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    31 Of The Best Gifts To Give Your Pets This Holiday Season

    Just because they have fur, doesn't mean they're not part of the family!

    1. This smooshy pet bed that'll become your furry pal's fave place to sleep (aside from possibly your face, between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m.). The high pile and self-warming shag cover mimics a mother's fur coat. This allows them to knead and burrow until they find the perfect position for a well-deserved nap.

    2. This snuffle mat that'll encourage your dog's natural instinct of sniffing out treats. It also keeps them from scarfing down their food (for those pups who just can't wait to dive into their bowls), and will make for a fun hide 'n' seek game!

    3. This cheesy little hut that's perfect for hamsters, mice, and other small furry babes. It'll give them a small place to hide while encouraging exploration.

    4. A plush dog toy with an ultrasonic squeaker that only your pupper will hear. Rejoice, for there will be one less annoying noise in your house!

    5. Some super-absorbent puppy training pads that'll help you train your new pupperino without worrying about leaks, spills, or accidents. They're lined with five layers of leak-proof materials that keep things locked in the pad — and away from those hardwood floors!

    6. This triple-filtered drinking fountain that'll be perfect for the pets that need a little encouragement to stay hydrated. Using a free-flowing stream and bright colours, it'll attract their attention, and you won't have to worry about constantly replacing their dusty water bowl after it's been neglected for WAY. TOO. LONG.

    7. An adjustable dog food bowl that not only helps reduce strain on joints by being raised off the ground, but grows with your pup, too! Three adjustable levels make it easily adaptable to any breed, age, or health condition.

    8. This fur roller that'll make easy work of all that excellent, wonderful, not-at-all-annoying hair your pets leave behind. It even has a handy reservoir inside that traps the fur and dander, keeping it neatly contained until it's time to empty it in the trash.

    9. A fancy cat condo that, let's be honest, would be DOPE as HECK to have in a human-sized version. It's sturdy and safe, with plenty of perches and scratching posts for your feline's sharp claws.

    10. A handy little window hammock for small, adventurous pets like cats, that'll let them survey their kingdom (without actually having to venture out of doors). It'll support up to 50 pounds of pet!

    11. A super handy "Did you feed the dog?" tracker that'll help you keep track of your dog's feeding schedule. No longer will they trick you into giving them a midnight snack by giving you those aptly-named *puppy dog eyes🥺*.

    12. This self-groomer that's perfect for kitties because, let's face it, cats are entirely self-sufficient and do not need us at all. This handy accessory can be mounted on flat or corner wall surfaces, and even comes with a little pouch of catnip (for additional incentive).

    13. These chew toys for bunnies that'll keep their chompers sharp and healthy. Each of the five crunchy toys has a different texture — and they work for hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and gerbils, too!

    14. This Furbo that'll let you keep an eye on Spot from wherever you are, while a special sensor detects barking and sends you an alert whenever your dog gets vocal. The two-way audio allows you to chat with your pup, and even have the Furbo throw them a treat!

    15. A padded car seat cover that's the canine equivalent of rolling out a red carpet for your A-list pet. It's durable, waterproof, and completely washable, so your doggo can go gangbusters in the back after their latest romp at the park without messing up your seats.

    16. This digger toy for cats will stimulate the natural pawing response in kitties. Plus, it'll help introduce an element of fun to treat time!

    17. A dog DNA test that'll help you discover your dog's ancestors, and test for over 170 genetic diseases.

    18. A pair of durable dog boots that'll protect their footpads from hot pavement, salt, sand, and other irritants. Plus, they won't ~accidentally~ slip off (I see you chewing on them, Marley!!!), thanks to the handy Velcro straps.

    19. These grooming gloves that'll trick your furry friend into thinking they're getting a luxurious massage, but really... BOOM. Grooming.

    20. A festive holiday sweater in a classic Fair Isle knit that'll finally let your pupper show off his or her preppy style. This dog just corrected my grammar whilst offering to tutor me in creative writing.

    21. A waterproof pet carrier with an adjustable padded strap so you can easily take your pup or kitty on adventures, without the burdensome and annoying weight of a standard pet carrier.

    22. These refillable catnip toys that'll help your feline get ~fAdED AF~. Plus they're shaped like fish, for extra interest — as if the catnip wasn't interesting enough.

    23. A set of slip-on finger toothbrushes that you can pop on your finger and use to give their fangs a good, hard scrubbin'. The flip side also has little nodes that are great for giving their gums a little massage, too!

    24. This bestselling paw protection wax that'll protect their paws during outdoor activities using an all-natural wax cream formula. It also contains vitamin E to moisturize and heal cracked or sore paws.

    25. This classic Kong chew toy that's made of durable and natural rubber will keep your pup's teeth healthy and strong, while giving them something to sink their teeth into. Stuff it with treats to keep 'em busy, or to satisfy their need for sniffing out goodies (and to deter them from digging around in your sofa cushions).

    26. These sleek cat food bowls that'll blend easily into your home decor. No more sacrificing your perfectly curated style for some terrible food dishes!

    27. A rabbit ear cat cap that's just as fun to say (rabbit ear cat cap, rabbit ear cat cap!), as it is to see on your kitty. It doesn't always have to be serious, right??

    28. A portable paw cleaner that'll keep their paws free of irritants and dirt, without having to give your pet a head-to-toe scrub-down.

    29. A cozy pet cave that'll give your lil' nugget a place to hide if they're extra shy, or just a nook of their own in a busy household.

    30. This knot nibbler for hamsters and bunnies that'll satisfy their need to chew and gnaw. The wooden blocks are dyed using all-natural vegetable dyes, all surrounding a wooden ball in the centre that'll incentivize them to keep chewing the toy — and not your furniture!

    31. And a slow feeder, because they might be descended from wolves, but they definitely shouldn't be wolfing down their food. These maze bowls will keep the pace slow, steady, and help prevent bloating and regurgitation.

    Your pets, after tearing open the wrapping paper on these dope-ass presents:

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