanup feel less like a chore. They're decked out in tiny silicone fronds that'll scrape up every speck of dirt, and are grippy enough to keep heavy plates from slipping from your soapy hands.

    A person washing a plate while wearing silicone dish gloves

    23. And finally, this bendy magnetic tool that'll help you retrieve your stuff from hard-to-reach places. It's even strong enough to pull heavier items out of nooks and crannies (like, up to four pounds' worth of items).

    A person using the magnetic tool to retrieve something from a sink drain

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