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    If Aromatherapy Is Your Fave Form Of Self-Care, You'll Love These 19 Things

    These products are heaven scent!

    1. This terracotta oil diffuser that won't need a plug, water, or batteries to work its magic. Because it diffuses fragrance more gently than other methods, it's perfect for use in shared spaces when you don't want the smell to bother your partner.

    2. And an aptly-named essential oil blend that'll help you de-stress when the world becomes overwhelming. The combination of geranium, ylang ylang, and clary sage is floral, fresh, and designed to give you a moment of peace when you're feeling a bit run down.

    A person holding a small bottle of essential oils labeled quiet

    3. Or, a whole set of diffuser oils, if you have a hard time making up your mind. With no chemicals, additives, or fillers, these oils are the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of aromatherapy (even homemade beauty products!).

    Six essential oils on a wooden countertop

    4. A bottle of naturally-scented hand sanitizer spray that won't make your skin feel dry and sticky. The unique spritz mechanism can be used with just one hand, so you won't need to juggle all your stuff the next time you need to sanitize your grabbers.

    A pair of smiling models holding up bottles of the hand sanitizer

    5. This natural hand soap that won't dry out your skin, no matter how many times you lather up. Even though it easily tackles all kinds of greasy and sticky messes, it won't take FOREVER to rinse off your hands (and it smells so freakin' good, too).

    A bottle of the soap on a kitchen counter with a large plant in the background

    6. A coffee-based body scrub that'll help you get your java fix. It uses ground Arabica beans, sea salt, and coconut sugar to slough away flakes and imperfections, and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

    A person using the scrub on their back

    7. A hand-poured candle that'll make your home smell as cozy as it feels. The combo of jasmine, pink peppercorns, and mandarin orange will make you feel like you're wrapped up in a cashmere blanket (no matter what the weather's doing).

    A person lighting a candle with a match

    8. This face mask spray that'll freshen up those stinky face coverings in a flash. It's made of all-natural essential oils that won't infuse your mask with gross chemical smells — though you should still throw your face masks in the wash regularly to get them thoroughly clean!

    A bottle of face mask refreshing spray resting on top of several cloth face masks

    9. One of these scented wool dryer balls that'll help reduce static and leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean. Since they also help reduce drying time, your linens won't end up damaged and dingy after a few rounds in the machine.

    A person throwing a woolen dryer ball into a dryer full of towels

    10. This weighted eye mask that'll help de-puff tired eyes and soothe headaches. It's infused with eucalyptus essential oils, making it perfect for unclogging stuffy sinuses, too.

    A top-down view of a person laying on a bed while wearing the weighted eye mask

    11. A pack of eucalyptus shower steamers that'll turn your shower into a steam room. The combo of essential oils is perfect for alleviating stress and congestion, so you can catch some zzz's with ease.

    One of the shower steamers perched on a rock with mountains in the background

    12. This natural pillow spray that'll help you drift off to dreamland before you even start counting sheep. It's infused with vetiver, chamomile, and lavender to help lull you into a deeper, more restful sleep.

    A person holding up a bottle of the pillow spray against a bright background

    13. A sleek cordless diffuser that'll disperse your fave essential oils wherever you want (and not just where the plugs are). It's free of BPAs (harmful chemicals often found in cheap plastics), so you can feel good knowing you won't be inhaling any pollutants.

    A model lifting the diffuser off the charging plate to show its portability

    14. A deodorizing fabric spray that'll freshen your linens between washes (and kick stink to the curb, too). The allergen-free formula is antibacterial, so it's great for smelly gym bags and stinky shoes.

    A person using the fabric spray onto a set of cushions

    15. A calming body wash that'll help detox your skin, without leaving behind any residue or overpowering scents. It's packed with green tea extract, cucumber, and seaweed, meaning it won't leave your skin feeling dry or tight (don't worry, you'll still get clean as heck).

    A flatlay of the bottle of body wash on a botanical-print background

    16. An odour-eliminating candle that'll banish stink to another dimension and leave your home smelling fresh. Instead of masking bad smells, this magical lil' candle will gently diffuse a blend of essential oils into the air to actually eradicate stench, once and for all.

    A candle perched on the edge of a coffee table

    17. A bottle of this tropical-scented body mist that'll transport you to a lush Caribbean island. With notes of coconut cream and orchid, you'll feel like you're on vacation (even if you're trapped in the wintery north).

    A close up of someone spraying the body mist into the air

    18. An essential oil rollerball that's basically a PMS-fighting, fresh-smelling, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle. It's an awesome, all-natural remedy for those days when everything sucks, and you just need a little pick-me-up.

    A person holds the roll-on between their fingers

    19. And finally, a copy of Essential Well Being, a guide to using aromatherapy in your everyday life. Whether you're looking to whip up some homemade skincare or trying out a facial steam, this handy guide is all you need to make the most of your essential oils.

    A flatlay of the book on a kitchen counter topped with essential oils

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