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    If You Think Bamboo Is The Answer To Everything, You'll Love These 29 Products

    Do the 'boo.

    1. A sleek shower caddy that'll help you organize your litany of products. Each shelf is equipped with draining slats to protect your stuff from getting slimy, saving you tons of cleaning time.

    A shower caddy with bamboo sides hanging in a shower stall

    2. This hair brush that'll help you cut down on drying time and fight tangles like a boss. Reviewers love how light it is, which means you won't sprain your arm the next time you're giving yourself a blowout.

    A trio of circular hair brushes with bamboo handles

    3. A set of vegan makeup brushes that'll help you make the swap to eco-friendly beauty tools. Each kit comes with five brushes, a storage tray, and three beauty look cards that are sure to be a blessing on sleepy Monday mornings.

    4. A geometric desk organizer that'll help you corral all your small office supplies (or just give you a place to put your morning java). Now you'll actually be able to find a paper clip when you need one.

    5. These reusable pads that'll help easily remove your nail polish, apply toner, or cleanse your face. Reviewers love that unlike traditional cotton pads, these ones don't have annoying fluffs that can get caught in eyelashes, and don't disintegrate once they get wet.

    6. A set of candy-coloured nesting bowls that'll never rust or chip. They're made of biodegradable bamboo fibre and can be tossed into the dishwasher after you're done whipping up a delish meal.

    A flatlay of the bowls nested into each other on a marble counter surrounded by fruit

    7. A pack of hypoallergenic compressed towels that'll give every body part a refresh whenever you need it. These compostable wipes are pH balanced and expand to their full size with just a few teaspoons of water.

    8. A detoxifying charcoal soap bar that'll help clear up any pesky body pimples. It's made of only natural ingredients (like bamboo charcoal), so your skin will feel as good as it looks.

    The charcoal soap bar cut diagonally and arranged artfully on a simple background

    9. A slim headphone stand that'll give them a home of their own (and keep your workspace free of clutter). The base doubles as a cable organizer, too!

    A wood and aluminum headphone stand holding large headphones on a desk

    10. These reusable towels that'll make you wonder why you ever bought regular paper towels in the first place. One roll of these super-absorbent and extra-strong cloths can replace up to 60 rolls of traditional paper towels.

    11. This set of stackable steamer baskets that'll help you nail that dim sum recipe you've been dying to try. Each basket can be used solo, if you're just making dinner for one.

    A set of steaming baskets containing dim sum dumplings

    12. A lidded hamper that'll contain your dirty laundry and keep it from taking over your house. It comes equipped with a built-in liner, so you can easily carry your unmentionables to the washing machine.

    13. This meal tray that'll let you indulge in all your snack cravings while you're bingeing shows in bed. It has folding legs that you can adjust to your comfort level, so you'll never be stuck slouching (they also make it easy to store).

    14. A set toothbrushes that are completely compostable and biodegradable, and designed to be super gentle on sensitive gums. They're even packaged in biodegradable boxes!

    15. A waterproof pillow protector that'll save your cushions from all kinds of gross bodily liquids. It's made of a bamboo and cotton blend, which means it won't crinkle noisily while you're trying to snooze.

    16. This herb-cutting kit that'll help you slice and dice your fragrant aromatics. Both the blade and the cutting board are curved, so you can efficiently cut herbs with a gentle rocking motion (instead of flinging shrapnel around your kitchen).

    Someone chopping herbs on the circular bamboo tray using the curved chopping tool

    17. A bundle of compostable bamboo cotton swabs, so you can get your ears clean and touch up your makeup without stressing about creating more plastic waste. Reviewers say the stems are sturdy and the cotton doesn't fray or disintegrate.

    A jar of bamboo cotton swabs next to the carton they arrive in

    18. A monitor stand that'll elevate your monitor to comfortable heights and keep your desk organized, too. It's decked out in neat slots and pockets for everything from loose pens to your fave coffee mug.

    A large computer monitor on a sturdy bamboo stand

    19. A fragrance-free body scrub that uses bamboo charcoal to exfoliate and detox your skin, while stopping breakouts before they happen. Reviewers say it's helped with the appearance of stretch marks and keratosis pilaris, too!

    20. A plastic-free shower storage box that'll extend the life of your soap bars and solid shampoos. Thanks to drainage holes on the base, your products will never get gummy or mouldy!

    A box containing two soap bars perched on the edge of a tub

    21. A bamboo-lidded French press that'll help you whip up an extra-large batch of java. It features a cork base that'll protect your surfaces, while keeping the press from skidding around your countertops.

    Someone pouring a cup of coffee out of the bamboo-lidded French press

    22. A rattan lampshade that'll diffuse harsh overhead lighting (and look cute as hell, too). Hang it over your dining table or layer a few in your kitchen for some stylish illumination.

    A large bamboo rattan lampshade hung over a dining table

    23. This organizing tray that'll help you make use of the oft-forgotten space above your toilet. It's deep enough to catch all your miscellaneous bits and bobs and is narrow enough for smaller vanities, too.

    24. A chic compost bin that'll keep organic waste out of your trash bin. The charcoal carbon filter helps to keep odours locked inside and not stinking up your entire kitchen.

    The compost bin filled with organic waste

    25. This travel set of flatware, so you can ditch plastic cutlery for good. These sturdy little tools won't flex and bend when you need to cut through a tough piece of food, either!

    26. An adorable cutting board that's just the right size for prepping snacks. It's lightweight and easy to clean, so you won't have to struggle with your full-size kit the next time you're craving some crunchy carrots.

    27. This activated bamboo charcoal face mask that'll draw grime out of your pores like a magnet. Combined with several hydroxy acids, it'll gently slough off dead skin and leave your complexion smooth and clear (and not dehydrated as heck).

    28. A set of rayon towels that'll absorb way more water than their cotton cousins, while also being way softer and fluffier. Reviewers say they dry remarkably fast, so you'll never have to suffer through soggy towels again.

    A stack of neatly folded bamboo bath towels on a marble vanity

    29. And finally, this minimalist toothbrush holder that'll take up less space on your counter than the one you probably have now. Eco-friendly AND space-saving? Yes, please!

    A close up of a toothbrush placed in the bamboo holder

    Bye, plastic! See ya never.

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