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    38 Ways You Can Be Prepared For Just About Any Problem, Big Or Small

    Because you never know what's going to happen.

    1. Bust a surprise blemish with these pimple patches with over 3,000 reviews that'll literally suck all the gunk right out. Bonus: They help heal and prevent future blemishes, too!

    2. Keep your pet hydrated with this magical water purifier pod for pets that absorbs impurities and eliminates odours from any water source. Use it when you're out and about and your fur baby is thirsty as heck. One pod is all you need to remove lead, arsenic, chloride, and fluoride from your pet's water dish for up to six months!

    3. Be prepared for any outdoor adventure with this multi-use emergency radio. Not only does it provide up to six hours of radio playtime, but it also doubles as a portable charger for all your USB-powered devices.

    4. Keep track of all your belongings with these Tile Mates, no matter how hectic your schedule gets. These handy tracking nuggets can be attached to your phone, passport holder, or wallet. Plus, they're compatible with all Alexa devices!

    5. Stay dry with this windproof travel umbrella that'll withstand whatever Mother Nature flings your way. With its Teflon coating and nine-rib construction, it's strong AND lightweight.

    6. Fix a loose hinge or a broken nose piece with this repair kit that's filled with all the tiny bits and bobs you'll need to fix your glasses. It's hard not to see the value of this kit!

    7. Handle small emergencies with this über-handy 19-in-one multi-tool that will prevent you from ever feeling screwed when you're unprepared. It even includes a bottle opener, so you're all set.

    8. Catch some much-needed zzz's with this Casper nap pillow that's great when you can't help but doze off. The outer layer is silky-soft for guaranteed comfort, while the inner layer is springy and dense to help keep your head cushioned (no matter where you're sleeping).

    9. Use this iPhone adapter dongle to connect to the AUX cord when you're riding shotgun, or to plug in your headphones if you haven't gone wireless yet.

    10. Filter up to 1,000 litres of contaminated water with this award-winning personal water filter. It removes 99.9999% of all water-borne bacteria and parasites without the use of any chemicals, requires no batteries, has no moving parts.

    11. Solve the hairiest problem with this hand-held pet hair remover. In just a few seconds, you'll be able to remove hair and dander from any surface, and with a handy dust receptacle, you never have to worry about any sneeze-inducing bits escaping.

    12. Perform an emergency mend on the spot with this travel-sized sewing kit. Snags and rips (not to mention lost buttons) can happen anywhere, so what better item to have on hand?

    13. Grow your own veggies with this survival seed pack. It contains over 15,000 non-GMO heirloom vegetable seeds and a handy growing guide. Plus, it's great if you're seriously looking into farm-to-table gardening.

    14. Protect your favourite footwear from the elements with these all-natural leather cleaning wipes. They'll make quick work of mud, grime, dust, and (#BLESS) salt stains on virtually all shoes — even delicate suede.

    15. Nip headaches and migraines in the bud with this migraine-relieving headband. It uses cold therapy to also help reduce swelling, inflammation, fevers, stress, and sinusitis. Whew! That's a lot — all wrapped up in a soft, fleecy little cap that can be slipped over the head. It perfectly contours to the head, too.

    16. Revolutionize the on-the-go meal experience with this mini personal portable oven. Just plug this baby into an outlet — it'll slowly and evenly heat up your food without any annoying frozen centres or overcooked edges.

    17. Keep your sanity (and your outfit) intact with this double-sided lingerie tape. Whether it's a loose strap (annoying), or a plunging neckline (potentially disastrous), a roll of this non-irritating adhesive will go a very long way.

    18. Use this mini multi-purpose knife for hiking, camping, or even for an emergency rescue. It locks securely into place upon opening, and can fit in the palm of your hand.

    19. Solve beauty mishaps on the go with this LED compact mirror that'll help you easily apply lipstick or pop a pesky pimple. It simulates natural daylight, making makeup application, touch-ups, and precision tweezing a breeze. Plus, it has two-sided magnification so you'll never miss a single detail.

    20. Snake a clogged drain with this flexible drain millipede. The 4,000 micro-hooks will snag any gunk before it causes unfortunate plumbing problems. And with an extendable length of up to 18 inches, it'll wind around any bends and curves with ease.

    21. Illuminate your favourite book or your campsite cooking station with this flexible USB-powered light. It even has a dimming function, so you'll always get the precise amount of light you need.

    22. Snip annoying hangnails, file a snagged nail edge, or even trim rogue hairs on the go with this travel-sized manicure and grooming set. With 12 different tools, you'll be able to address virtually any personal grooming problem. Plus, it's super lightweight and easily tucks into any bag!

    23. Stay toasty with this Honeywell TurboForce Power Air Circulator. It's a great supplementary heat source when the temperature drops WAY below zero, or as solution to frozen pipes.

    24. Keep your luggage neat and tidy with these waterproof packing pouches. The three main ones have handy mesh tops that'll allow you to see exactly what's inside. Finding what you're looking for has never been easier.

    25. Make long-haul flights a bit more bearable with this portable leg rest. Just clip it onto the meal tray of the seat back in front of you, and prop your feet up.

    26. Keep your files in order with this desktop organizer. You'll be able to find your documents quick as a flash. Plus, it'll look lovely perched on your desk!

    27. Power up your devices quickly and easily with this universally compatible dual USB/USB-C charger. You'll never have to worry about running out of battery when your flight is delayed several hours and all the outlets are being monopolized by other stranded passengers.

    28. Prevent freezing cold hands with these hand warmers. Slip these long-lasting, odourless packets into mittens, boots, coat pockets, or anywhere else you need a dose of heat.

    29. Round up your personal care products quickly and easily with this waterproof makeup bag. It's also has two separate pockets for delicate things like perfume bottles or sharp cuticle scissors, AND it'll save you from having to dump out your entire kit on the bathroom counter just to find a single Q-tip.

    30. Dress a wound, remove a splinter, or even slice through a seat belt with this first aid kit. This waterproof pack is light, durable, and reviewers love that it comes with 100 basic life-saving items that'll make all the difference in an emergency.

    31. Track your bill payments and get your budget in order with this planner. The snap-in budget dashboard allows you to see your spending on one side and savings on the other so you're always in control of your finances.

    32. Find your passport, lip balm, credit card, or snacks in a flash with this super handy handbag organizer. Gone are the days of rummaging through that thick, rumpled layer of purse debris consisting of discarded receipts, open lip balm tubes, and rogue bobby pins.

    33. Give that elastic on your wrist a chic update with this grooved cuff bracelet that doubles as a hair tie holder. Not only will it keep your elastics from vanishing mysteriously, but you'll be prepared for any hair mishaps (and avoid those annoying wrist creases).

    34. Never lose a sock again with this handy little sock organizer. Just slip the dirty socks into the SockDock, throw it in the wash, and revel in your newfound organization.

    35. Keep your greenery happy and healthy (even when you forget to water them) with these nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes. They can even help revive those on the verge of death, and save yo